• Your food and beverages remain fresh with our soft coolers. Flexible and convenient, they're perfect for daily life.

  • Your food and beverages stay fresh with our soft coolers. Like insulated bags, they are convenient and flexible, available in various sizes. Perfect for everyday use, they make transporting your meals easier. Healthy Lunch, for healthy eating, wherever you are.

Looking for a soft cooler to carry your favorite foods? Perfectly insulated, this cooler bag is ideal for everyday use.

At Healthy Lunch, we offer a full line of soft coolers and collapsible cooler bags so you can find the right cooler for your needs. Don't waste any more time and check out our collection!

Are you also looking for an original cooler bag for your child? Discover our great collection of cooler bags for kids. All of these small cooler bags are made of high quality materials to keep your child's lunch cool or warm. To organize your child's lunch, you can choose a lunch box to keep the contents intact.

What is a soft cooler?

A soft cooler is similar to an insulated bag, often made with a large waterproof compartment inside, as well as practical compartments on the outside. It offers excellent thermal performance and allows you to easily carry your lunch needs outdoors.

Constructed with quality insulated materials on the inside, as well as a fabric lining on the outside, our soft cooler models are crafted with unique designs. By opting for a collapsible cooler bag, you'll have the best aspects of the classic cooler, without the bulk. Perfect for your hikes and office lunches, you can use it every day to carry your favorite lunch.

We want to offer you as many choices as possible to meet your daily needs. Therefore, you will find small flexible lunch coolers to carry your lunch, but also insulated bags with a large capacity of 30L for your family picnics.

How to choose a soft cooler?

The choice of the ideal soft cooler must be made according to certain criteria in order to be adapted to your needs: capacity, materials and its future use. Indeed, according to these characteristics, you will be able to choose between a mini soft cooler ideal to carry its lunch in everyday life; but also an isothermal bag with a big capacity for your outings in family.

How do I choose the capacity of a cloth cooler?

At Healthy Lunch, you'll find different sized models to fit your lifestyle.

You can choose a small soft cooler. In fact, our mini soft coolers are specifically designed to easily carry a person's lunch. You will be able to carry your lunch to work with ease, by choosing a lunch box with an adapted size.

You can also find small soft coolers. This type of cooler will usually hold about 10 liters and will allow you to take a meal on a hike for two people. This type of cooler bag is ideal for a couple who don't want to carry a big bag or a rigid cooler.

You will also find large soft coolers. This type of cooler is more for families and will allow you to carry a picnic for many people. This type of bag has a large cooler compartment, whose capacity can go up to more than 50 liters. This type of lunch bag with a large volume will still be much more convenient to carry than an electric cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car.

What are the materials of the soft cooler?

Generally, an insulated bag is made with a waterproof and insulating material on the inside and a soft fabric covering on the outside. This provides an excellent compromise between thermal efficiency and the design of the lunch bag. In addition, each of our bags has been designed with high quality insulation and strong, durable materials.

The interior of the cooler bag is equipped with an aluminum foil to reflect the freshness of the contents. For higher quality models, which you will also find in our selection, there will be foam insulation offering better efficiency.

The exterior of the soft cooler is often made of waterproof and resistant materials such as nylon fabric or similar fabrics. This type of fabric provides a waterproof result and offers the best quality for colorful designs.

The great advantage of using these soft materials is the space saving and the comfort to move around. Indeed, they are much easier to carry than rigid containers by offering convenient handles to carry the bag in the hand or a shoulder strap for the shoulder. In addition, a collapsible cooler bag is much easier to store, as it only requires a small corner of the house.

When do I need a soft cooler?

The soft cooler is useful at all times, whether for outdoor activities, family meals or carrying your lunch to the office. Its foldable size and shoulder strap make it easy to carry with you.

Small insulated lunch bag

Choosing a soft mini cooler in black or colored is perfectly suited to carry your lunch every day. If this is the only use of the lunch bag, you can choose a capacity of 5L to keep your lunch cool or warm. For everyday use, it may be interesting to also choose a lunch box to carry your healthy food.

Soft cooler for camping

The soft cooler is widely used by campers. Large, quality soft coolers will keep you cool and warm for days! Electric coolers can also be adapted if you are staying for a longer period of time.

