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  • For every occasion, our water bottles are by your side: sports, kids, tea, or simply to savor your drink at the perfect temperature.

  • Discover our extensive range of water bottles tailored to all your needs. Whether you're seeking a bottle for your kids, your sports activities, your tea infusions, or just a sustainable and healthy solution, Healthy Lunch has got you covered. Stay hydrated, your way.

Healthy Lunch water bottles: Hydration tailored to you

Easily carry all your favorite drinks with our Healthy Lunch bottles. All our bottles are reusable and BPA free. Free shipping. If you want an insulated water bottle that keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours and cool for 24 hours, check out our stainless steel water bottle collection. All our stainless steel bottles are light and resistant to transport all your drinks easily.

The different types of Healthy Lunch bottles

At Healthy Lunch, you will find a wide range of bottles in our gourd collection.

Stainless steel water bottles

First of all, you will find the stainless steel water bottle collection. This collection gathers the best trendy selection of isothermal water bottles. All our bottles are made of high quality stainless steel to guarantee you the best bottle in France. You want to buy an isothermal gourd? Discover our hundreds of products. All our isothermal bottles are both light and have a unique design. By choosing a reusable stainless steel bottle, you can keep your hot drinks for 12 hours and your cold drinks for 24 hours. In addition, our BPA-free insulated bottles are certified healthy for your health. Take your drinks safely anywhere!

Kids bottles

At Healthy Lunch, we also offer a range of children's bottles. All these bottles for kids have been designed to seduce the little ones. In fact, we offer a variety of designs to please all children. You will find for example unicorn bottles, character bottles and funny bottles. With this collection of reusable water bottles for children, carrying a drink to school or daycare is healthy, safe and fun. By having your own water bottle, your child avoids drinking after other children, which reduces the chance of contamination. Want to buy a water bottle for school? Healthy Lunch children's water bottles are fully approved to be taken to school. You can purchase a child's bottle on our website now.

Tea thermos

You will also find our collection of thermos teas. This original collection offers you a selection of the best tea flasks in France. There are several types of thermos for tea. First of all, you can find isothermal tea bottles. These bottles allow you to brew your tea while keeping it warm for 12 hours. And in the summer, you can keep your iced teas for 24 hours! We also offer plastic or glass tea bottles. These bottles have a tea infuser included in the bottle. You just have to put your tea mixture in the tea compartment and let it brew before drinking it. All of our tea infuser bottles are BPA free and certified healthy for your health. You can now purchase a tea thermos from our collection.

Sport bottles

Are you looking for a sports bottle? Discover our collection of sport bottles. They have been designed to be both light and resistant. So you can take your BPA-free sports bottle anywhere! Most of our reusable sports bottles are made of eco-friendly and reusable plastic so they won't break during your workouts. We have gym bottles, we have hiking bottles and we have kids sports bottles. If you are looking for an original and performing water bottle, discover our collection to buy a sport water bottle.


How to choose the right water bottle?

It is important to choose the right reusable water bottle for you or your child. Using a BPA-free water bottle will allow you to enjoy your drinks in a healthy way and reduce your consumption of disposable plastic. Here are some tips on how to choose the right bottle for your needs:

Colors and styles

Bottles are available in a variety of colors and fun designs. Colors ranging from bright, matte, solid to neon water bottles are now readily available on the market in France. Define what type of water bottle you want: a classic water bottle with a solid color? An original bottle with patterns? A bottle with an animal design? By choosing one of these types of bottles you will be able to choose the bottle for the transport of your drinks more easily.

Moreover, when it comes to the model, you will have to decide for which use you need a water bottle:

  •     A sports bottle? This type of water bottle, usually made of reusable plastic, often has a large capacity. You will find sports bottles of 1 or 2 liters to allow you to hydrate yourself properly throughout your training.
  •     A water bottle for hiking? If you are looking for a hiking water bottle, you should choose a specific model that will be easy to carry. You'll probably need a thermo bottle that will keep your water cool all day, especially if you're into long hikes in the wilderness. Moreover, if you go camping, you can choose a self-filtering water bottle.
  •     A water bottle for children? The models for children are both practical and original. You can find very playful models with animal patterns. Often, children can appreciate unicorns or dragons bottles. The capacity of such a gourd is smaller, being lighter for an easy transport. You will find children's bottles from 250ml to 500ml, depending on the needs. Whether it is for school or the day care center, such a child's water bottle will be indispensable.
  •     A water bottle for coffee or tea? If you want a reusable bottle to carry your tea or coffee to work, it is important to choose a bottle that will keep the heat of your drink well. For this you need an insulated bottle. And, if you want to brew your tea directly in your bottle, we recommend you to choose one of our tea thermos. These thermos flasks all have a built-in tea infuser to make it easy for you to use your bottle.


Once you have chosen the type of bottle you want based on your needs and desires, you can now select an appropriate size. Make sure the bottle is not too big, not too easy to hold and open, as it could cause problems when carrying. No one likes to have liquid spills in their lunch bag or picnic basket.

When it comes to size, we recommend that you pay close attention to how you use it. You don't want a bottle that is too big and will be heavier or one that is too small. Also consider the refillability factor. Indeed, if you can refill your bottle frequently, you can opt for a smaller bottle that is easier to carry. On the other hand, if you don't have access to a water tap, it is better to choose a large capacity bottle.


The shape of your water bottle depends on the use you make of it. Running bottles should be thin enough to fit comfortably in your hand or on a carabiner. The shape of the bottle should be attractive to children. A sleek, thoughtful design makes it easy to carry in backpack pockets, car drink holders or lunch coolers. Make sure each water bottle has a tight-fitting lid and seal to keep drinks safe. Also, if you are outdoors, the water bottle should be insulated to retain heat or cold, keeping your drink at the temperature you want. It is essential to carry lighter bottles while keeping in mind insulation for maximum temperature retention. For a child going to school, make sure they are not overloaded with heavy bottles. Glass bottles protected by a sleeve and stainless steel bottles should be preferred over others.

Thermal insulation

Whether for a baby, child or adult, thermal insulation can be a very important consideration when choosing a water bottle. If you need a water bottle that keeps your drinks cool in the summer and your liquids warm in the winter, know that it is possible with an insulated water bottle made of stainless steel. All these bottles are insulated with two layers to guarantee to keep the heat 12 hours and the cold 24 hours. Depending on your needs and objectives, the use of such an isothermal bottle can be interesting.


Why choose a gourd for your drinks?

You may be wondering, why choose a water bottle to carry your drinks? If so, there are many advantages to it:

  •     Economic bottle: by buying a reusable bottle, whatever its material, you will save money because you will not need, every day, to buy a new water bottle.
  •     Ecological water bottle: by opting for an ecological reusable water bottle you are doing something for our planet by banishing the classic disposable plastic water bottles.
  •     Original and design water bottle: a well chosen water bottle will perfectly match your style and you will distinguish yourself from other people. An original design water bottle always makes an impact!