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Japanese Bento Inox Red

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A beautiful bento to take your meal with you? The red stainless steel Japanese bento! The passion of your cooking and your meals will stay with you wherever you go.


All your delicious homemade meals will be with you all the time, thanks to our red stainless steel Japanese bento. You can enjoy your own kitchen wherever you want.

Composed of two compartments, your insulated lunch box will be able to separate the sweet and the salty to assure you a complete meal in all serenity. Its hermetic closure keeps your food intact and always tasty.

  • Capacity: 1900ml
  • Length: 20cm | Width: 14cm | Height: 6.8cm
  • Two compartments

  • Made of stainless steel and PP (100% recyclable plastic). BPA free.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe like a plate.
  • Perfectly sealed, you won't spill its contents.
  • Stainless steel allows for better heat retention and healthy transportation of your food. However, to keep a meal hot for a long time we recommend that you see our products labeled "High Performance" accompanied by an isothermal bag.
  • Secure delivery.
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