• Insulated Delivery Bag

  • Deliver meals at the perfect temperature with our insulated bags. Specifically designed for delivery.

  • Ensure the quality of your deliveries with our insulated bags designed specifically for transport. They perfectly maintain the temperature of meals and are crafted to facilitate the work of delivery drivers.

Delivery Insulated Bag – The Ideal Partner for Delivery Drivers.

Are you a delivery person for Uber Eats, Doordash, Deliveroo, or another restaurant? Or do you have a restaurant business? Check out all of our delivery cooler bag designs.

If you operate a pizza shop, sandwich shop, catering business, or food service, insulated delivery bags are essential. Insulation keeps hot food warm and cold food cool so it arrives at the right temperature at your customer's location. Designed for pizzas, sandwiches, casseroles or pasta salads, you can deliver any type of order. In the age of online ordering and food delivery apps, you can stay competitive by offering a delivery service to your customers.

Why is it important to use a cooler bag for food delivery?

When restaurant patrons order food from a delivery company, they expect a hot, delicious meal. But once the food is removed from the restaurant, it is no longer kept warm on the stove. It's then a battle against the weather and time to keep the food warm, especially in the winter. That's why many delivery companies, like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Doosdash, are turning to insulated delivery backpacks, or car courier delivery bags. Here we present five essential reasons to use thermal delivery bags for your food delivery service or restaurant.


Delivery bags keep food warm

The first reason to use an insulated bag for food delivery is obvious: it keeps food warm! High-quality insulated bags maintain the temperature of the food while controlling the humidity level. The result? Your food is less likely to get soggy on the way to your customers. The key here is the insulation layers - the foam insulation between the outer layer and the inner lining is what keeps your food warm and safe.

Also, insulated bags usually have a waterproof, airtight nylon or vinyl exterior, so delivery drivers or cyclists can use them for all weather conditions, from sun to rain to snow. Nylon tends to be a little more "breathable" than vinyl or PVC, allowing steam to escape from your food and preventing fogging. Nylon cooler bags generally cost more than vinyl, but do a good job of storing food. However, note that both materials work well and are far superior to delivering food in non-insulated bags. Finally, quality closures are also essential for keeping food warm. We offer insulated bags with a range of effective closures, including zippers, buckles, Velcro or hook and loop closures.


Separating your food

For some orders, customers may order a classic cheese burger, fries and even a milkshake. But how do you keep the milkshake cold and the burger and fries warm? The answer is a specially designed bag with separate insulated compartments for hot and cold food. This also ensures that the food stays safe during transport. So depending on your needs, make sure your delivery bag has the right compartments to meet your expectations.


Airtight cooler bags

Another benefit of insulated bags for food delivery is that they can prevent spills, especially if your deliveries are made by bicycle. Which brings us to another point: even the most experienced driver, equipped with a perfectly designed bag, can be faced with a spill. When food or beverages spill during transport, a waterproof cooler bag offers a little extra protection to keep other food dry and protected. Thermal bags can also be easily cleaned, allowing you to recover from a minor setback and quickly move on to your next order.


Quality delivery cooler bags for more orders

A happy customer is a loyal customer! For all of the above reasons, insulated bags are a smart addition to your food delivery service, as they will ensure that your customers get exactly what they want, when they want it. Hot food will arrive hot and cold food will arrive without melting or spilling.

In light of the projected growth of the delivery industry and increased competition, getting and keeping your customers is more important than ever. Adding high-quality insulated bags is an obvious way to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Develop your restaurant's reputation

Finally, who hasn't seen an Uber Eats bag around town! In addition to the other benefits, custom delivery cooler bags are a great way to showcase your brand wherever your delivery drivers or couriers go to deliver your customers. We can create custom bags that feature exact replicas of your brand or logo, or even a range of unique bags with fun designs or memorable messages.

For all custom delivery bag requests, contact our customer service department directly. We'll be happy to tell you about our customization services.


How do I choose my insulated delivery bag?

Food delivery bags are simply insulated bags that delivery drivers / couriers can use to easily transport a takeout order while keeping the food at an appropriate temperature. These reusable delivery bags offer many benefits, including:

  • Reducing the impact on the environment
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Materials are reliable and sturdy
  • Keeping hot food hot and cold food cold

In order to choose your delivery bag properly, there are several things to consider, which we will go over together.


Bag for delivery by bike, scooter or car?

The way you deliver your customers will greatly impact the choice of your delivery bag. Indeed, the practicality is different depending on whether you are on foot, by bike, by scooter or by car.

  • Bag for delivery by bike: To make your deliveries by bike, it will be necessary to choose an isothermal backpack that is both efficient, light and not too bulky. You will not be able to opt for a classic courier bag without straps to be carried on the back.
  • Scooter Delivery Bag: If you want to deliver food on a scooter, you'll need a backpack just like you would on a bike. Unless you only need a small container to put the food in the scooter's cargo hold, an insulated backpack will be needed to carry a large amount of food and drinks.
  • Car Delivery Bag: When you are in the car, you have many choices for your courier bag. Indeed, you can choose a material that costs less, and for a bag with a larger capacity so you can make several deliveries at once.


The size of your isothermal bag

The size of the bag of your delivery men is a major issue. Indeed, you have to ask yourself the following questions: which dishes will be delivered? Do I need a large bag or a small delivery bag? Will my delivery drivers deliver one order at a time, or several at once?

All the answers to these questions will determine the size of the lunch bag you need. Note that you don't need a large bag "just in case" as it will clutter up your delivery drivers and they may be slower to deliver to your customers.


The quality of the isothermal delivery bag

Quality is another issue to consider and it will depend on several factors. The first to consider is your location. Is your restaurant in a place where it is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer? Or are the temperatures reasonable? This will influence your choice of material and the necessary quality of your insulated delivery bag. Indeed, if you have to keep a meal warm for 30min in winter when it is -5°C, the quality of the bag will have to be different than a temperature of 5°C.

Another point to consider is the delivery time. What is your industry? Do you take orders more than 30 minutes away? This will also determine part of your choice.

In order to fully satisfy your customers, we advise you to invest the right price in the bag. In addition, a quality delivery bag like the ones at Healthy Lunch will last for many years. You will get a return on your investment over time.


The different business uses of an insulated delivery bag

Once the food has left the kitchen, it's the job of your delivery bag to protect it from the elements and keep it at an appropriate temperature for consumption. The pizza delivered to your customer's door should be hot and crisp, not cold and soggy. Check out the perfect delivery bag for your business model below to keep food fresh and ready to eat.

While they all share the common goal of bringing food to the customer, there are several types of food delivery services. The type of service your establishment uses most often can influence which delivery bags you should invest in.


Third-party delivery bag: Uber Eats, Deliveroo, DoorDash and others

Third-party services like GrubHub, DoorDash and UberEats offer meal delivery to consumers for a fee. This can relieve local restaurants of the pressure and financial burden of hiring drivers and creating their own delivery program.

For third-party services of this type, orders and deliveries are typically made one at a time. In most cases, the driver chooses to accept or decline a delivery. Once the order is accepted, the driver goes directly from the restaurant to the customer to deliver. Once the food has been successfully delivered, the driver is assigned to the next delivery.

Drivers may have to purchase cooler bags themselves and will want the most cost-effective options. With multiple restaurants, the driver needs a bag that will fit a variety of food types and containers. Therefore, a multi-purpose delivery bag is the way to go.

Since nylon insulated delivery bags offer better protection for foods with longer wait times, but are more expensive, we recommend that those working for local or smaller third-party services try vinyl delivery bags. These bags work well for shorter trips while staying on budget.