• They come with an easy-open feature and a straw, ensuring simple usage at school. This way, your child stays hydrated at all times.

  • Easy hydration for your kids with our water bottles made especially for them. With an easy-open mechanism and a straw, they're ideal for school and trips. Healthy Lunch, so drinking always stays pleasurable, no matter where your children are.

Healthy Lunch Kids' Water Bottles: Simple and practical hydration

Discover our selection of water bottles for children. All our bottles are unique and original to please your child. At Healthy Lunch, we offer a unique collection of children's bottles. You will find everything you need among the many choices in this collection.

Are you looking for an original glass gourd? Do not hesitate to discover our complete collection of glass bottles. In this category, you will find the ideal glass bottle for you!


How to choose a child's water bottle?

Are you looking for a plastic or steel water bottle for your child? It may seem simple, but there are many things you need to pay special attention to. Beyond appearance and price, what do you need to consider when buying a child's water bottle?

Some water bottles are easier for little hands to use. Some are less likely to leak. Others are excellent for keeping your drinks cool or warm. Will you bring the bottle on a bike ride or hike? Need a leak-proof bottle for the classroom?

The material of the bottle and the style of the spout are the two most important features that affect your child's reusable bottle experience. Which water bottle is right for your child and how will they use it? Here are our top recommendations to consider when choosing the best water bottle for a child.

What size water bottle for a child?

If your child spends a lot of time in a vehicle or sweats a lot outside, you may want a water bottle that holds a larger amount of liquid. Most children's water bottles have a capacity of 500 ml, but you can buy bottles that hold up to 750 ml or 1 liter. However, keep in mind that the more water your child's bottle contains, the heavier it will be to carry.

It is also important to consider the capacity of your child's school bag. Indeed, if the plastic bottle is used at school, it will be necessary to take a size adapted to the bag and the needs. All Healthy Lunch children's water bottles have tightly fitting caps to ensure that the contents do not spill into school supplies. A straw or spout also replaces the classic spout to make it easier to use independently.

What kind of water bottle for kids ?

To keep water cold for several hours, choose a stainless steel insulated water bottle. These days, most plastic water bottles are BPA-free, but check to make sure. The downside of plastic is that it won't keep water cold as long as an insulated bottle, but the upside is that plastic water bottles are not as heavy as stainless steel, so they are lighter to carry to school. All Healthy Lunch children's water bottles are certified food safe and BPA free.

Whether you choose plastic, stainless steel or another material, keep in mind what you want as a feature: lightweight, thermal performance, easy to use, etc.

Also, if you want your baby to be able to lift his or her water bottle without assistance, avoid glass and stainless steel. Plastic is the lightest option.

Here are the things to keep in mind about the 3 main materials.

Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle: With our double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulated technology, the stainless steel bottle is the perfect choice if you are looking to keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. However, the double wall technology and steel material makes the bottle heavier, and not suitable for smaller children. In fact, a stainless steel bottle will weigh down your child's school bag, but will have the advantage of keeping the temperature of the drink. This material is best suited for children over 10 years old.

Healthy plastic bottle: Plastic water bottles for children are the best choice. Their lightness, design and small size make them indispensable for a school day. Often designed with a spout or straw, our plastic bottles are easy to use. We take great care in choosing the quality of our eco-friendly plastic to ensure a patterned, shock-resistant wall and a tightly fitting cap. The contents of the bottle will not spill into your child's backpack.

Glass bottle: Made of borosilicate glass, our bottles are resistant to thermal shocks so that you can use them with complete peace of mind. Much stronger than traditional glass, the high quality material we use has anti-shock properties.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of water bottle. Reusable plastic water bottles are generally inexpensive and easy to replace, although they can also be easier to break. And some parents are concerned about the chemicals in plastics and choose to avoid them altogether. Our plastic bottles are food safe.

Stainless steel and aluminum water bottles are much more durable, but they also have drawbacks. Stainless steel can be heavy for a child to lift, and it can damage small toes if a baby drops it.

Glass water bottles are easy to clean and you don't have to worry about chemicals. But they are also easy to break, and no parent likes the idea of their child having to walk through or around broken glass. Nevertheless, we use borosilicate glass which is resistant to greater impact and thermal shock.

Features of the reusable toddler bottle

A soft straw spout is great for teaching your toddler to use a water bottle, and it won't accidentally hurt their developing teeth. A softer silicone spout is also a good idea for young children who like to walk around while they drink. If they trip and fall, a soft spout won't do much damage to their gums, the inside of their mouth or their teeth. Harder spouts are better suited for children who tend to chew things, as they will last much longer than a soft spout.

Many of the models in our kids' water bottle collection are made with retractable straws to make it easier for your child to hydrate on their own. A waterproof sport cap system is developed to ensure easy opening with a push button.

