• Sport Bottle

  • For optimal hydration during your training sessions, choose a Healthy Lunch sports water bottle. Lightweight and with large capacities, they're perfect for an active lifestyle.

  • Stay hydrated efficiently during your athletic activities with our sports water bottles. Large capacities, lightweight, they are the ideal companion for your workouts. Healthy Lunch, for an active lifestyle while always staying well-hydrated.

Healthy Lunch sports water bottles: For an active and well-hydrated lifestyle.

Are you looking for a water bottle specially designed for your sports activities? Discover our complete range of sport bottles. At Healthy Lunch, we offer you the most complete range in France to find the perfect sports bottle or sports thermos for you! To best meet your needs, you will find many different models of water bottles to offer you the best possible choices.

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How to choose a sports bottle?

The sports bottle is the best container to keep water during your gym sessions. These bottles are usually ultra-resistant to ensure effective protection against shocks. Professional athletes, sportsmen and many ordinary people use these sports bottles to carry their favorite drinks throughout the day. Many athletes prefer this type of water bottle as it is unique in terms of features, specifications and functions. Also, when it comes to investment, you can find cheap sports bottles at Healthy Lunch.
When choosing a sports bottle, it is important to consider several factors. Indeed, it is necessary to combine quality with utility to find the reusable bottle that suits you. However, the following tips can help you buy better quality sports bottles at very competitive prices. Here are the considerations you need to take into account when making your selection.

Capacity of the bottle

One of the most important features to consider is the capacity of the reusable flask. If you only want to use it for your sports sessions, you can opt for a 500ml, 750ml or 1 liter flask depending on the duration of the physical effort. However, if you want to stay hydrated all day long or if you do intensive sessions, you can choose a large capacity bottle of 2 liters or 5 liters.

A small water bottle will be ideal for going to the gym or fitness center. However, a bottle with a large capacity will allow you to hydrate easily during the whole day. Some models of sports bottles are graduated to simplify your hydration and also use them as a measuring device to make your shaker.

Material of the sport bottle

The second characteristic to take into account when choosing the best sports bottle is its material. Indeed, this one will have to be adapted to your sport practice and your needs. All our reusable bottles are designed with light, resistant and certified food quality materials without chemicals to ensure a safe use. Our French brand has studied the design of each bottle to meet our ecological and zero waste requirements.

  •     High-end plastic bottle: ideal for athletes who are looking for a versatile use (fitness, cycling, indoor sports, etc.) by opting for a lightweight container. Its transparency, its resistance and its ergonomics are also appreciated to combine practice and design.
  •     Glass bottle: our models are made of borosilicate glass to better resist thermal and mechanical shocks. This pure material will avoid giving a taste to your favorite drink, but its weight and rigidity are to be taken into account.
  •     Stainless steel isothermal bottle: the particularity of stainless steel bottles is the double wall which allows to keep drinks hot. The caps are also designed to be perfectly hermetic and thus prolong the thermal performance. All our stainless steel bottles are food certified and BPA free.
  •     Foldable silicone water bottle: it is perfectly adapted for trekking, as it can be easily slipped into a backpack. Lightweight and ergonomic, it is ideal for endurance sports.

Choosing the best material is not enough to guarantee your safety. That's why you need to make sure your sports bottle is tested and certified for food contact, as are all Healthy Lunch bottles.

Use of the bottle

Thirdly, it is essential to choose a flask adapted to your sport practice. Indeed, if you take your leak-proof bottle to the gym, it is interesting to choose a stainless steel, plastic or glass bottle. The choice of material will depend on whether you want a lightweight and ergonomic bottle or a container with thermal properties.

However, if you are a traveller or do trekking or hiking regularly, a silicone bottle is suitable for your needs. This will allow you to fold it and carry it easily in your backpack.

Finally, it is also possible to choose a bottle with a large capacity for an outdoor outing, a picnic or simply to keep up with your hydration during your work day. In this case, we advise you to choose a plastic sports bottle in order to have a large, light and graduated bottle. You will have at your disposal water bottles to carry out your workouts while remaining well hydrated.

If you are doing bivouac or multi-day activities, it is possible to fill your water bottle and use activated carbon-based purifying tablets. This charcoal filter principle allows you to drink drinking water safely, and is perfectly suited to experienced hikers.


Characteristics of the water bottle for sportsmen

The water bottle for sportsmen can take several forms and we find all the capacities, colors and materials like the ecoresponsible plastic, the tritan, the stainless steel or the borosilicate glass. Depending on the physical activity you practice, you will have to choose a specific model to meet your needs. For example, some bottles have a strap for easy carrying with a carabiner, or a swivel handle.

Some sport bottles are made with a filtering space to infuse your favorite fruits (lemon, orange, lychee, peach, etc.). This allows you to obtain a delicious detox water that will improve your recovery after sports. If you prefer fruit juices, you can always fill your bottle with your favorite drink and keep it cool in an insulated bag.

We also make bottles with an innovative flip-open straw. They are designed to guarantee a convenient one-handed opening and allow you to drink without using the neck. Other models for sportsmen will be designed with a spout to quench your thirst with a single movement.

We want to provide you with a non-stop drinking experience for better hydration during sports, so you can drink even on the move. Our bottles are waterproof and have a high grip finish for maximum comfort.

Sports bottles are designed for a lifetime of use. Much better than Nike or Decathlon, we take great care in the quality of our sports bottles to offer you the lightest alternative to disposable plastic bottles. It's exactly what you need to carry your drinks all day, without adding weight to your bag or workout.

All of our eco-friendly sports bottles are 100% leak-proof so your liquid won't leak out. The cap is adapted to drink quickly and easily.

Finally, our design team has perfectly adapted the necks for a quick and easy filling. The athlete can then drink either through the neck or with a retractable straw.


Why choose a reusable bottle for sports?

There are many good reasons to choose a reusable water bottle.

The first reason is to avoid the use of plastic. Adopting a reusable sports water bottle helps to reduce plastic waste. This means that you can prevent ocean pollution and preserve marine life by simply choosing your reusable bottle. Therefore, you can help minimize microplastics, which are also harmful to humans. It is also healthier not to reuse your disposable mineral water bottles, as plastic microparticles can eventually break off and be ingested by your body.

The second reason is to save money and time. You may think that single-use plastic bottles are a practical solution, but this is not true. First of all, you don't need to pay for drinking water because, in most cases, tap water is free and safe. Second, you can also save time and energy by not having to go to the grocery store every time you need to buy a bottle of water. This is because your reusable water bottle will always be on hand and you can refill it for free almost anywhere.

The third reason is design. Let's be honest: not only are single-use plastic bottles harmful to the environment and to us, but they are also a poor choice in terms of style. On the other hand, while safe for the earth and our health, reusable water bottles are also very trendy and beautiful. You just have to choose the one that fits your style perfectly.

The fourth reason is to take the first step towards living in a more eco-friendly world. A reusable water bottle shows that you are doing your part to save the Earth and speaks volumes about what you care about. It can also inspire others to do the same, increasing a beneficial impact on the environment and promoting positive change.


How do I wash a sports bottle?

All our sports bottles are easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher. To do so, it is recommended to put it in the top compartment and to stay away from the resistances to avoid damaging the bottle.

It is also possible and recommended to wash your bottle by hand. Indeed, it is necessary to fill your bottle with warm water and soap to remove all traces of grease. This will ensure a good smell and a healthy container for your drinks. Also remember to clean the cap well, while remaining delicate so as not to damage it and allow the bottle to remain perfectly airtight.