• Enjoy your favorite drinks always at the ideal temperature with our thermal flask. Ensuring healthy and stylish hydration.

  • Drink healthily and keep your beverages at the perfect temperature with our thermal flask. Made of stainless steel, BPA-free, and capable of keeping drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Healthy Lunch, for a health-conscious lifestyle without compromising on style.

Healthy Lunch thermal flask: Always drink at your desired temperature.

Our stainless steel water bottles are not simply isothermal bottles, but a state of mind and a decision to act for the planet and its health. Cultivate your difference by choosing an isothermal bottle with a unique design.

How to choose a stainless steel insulated water bottle ?

The choice of a good stainless steel insulated water bottle can be complicated with all the choice that can be offered to you in France. In order to choose the right stainless steel gourd, we will give you several important points to pay attention to.

1) The materials of the bottle

If you are looking for an insulated bottle to keep the temperature of your drinks, you will have to pay attention to the materials of manufacture. The best material is stainless steel 304 or 18/8. By opting for this high quality material, you are assured of keeping your drinks cool and warm. Moreover, these stainless steel thermos jugs are guaranteed BPA free. Also, this material assures you a rust-free, corrosion-free, stain-free and odor-free bottle.

2) The size of your stainless steel water bottle

As we will see later, there are many different capacities. You will have to choose the model which will suit you best according to your use and your objectives.

3) The design and the color of your stainless steel water bottle

This is a very important point and the most complicated given the many choices you have in France. At Healthy Lunch you will find many original stainless steel water bottles with different designs: pink flamingos, wood, solid colors (black, pink, blue, etc.), marble and many other choices.


Which size of stainless steel gourd to choose?

The size of your stainless steel water bottle will largely depend on the use you will make of it. As you can see, a sportsman will drink much more water during his sport session than a person who works in his office. You will therefore have to adapt the size of your stainless steel insulated bottle. Moreover, if you choose one of our insulated lunch bags, you will have to take into account its size so that your water bottle fits. Let's see the three sizes you can find on the market and in our Healthy Lunch store.

The small stainless steel bottles

The capacity of these small original water bottles often varies between 200ml and 350ml. This type of small stainless steel water bottle is used in particular by three categories of people:

  •     A water bottle for runners

These small bottles can be easily carried by all those who practice running. The isothermal material will keep the water cool to keep you hydrated. However, you will need to think of several accessories: a carabiner to hang the water bottle on your bag or outfit, and a cap that will allow you to drink easily. For runners, it's best to opt for a thin neck.

  •     A bottle for kids

These small isothermal bottles are also very well adapted for children. Indeed, children need less water for their body and this size will suit them perfectly. Moreover, a small 250ml or 350ml insulated bottle is lighter and can be carried easily. And, another thing to point out for the children's water bottle is the great diversity of design and colors that will please your girl or boy.

  •     A practical bottle for your life

The last great use of these small stainless steel water bottles is the practical side of everyday life: home, travel, work and short hikes for example. Indeed, a small size will allow for great portability and can be used in your everyday life without having to wonder if it will fit in your purse or backpack.

Medium size stainless steel bottles

The average and most common size of stainless steel water bottles is 500ml. Indeed, a 500ml stainless steel bottle has several great advantages: easy to clean, light and a large enough capacity not to fill it every five minutes. We can call this type of bottle, a large all purpose size. You will be able to carry your drinks easily in this eco-friendly stainless steel bottle. Also, many accessories and parts fit this size: detachable neck, drinking straw, color and customizable design.

Tip: By choosing this size, you can easily fit it in your lunch bag. This way, you will be able to carry your lunch box and your water bottle very easily in your lunch cooler.

Large stainless steel bottles

Among the largest insulated water bottles, you will find 750ml, 1 liter and 1.5 liter capacities. These large stainless steel bottles are used for physical training and sports as well as for long hikes or picnics. The convenience of this large capacity is that you only have to fill it once during your day. However, it will be heavier to carry.


How to clean your stainless steel insulated water bottle?

A big question that comes up often in relation to cleaning your water bottle is this: How often should you clean your stainless steel water bottle?

In an ideal world, you would clean your stainless steel water bottle after every use. If you use your thermos every day, you should wash it every day. This is because bacteria love moist environments, and single and double-walled water bottles offer plenty of it. Although stainless steel is a material that bacteria have a hard time clinging to, certain parts of the bottle, such as the edges, threads, and underside of the cap or neck, can present an opportunity.

Cleaning your water bottle after each use will keep it super clean and sterile. Especially if you use your insulated bottle for coffee, a daily smoothie or juice, you should definitely clean it after each use. Plus, cleaning it very regularly will increase its durability.