Our reusable bottles are also designed with straps for easy transportation. Thus, it will be possible to slip it easily into a schoolbag, an elastic pocket or to hang it on a bag with a carabiner.

Finally, we make all our water bottles specially designed for children with a wide neck. This allows for a better hand grip to unscrew it easily, and also to fill it easily.

Easy to clean

Whether your child chooses a silicone, plastic, glass or stainless steel bottle, it will be easy to maintain and clean. Indeed, all our children's bottles are made with a large neck and you can simply use a sponge or a brush.

Remember to use hot soapy water to eliminate all bacteria. Furthermore, if odors persist after cleaning, our team recommends the use of baking soda. Simply soak the mixture for a few hours and then rinse your container thoroughly with soapy water.

To facilitate cleaning, you can also put the bottle in the dishwasher. We recommend placing it in the top container to keep it away from the heating element.


Stainless steel and glass bottles can be more expensive than plastic bottles. Nevertheless, we are committed to offering you the best value for your money. At Healthy Lunch, you'll find inexpensive children's bottles so you can stop using single-use bottles.


Eco-friendly plastic bottles are not made to last forever - that's why the price is usually cheaper. Aluminum will last longer than plastic, but usually not as long as stainless steel or glass. However, if your child is very tough on his or her equipment, you may want to avoid glass bottles, for obvious reasons.

In the event that your child uses a rolling binder, we recommend opting for a stainless steel water bottle for an excellent compromise between price, performance and durability.


If you want a bottle that your child likes with their favorite cartoon characters, you should be aware that this will shorten its lifespan. Children's tastes tend to change quickly and they usually don't want to use anything too childish as they get older. Because of this, we offer a variety of designs that your little boy or girl will enjoy for a long time. Some of our models are also designed with a large cap that can be turned into a removable cup.


Stainless steel water bottles for kids

At Healthy Lunch, we offer stainless steel insulated water bottles for kids. This type of water bottle will allow your child to keep his drink warm in winter for 12 hours and cool in summer for 24 hours!

This type of isothermal bottle for children is ideal when your child goes to school all day in the summer. Moreover, these bottles are BPA-free, which guarantees a perfectly healthy thermos. Your safety is our priority, that's why all our bottles are certified food grade.

All of our designs are designed for both boys and girls with various colors and designs. Some kids will prefer a unicorn, while others will love dinosaurs and flamingos. When browsing our collection of reusable water bottles for kids, you will find many different types of bottles. With so many bottles to choose from, you'll be able to select the perfect bottle for your child. And, don't hesitate to ask your child's opinion before buying them a straw bottle. Children love to choose this useful and fun accessory!


Why choose a child's water bottle?

You want to keep your child hydrated without having to replace their water bottle every week. Reusable water bottles can come at a price, but you want to avoid using disposable plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment and health. So what's a mom or dad to do?

We made it our mission to make the best water bottles on the market - reusable bottles that are durable, leak-proof and easy to carry. We compared the best options, looking at criteria like capacity, design, cost and durability, to create our selection of the best kids' water bottles.

With one of our top picks, you can save money on frequent water bottle replacements and be assured that your child will stay hydrated wherever they go.

There are many reasons to buy a kid's water bottle. Here are three examples:

  •     Its safety side: we will not hide you that in period of sanitary crisis, it is very important that your child has its own water bottle for the school. It will allow him to stay safe all day long and he will be able to drink without risk of contamination. However, we recommend that you clean the water bottle after your child comes home from school.
  •     Its fun and playful side: all children like to have an original object of their own. Having an original children's bottle that they like will make them feel good and confident at school and they will be happy to show it to their friends.
  •     Its practicality and performance: all our bottles are made with the best materials on the market to offer you the best bottle for children. In fact, all our bottles are both light and resistant in order to perfectly suit the lifestyle of a child.


How much water should my child drink per day?

Water recommendations vary by age. Children under 1 year old only need 80ml to 160ml per day. Children aged 1 to 3 years need about 1l of beverages per day, mainly water and milk and limiting juice.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, boys and girls aged 4-8 years need 1.5L per day, girls aged 9-13 years need 2.1L per day, boys aged 9-13 years need 2.4L per day, girls aged 14-18 years need 2.5L per day, and boys aged 14-18 years need 3.3L per day. Keep in mind that this includes total water intake from water, other beverages, and foods such as fruits and vegetables, so the actual cups of water could be a little less.


Do children need a water bottle to go to school?

Each school will have its own policy on what children can bring to school, but generally, schools allow children to bring a personal water bottle to stay hydrated. With the current health crisis, schools are urging the use of a water bottle at school and to avoid drinking in common areas.

In addition, schools are also requesting that reusable bottles be equipped with a straw or spout for ease of use. Indeed, with our easy-open bottles, your child will be perfectly autonomous to hydrate himself in all simplicity.