• Picnic Set

  • Complete picnic kits to ensure a successful outdoor meal. Picnic with peace of mind.

  • Ensure the success of your picnics by choosing a complete kit. Waterproof blankets, convenient baskets, and ice packs for freshness - everything you need to savor an outdoor meal during beautiful days.

Complete Picnic Kit - For a Successful Outdoor Meal.

In order to be fully successful, a picnic must be prepared in the best way. That's why we have dedicated an entire collection to picnic kits. In this collection you will find practical and essential picnic accessories such as cutlery, glasses or reusable plates. Moreover, we have decided to offer you original accessories for your comfort as well as for the ease of transportation of your picnic. For this purpose, you will find picnic baskets, mats, tablecloths and picnic blankets, as well as ice packs to keep your food and drinks cool.

Picnic basket

The picnic basket is an original and very practical accessory to carry your meals outside. The picnic basket can take many forms and aspects: an isothermal basket, a natural wood basket (rattan, bamboo or wicker), as well as various gadgets. This type of accessory is ideal in a picnic kit, as they often have a large capacity to carry everything you need: appetizer, main course, dessert, as well as ice packs for freshness. Many models have a capacity of more than 30 liters, offering enough room for four people.

Picnic mat, tablecloth and blanket

Another essential item for an outdoor meal is the picnic blanket. The vast majority of our picnic mats are airtight and will allow you to sit anywhere comfortably. Also, it is always important to have a picnic tablecloth to put on the tables in the parks.

Ice bread

An essential part of the picnic kit: ice bread. Whether in your cooler, in your cooler bag or in your picnic basket, the ice bar is a formidable efficiency to keep your meals fresh for many hours. In addition, coupled with our quality isothermal models, you can easily keep cool, even in the middle of summer when the heat is on.