The best way to clean your stainless steel water bottle is to rinse it with hot soapy water. This is the everyday method.

For daily cleaning, empty the bottle and wash all parts with hot soapy water. Make sure that the neck, the stopper and the threads where the stopper screws on are all cleaned. These are the parts that are most likely to get dirty.

You will also need to clean the inside of the stainless steel bottle. It can be difficult to reach the bottom of the container, especially if you don't have a cleaning brush.

Here's what Healthy Lunch suggests to clean your water bottle: fill it halfway with warm soapy water, put the cap on and shake it for 30-60 seconds. Once it's clean, let it air dry on a drying rack and it's ready to be used again.

If there is still an odor or stain, you can also clean it with bicarbonate or white vinegar.


Why choose a stainless steel water bottle ?

The stainless steel water bottle is more and more used because of its thermal performances as well as its unique design and its original colors. Here are 6 advantages of the stainless steel water bottle to convince you to choose one for yourself.

The advantages of the stainless steel water bottle

Want to ditch the single-use plastic and get a reusable stainless steel bottle? First of all, congratulations for your contribution to saving the planet! And second, you have plenty of designs and colors to choose from. There are many types of containers, but stainless steel models are the best choice. Stainless steel water bottles are proven to outperform all other containers for many reasons.

1) Better insulation

Nobody likes a lukewarm drink. Unlike plastic or glass, stainless steel holds the temperature of your drink for long periods of time. This means that it is the best insulation for keeping your drink cold or hot.

Premium insulated bottles, like all Healthy Lunch models, are double-walled and can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. They can also keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours.

2) Better durability

Have you ever dropped a plastic water bottle? Chances are it will crack or break completely. Plastic reusable containers are not even dishwasher safe!

On the contrary, stainless steel thermoses are resistant to almost anything. They are not damaged by exposure to the sun or by being dropped on the floor, making them a great investment for anyone who travels often. And the good news is that they are dishwasher safe!

3) BPA and chemical free

Even though BPA is banned in France, plastic water bottles have been shown to release some similar chemicals that are hazardous to your health.

Insulated bottles, on the other hand, are guaranteed to be free of BPA and other harmful chemicals that could end up in your water. So you are totally guaranteed to stay healthy by opting for a stainless steel water bottle.

4) Eliminate mold and bacteria

Everyone's worst nightmare is that there is bacteria present in your water bottle. By choosing a stainless steel water bottle, you can be sure that this will not happen. Indeed, stainless steel is a non-porous material, which means that no bacteria can cling to its walls. You can therefore be reassured for your health.

5) Better for the environment

According to many sources, over 100 billion plastic water bottles were sold in Europe in 2019. And the majority of these bottles are not properly recycled and end up in our oceans or landfills.

A reusable water bottle is the best solution to fight this global problem. Stainless steel is made of natural elements that do not leach harmful chemicals. It can also be recycled into new products, making it a reusable container for many years.

6) A profitable investment

And, the best of all the benefits of stainless steel water bottles is the fact that they save you money!

According to a scientific study, the French spend more than 100 euros per year on bottled water. Larger families can spend up to several hundred euros each year. That's a lot of money to spend on something that is not necessarily necessary.

If you buy a reusable stainless steel water bottle and use tap water, you could save hundreds of dollars over several years. And, if you don't like the idea of drinking tap water, there are caps with filters that can be added to the neck of the bottle. Whether it's for your daily life, for sports or for your child, it will be a very good investment.

Other benefits

Insulated water bottles are a fantastic option for your daily water bottle. Sturdy, reusable, good quality and free of toxins that can escape, a stainless steel water bottle can last a very long time.

In addition to the 6 benefits seen above, stainless steel water bottles have two other major advantages that increase its durability and longevity: stainless steel is a non-reactive material and it is very easy to clean. Along with glass, the stainless steel bottle is arguably the best and most durable material for a water bottle. These advantages also make stainless steel a much better alternative to plastic water bottles.

Still not convinced and wondering why you should choose an insulated water bottle? This type of water bottle is particularly favored for its food quality and for keeping the temperature of drinks for a very long time.

To be sure that your bottle is insulated, you need to look for the 304 mark on a stainless steel water bottle. This means that the water bottle is made of food grade stainless steel, which is one of the best qualities on the market. In addition, this material is environmentally friendly and highly recyclable.

Also, another reason to choose an insulated water bottle is that stainless steel can be cleaned and sterilized very easily. This is largely due to the chromium layer on the surface of the stainless steel, which serves two purposes: First, this wall prevents the material from rusting. Second, it gives the material a natural antimicrobial resistance. This double wall creates an extremely smooth surface, with no micro-pores that prevent bacteria and mold from penetrating.

