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  • Enjoy your homemade meals anywhere with our lunch boxes. Insulated, heated, stainless steel, or bento; choose your companion for a healthier everyday life.

  • Savor home-cooked, healthy, and flavorful meals on the go with our lunch boxes. Benefit from the insulation efficiency, heating function, durable stainless steel, or the bento tradition. Our lunch boxes are your everyday ally for a healthy and mobile lifestyle. With Healthy Lunch, eat at your own pace and in your own way.

Healthy Lunch Lunchbox: Your Ally for Healthy Meals on the Go

Looking for a lunch box? A bento lunch box? By adopting a lunch box you are committed to the environment, eat healthy and save money. The lunch box has existed for a long time in France but has been left aside. However, in recent years, the French want to eat better with home-made meals. The lunch box is back in fashion in France and we offer you a collection with the best lunch boxes available. Whether you are looking for a lunch box for children or for adults, you will have the model you want. Moreover, whether you want to carry your lunch from home to work, to university or to sports, this type of lunch box (isothermal or classic) is ideal.

How to choose your lunch box ?

The most important question to ask yourself before buying a lunch box is to know exactly what model of lunch box you need. First of all, define your objectives for transporting your food. Do you need a lunch box for work, college or casual outings? Is it for lunch or for snacking? By answering these questions you will know more about the lunch box you will need.

What size lunch box?

The right size lunch box is essential to transport your meal. There are tupperware of all sizes and it should be chosen according to your needs. If it is for an individual meal, we recommend a lunch box with a capacity ranging from 500ml to 1,5 liter. Such a storage capacity will ensure a complete meal, prepared in your kitchen. If you want a box for snacks, choose a lunch box ranging from 250ml to 500ml. This should be enough for snacks. And, if you are carrying food for several people, we recommend a large lunch box with a capacity of over 2 liters.

When it comes to the subject of a lunch box, another aspect to consider is the tiers of the lunch box. Does the bento you want have a single or multiple layers? Note that a bento with multiple layers can be interesting for people who want to separate certain foods from each other and take more varieties for a balanced meal. However, if you only eat one main dish, a single compartment should be fine.

The durability of materials

Materials are very important. When we buy a lunch box, we want a solid lunch box that will last several years. In order to do this, we need to make sure that the materials are of high quality. In our Healthy Lunch store, we check all our products in order to offer you the best quality / price ratio. For the plastic bento lunch box, we use certified food grade polypropylene plastic. BPA free, this plastic is healthy and can be used in the microwave. Moreover, polypropylene has the advantage of being a resistant and easy to maintain plastic.

If you choose an insulated lunch box, it is important to make sure that the stainless steel used is of excellent quality and certified food safe. In our store, we opt, for the most part, for 304 stainless steel to insulate your lunch box.

Thermal insulation

And, the third point we want to address to choose your lunch box is the thermal insulation and the performance of the thermo. Indeed, when we want a lunch box that keeps the food warm, we need an isothermal lunch box that performs well and is of high quality. There are several types of isothermal lunch boxes, varying in insulation layers. The main thing to consider when you want a lunch box that keeps warm is the number of layers of insulation that this box has. In our store, we have classic insulated lunch boxes with only 2 layers of thermal insulation. This entry level, less expensive, can keep the meal at the right temperature for about 2 hours, and this time can increase if you correlate your use with an isothermal bag. Then, we have a range of high quality insulated lunch boxes with 6 layers of thermal insulation. This type of lunch box will ensure a warm meal for 12 to 24 hours (depending on the weather conditions outside and exposure to cold or snow).

Do you need an insulated bag to transport your lunch box?

The answer to this question is a personal choice according to your desires, your needs and your style.


The different types of lunch boxes

Nowadays, in France, there are many choices on the market and you need to choose the type of lunch box that will suit you best. At Healthy Lunch we offer a wide variety of high quality lunch boxes and free delivery. These types of lunch boxes are especially for men and women who want to avoid food waste by eating more balanced and responsible meals. It is therefore not uncommon to see more and more people (adults and children) opting for this type of lunch box or bento.