Isothermal cooler for hiking

Also, soft coolers are very often used for hiking. Light, resistant and thermal, the soft cooler is the ideal companion for all outdoor outings. Thanks to this cooler bag, you will be able to have fresh water at all times during your hikes! If you prefer freedom of movement, you can opt for a backpack cooler to have the best compromise of the backpack and the cooler.

Isothermal picnic bag with a large capacity

For outdoor outings with family or friends, you need to be perfectly organized to have a successful picnic. Therefore, choosing a large foldable cooler will be ideal to carry your food and drinks while keeping them fresh.

Isothermal backpack for delivery

If you are a delivery person, you will most likely need to invest in a cooler bag. This doesn't come cheap, and it's important to put the right price tag on it to make sure the insulated cooler is durable. Healthy Lunch does not yet offer a range, but it may be worth looking for its bag on amazon.

Soft cooler for hunting

Another outdoor activity where you can use your soft cooler is hunting. Indeed, during this activity hunters are often required to stay many hours waiting in the same place. It is therefore very comfortable to be able to enjoy a warm meal in winter or a cool drink in summer. At Healthy Lunch, you can find several types of camouflage soft coolers for hunting.

How does a soft cooler work?

All Healthy Lunch soft coolers are made with high quality materials, carefully selected by our design teams. These premium materials will ensure a high thermal quality that will allow you to keep both cool and warm in your cooler bag. We use a three-layer insulation technique to improve the quality of our products. In addition, these materials are both lightweight and durable, which will allow you to keep your insulated lunch bag for many years. No need to buy a new one every year!

The designs of the soft coolers are unique and original. You will have an original quality cooler bag to accompany you on all your outings with family and friends. Don't hesitate and choose an original soft cooler.


How long does a soft cooler keep cold?

The time it takes to keep cool is variable. It depends on the quality of the materials, the proportion of space used, the temperature of the contents and many other parameters. Generally speaking, our flexible coolers keep the cold about 6 hours. However, it is recommended to use as much space as possible, to cool down the inside of your bag before use, to put fresh food in it and to open it a minimum of times during the day.

Keeping the temperature inside your bag will also be set by the use of ice packs. Indeed, we often hear "Should we put ice in an insulated bag?" and this seems particularly important to keep the contents fresh for a long time.

Another thing to consider is the temperature outside. If you live in a warm place, it is advisable to choose a soft insulated cooler with foam to ensure optimal insulation. Opting for an insulated bag with a waterproof interior will keep the melting ice cubes cooler and will greatly improve its effectiveness.


How to wash a soft cooler?

The ease of cleaning an insulated bag should be taken into account in its choice. It is recommended to select a soft cooler with a water-repellent fabric on the outside. This waterproof material will prevent stains from becoming embedded and will be easy to clean with a simple damp sponge.

How to remove bad odors from a lunch bag?

It can happen after several uses, especially of food whose smell is quite pronounced, not to succeed in getting rid of the smell present in your lunch bag. To do this, simply fill your sink with warm water and pour in dishwashing liquid. Mix with your hand to obtain a soapy water. Then take a sponge or soaked cloth and gently rub the inside and outside of your cooler bag.

Sometimes the smell can linger and it is recommended to use baking soda. You can put it inside the bag and leave it overnight. The next day, you can repeat the above steps to clean it properly.

How do you remove mold from a cooler bag?

If your small cooler also has mold, it's crucial to get rid of it as soon as possible. To do this, take a sponge and soak it in white vinegar (not too wet, not too dry). Scrub the mildew to get rid of it completely, but be careful not to damage the fabric of your bag. Then, follow the steps to get rid of bad odors to clean your cooler completely.


Difference between soft and hard coolers

If the stay is long, it is preferable to opt for a rigid cooler which will have a better performance. Indeed, its rigid walls are thick and allow to offer a waterproof container with an effective insulation. Although it is not very portable, it is useful for long stays where a car is needed.

However, if you only need to keep your food at the right temperature for a few hours, it is worth choosing a soft cooler. Indeed, this one will allow to keep hot as well as cold, and will be very practical to transport. It can also be folded to take up a minimum of space.