So whether it's an insulated water bottle for sports or for work, this type of beverage container is a safe and widely used value.


Which water bottle to replace a plastic bottle?

If you've ever browsed the aisles of any store, you've probably come across the wide range of water bottles and water bottles. All shapes, sizes and materials are lined up in the aisles to keep you hydrated during a workout or in your daily life. Whether you're looking for a stainless steel water bottle with a removable cap, a spout, or even a handle, you'll find it all with ease. With so many options, what is the best water bottle to choose? Do the Earth a favor, instead of adding to the 40 billion non-reusable plastic water bottles that pile up in landfills every year, start carrying one of these reusable insulated water bottles.

Plastic water bottles and stainless steel bottles

Plastic water bottles have gotten bad press in the past for containing bisphenol A, aka BPA, a chemical linked to cancer. Fortunately, companies have responded and most water bottles sold after 2010 are now BPA-free.

If you're still concerned about BPA and the chemicals that can leak from a plastic bottle, opt for stainless steel. These types of insulated bottles are made of food grade stainless steel and are non-reactive. This means that they do not release harmful toxins when filled with water. However, be careful not to confuse these stainless steel containers with their aluminum cousins. Aluminum is reactive to acidic liquids, so these products are coated with an enamel or epoxy layer, which some scientists have linked to BPA. Yes, these bottles are lightweight and have design-oriented styles, but it's safer to stay away from them. Stainless steel offers the same attractive features without the worry of harmful chemicals.

While many traditional stainless steel insulated bottles only offer a screw-on cap, at Healthy Lunch we offer several options.

What type of gourd to choose? Which bottle material to choose?

There are many different types of bottles made from different materials. Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of eco-friendly containers, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
The stainless steel water bottle

Also known as a stainless steel water bottle, this type of stainless steel bottle is probably the best choice for a water bottle. Indeed, this reusable and stylish container is the perfect everyday companion.

The advantages of the stainless steel bottle

  •     Keeps drinks cold and hot: The stainless steel water bottle has an excellent thermal insulation to keep the temperature of your drink for many hours. Thus, in this insulated bottle you can keep your drink cold for 24 hours and your drink hot for 12 hours. This type of insulated bottle has the same type of technology as the double-walled Thermos bottle.
  •     A durable bottle: The double-walled stainless steel bottle has a double-layer protection to fight against dents and deformations. Plus, made of stainless steel, this durable insulated water bottle will have very little chance of breaking.
  •     Healthy BPA Free: All Healthy Lunch stainless steel water bottles are made with healthy stainless steel and are BPA free. The material used is 18/8 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel. 18/8 stainless steel means that there is 18% chrome and 8% nickel. This allows the bottle to be anti-rust, anti-corrosion and to have a water bottle without a metal aftertaste. Indeed, this material does not allow the bottle to have stains, odors or unwanted tastes.

The disadvantages of the stainless steel water bottle

  •     A heavier container than plastic: Stainless steel is heavier than plastic and this is the number one drawback of this type of thermos.
  •     Hand washing: In order to maintain the full efficiency of the thermal insulation of this type of stainless steel bottle, it is recommended to always hand wash the bottle and let it air dry with the cap removed.

The aluminum water bottle

The aluminum water bottle is also a type of container widely used in France. Light and affordable, it is important to consider the healthy aspect of this type of water bottle.

The advantages of the aluminum water bottle

  •     A light container: Like the plastic bottle, the aluminum water bottle is very light because of its manufacturing material. If every gram is important to you, this is surely the type of bottle you need.
  •     Cheap price: Aluminum is a cheap material to produce, which makes it a low-cost water bottle.

The disadvantages of the aluminum bottle

  •     Not an environmentally friendly container that may contain BPA: Aluminum can let chemicals escape, which does not make this type of container healthy for your drinks and food. So be careful with BPA.
  •     Loss of taste: Flavors can cling to the aluminum wall, resulting in a loss of taste and smell.

The plastic water bottle

Plastic water bottles are very popular, especially in the field of sports. Indeed, this type of plastic sports bottle is portable, light and resistant. However, plastic water bottles have several disadvantages related to health.

Advantages of the plastic bottle

  •     A versatile container: Plastic is well known for its wide range of possibilities, which is why we can find plastic water bottles of all shapes and colors. There are many different types of plastic bottles to meet your exact needs.
  •     A light container: The great advantage of this type of bottle is obviously its weight. Indeed, a plastic bottle will be much lighter and easier to carry than any other bottle.
  •     Affordable price: Another advantage of the plastic bottle is also its very affordable price. If you are looking for a cheap water bottle, this type of material is a good choice because of the cheap manufacturing costs.