The classic lunch box

The classic lunch box can be used by an adult as well as a child. It has the advantage of being all-purpose and blending in with the decor. The classic lunch box is often plain in color: black, pink, gray or blue for example. There are also more extravagant models with several colors and patterns. Also, to keep your homemade meal at a better temperature, it is preferable to opt for a stainless steel bento lunch box or for a heated lunch box. The electric heated lunch box is widely used by people who want to eat hot at all times. All you need is a 12V cigarette lighter plug in your car or truck, or a 220V power outlet.

The Japanese bento

The Japanese bento is a must in our original lunch box collection. You will find several types of bentos, wooden bentos or imitation bamboo for example. If we take for example our chic beige wood bento, one of our best selling with free shipping, you will see the following elements. First of all, this compartmentalized bento has two levels and has a divider for each container. Also, it has a special place under the lid to keep your cutlery safe. With its bamboo design, this Japanese style bento box is ideal for all Japan lovers. This model is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and can keep your meals in the fridge. For transportation, feel free to use one of our original lunch bag.

The isothermal lunch box

The stainless steel lunch box is ideal for those who want to keep their meals cool or warm. Halfway between a stainless steel lunch box and a modern bento, this type of model offers a unique style that cannot be found anywhere else. To allow for the transportation of multiple types of food, the insulated lunch box often has multiple compartments as is the case with the Healthy Lunch insulated lunch boxes.

All stainless steel lunch boxes are BPA free to ensure a safe and healthy meal. Stainless steel will not leach onto your food, even when heated! Perfectly sealed and waterproof, this type of stainless steel model has the advantage of being easy to wash and dishwasher safe. Also, stainless steel is a material that does not retain tastes and odors from one meal to another. This is perfect if you are looking for a lunch box for your lunches or snacks. Be careful, the stainless steel lunch box is not microwave safe. It is better to warn your child if you give him a lunch box for school.

The heated lunch box

The electric heated lunch box is a great classic for all those who are often in the car, who work on a construction site or who simply do not have access to a microwave when they are not at home. This type of lunch box is usually used with a 12V or 24V cigarette lighter plug in a car or truck, and with a 220V electrical outlet for the home. All Healthy Lunch Boxes are made of stainless steel and are insulated. No matter where you are, you'll be able to eat a delicious hot meal. Don't forget your cutlery!

The glass lunch box

The glass lunch box is a particular category of lunch box. Indeed, this type of food box is ideal if you want to heat your food in the oven or microwave. If you put your glass lunch box in the oven, don't forget to remove the lid and the cutlery to avoid any incident! Also, be careful to let your box cool down when you get out of the microwave so you don't burn yourself. This type of box is intended for adults who want to take a complete meal to their work place. It is not recommended for a child who could break the glass by dropping it on the floor.

As for any meal box, we advise you to make sure that it is airtight and watertight, especially if you are transporting dishes with sauce. Note that if you want to transport soup, you can directly see our lunch boxes for soup, this will guarantee you a completely airtight box for the transport of your soup. Another advantage of the glass lunch box is its easy maintenance. Indeed, to wash this lunch box you will simply have to wash it by hand or put it in the dishwasher. If you are looking for a cheap lunch box, these models might satisfy you. At Healthy Lunch, we don't have any glass models yet but we are in the process of designing them. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new arrivals.

The compartmentalized lunch box

If you are looking for a compartmentalized lunch box, we will see why you should choose one. First of all, the compartmentalized lunch box allows you to perfectly balance your meal. Indeed, you can have in a first compartment vegetables or a side dish and in another compartment the meat in sauce for example. This type of compartmentalized lunch box is easy to carry and to use. It is particularly appreciated to take your lunch to work, school, sport, picnic, or even to the university. And, to make it easier to carry, choose one of our insulated lunch bags. This will allow you to keep your box safe and cool (or warm!). Moreover, it is also very interesting for children: indeed, if you want your child to eat in a balanced way, using a compartmentalized lunch box is the best solution.