Disadvantages of the plastic bottle

  •     A bottle that is not eco-friendly: If you are looking for a reusable bottle that is good for the environment, the plastic sports bottle is not the best solution. Indeed, this type of reusable plastic water bottle is more efficient than the single-use one, but it will not be enough to prevent it from ending up in landfills at the end of its use.
  •     A container with a disturbing smell: Unlike stainless steel water bottles, plastic bottles can acquire a strange odor and thus not be comfortable to use.
  •     Not dishwasher safe: Plastic reusable bottles are not dishwasher safe. This will not make it easy to wash your reusable container.

The glass gourd

Very popular and widely used in the world, the glass bottle is becoming increasingly popular. With its refined design, this type of glass water bottle appeals to a wide audience.

Advantages of the glass water bottle

  •     Allows you to see the quantity of water: Glass is a transparent material that allows you to see the quantity of water remaining in the bottle. This way you will never run out of water in your bottle because you know exactly how much you have left.
  •     Dishwasher safe: Glass is a dishwasher safe material. So you can easily wash this reusable bottle.
  •     A preserved taste and an ecological container: Glass will keep the taste of your drink intact, and you will not have any bad smell. Also, this container which recycles very well allows to have an ecological reusable bottle.

The disadvantages of the glass bottle

  •     No thermal insulation: Unlike the stainless steel insulated gourd, glass containers will not keep your drink cool and warm.
  •     Can break: Glass is a fragile material and you will have to be careful with your glass water bottle not to break it.
  •     Heavy: Its weight is heavier than plastic and aluminum. You will have to take this into consideration.

The metal bottle

The metal bottle is a very good choice of insulated water bottle because it will keep your drink very well cool. However, the price is higher than the other models. If you are looking for a cheap insulated water bottle, stainless steel models are the best choice.

Advantages of the metal water bottle

  •     Keeps cool: This type of metal water bottle keeps the temperature of drinks very well, which makes it a very effective insulated water bottle.
  •     An efficient stopper: Metal stoppers unlike plastic ones are more efficient and provide good thermal insulation.

The disadvantages of the metal bottle

  •     Price: This type of reusable container is much less affordable than other types.
  •     Weight: Metal is a heavy material, which makes this type of bottle a disadvantage to consider.

The collapsible bottle

This type of bottle has an original design and can be transported very easily. However, before buying this type of model, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the container is very often large, because it must be folded. In addition, the necks and caps may leak after a while due to the folding effect of this bottle. But, one advantage is that this type of container is available in various colors and designs.

The customizable bottle

Customizable bottles allow you to have a unique design while choosing the color of this bottle. You will be able to personalize the logo, the color and the shape of your bottle. By opting for a customizable insulated bottle, you are sure to find it nowhere else.


What is the best brand of insulated water bottle?

There are many brands on the market of the ecological stainless steel water bottle. Of course we recommend Healthy Lunch stainless steel bottles, but we will give you some other ideas of what is available in the world and in France.

Healthy Lunch stainless steel water bottles

At Healthy Lunch, you will find the widest variety of designs and colors that you can find in France. All of our eco-friendly bottles are BPA free and healthy for you. Made of stainless steel with double walls, these reusable containers will keep your beverages at the right temperature. Moreover, the delivery is free in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Amazon products

On Amazon, you will also find a wide variety of products and accessories. The advantage of Amazon is to have a lot of choice in terms of colors and design. Moreover, the delivery is often fast. You can also find different accessories for your container: carabiners, caps and necks, straw, etc. However, you will have to be careful with the sale of these products which are not always of good quality.

Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles

Klean Kanteen is one of the great brands that you can find in North America. All thermoses are vacuum insulated with Climate Lock. On the Klean Kanteen website, you can find many designs and sizes of Klean Kanteen thermos. However, delivery in France remains complicated. You will find quite competitive prices for men, women and children.

Gaspajoe stainless steel water bottles

Gaspajoe is also a great brand of thermos in France and internationally. The great advantage of Gaspajoe is that this store offers a large choice of customizable bottles. Whether you want to personalize your water bottle with a logo, a first name or an image, Gaspajoe will allow you to do it easily. Whether it is for adults or for children, you will have different prices.

Qwetch stainless steel water bottles

Qwetch is a great French brand that offers various choices of products and accessories. Qwetch customizes its bottles with its logo and also by making partnerships and collaborations with artists in France. Prices and delivery remain superior to Healthy Lunch.

Liewood stainless steel bottles

Liewood also has several choices of thermos, especially for children. Liewood is an American brand of very good quality. You will find a wide range of prices for kids.


One last practical tip... Don't put a hot drink in the stainless steel bottle, or you'll burn your tongue all day!

What if your favorite is not yet on Healthy Lunch? Every week, our collection of stainless steel water bottles grows with new arrivals!