On the design and size side, there are all kinds of boxes, each more original than the other. For example, you can find slimmer lunch boxes with several layers or a wider box with only one layer. There are also different models of storage, ranging from 1 compartment to 5 compartments. Guaranteed BPA free, Healthy Lunch's compartmentalized lunch boxes are perfect for carrying your homemade meals. Put them on your wishlist!

Accessories for lunch boxes

Whether you have an isothermal stainless steel lunch box, a classic lunch box or a bento box, you will need several essential accessories for your lunches. These will have the advantage of improving either the portability, the resistance or the practicality of your lunch box.


Cutlery is an essential accessory for your lunch break. There are different kinds of cutlery. Japanese inspired, you can find in your lunch box a pair of chopsticks with a fork or a spoon. More traditional in France, you can also have a fork, a knife and a spoon as cutlery. Always opt for ecological reusable cutlery to save money and respect the environment. All these types of cutlery are BPA free.

Elastic for lunch boxes

Many models have an elastic band as an accessory that covers the entire width of the lunch box. This accessory will allow you to have a more airtight lunch box by maintaining the lid as it should be. Note however that there is rarely an elastic band for stainless steel isothermal bentos and for heated lunch boxes. This is due to the improved airtightness of these boxes. Elastic bands will be an important accessory for plastic bentos.

Don't forget to choose an insulated bag, it will make it much easier to carry, especially for children.

The isothermal bag

We have already talked about it, the insulated bag is the accessory of choice for a meal box. This type of insulated lunch bag has thermal insulation properties to keep your food and drink warm and cool. Also, it has an aesthetic side to have an insulated bag for carrying your lunch box to the office. You will make a great impression on your colleagues with an original lunch bag!

How to maintain your Lunch Box?

Although the quality of our Lunch Boxes is well known, some maintenance tips can optimize its life span. First of all, before the first use, it is preferable to wash your bento lunch box: by hand or in the dishwasher in the top basket (so that the lunch box is better protected). The use of our isothermal bags is recommended to increase the protection of the lunch box during its transportation. Moreover, you can transport your liquid food without any problem, thanks to our 100% hermetic design! All our lunch boxes are waterproof. Last but not least, do not put your plastic lunch box in the oven and avoid leaving it near the fire!


Which lunch box for school?

With so many lunch boxes on the market today, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the best lunch box for your child's school or daycare. Here are some simple points to consider when choosing a bento lunch box:

  •     The lunch box will need to be the right size for the food your child will want to take to school and fit in the school cooler bag without taking up too much space. It can be helpful to have two smaller lunch boxes, one for food that needs to be kept colder You can also totally separate sweet from savory.
  •     A lunch box with a large compartment that you can fill with your own small food containers can give you more flexibility, but some kids prefer a lunch box with compartments.
  •     Do your part for the environment by choosing a reusable lunch box. Fortunately, there are many reusable products on the market, such as individual food containers or bento lunch boxes, that keep food fresh without using plastic wrap.


Healthy recipes for lunch boxes

Do you like to cook and take care of your meals? We would like to suggest some simple meal ideas that you can prepare in your kitchen and carry in your lunch box. Note that you can take almost any kind of preparation with you, be it sandwiches, salad, pasta, rice, etc.

  •     Easy Pasta Salad: (leftover pasta + chopped zucchini/red onion/tomato/peppers/ham + dressing (roasted garlic, creamy Italian, and classic dressing are awesome).
  •     Butternut squash and red lentil curry + brown rice.
  •     Cooked quinoa + roasted vegetables + chicken breast (great with optional dressing on top).
  •     Green salad (all veggies + optional ham/cheese/soft-boiled egg).