• Take soups, stews, and porridges on the go with our soup boxes. Microwave-safe or insulated to retain warmth. Healthy Lunch, delicious meals always at your fingertips.

  • Take your favorite soups, stews, and porridges everywhere with our soup boxes. Choose the microwaveable option for an instant warm meal, or opt for our insulated boxes to keep the warmth until lunchtime. With Healthy Lunch, every lunch break becomes a delightful moment.

Convenient soup boxes for a warm meal, no matter where you are

Our original and light soup boxes will become a must-have for your meals. You will be able to take it with you every day to savor your broths. At work, at the university or even in the car, your broth will accompany you every day to bring all the necessary energy to your body. Choosing this new lifestyle means committing to the environment, eating healthy and saving money.

How to transport your soup?

You like soup and you wonder in which hermetic box you can carry it? Whether it's just to warm you up in the winter or for the whole year, soups have many virtues, both for the body by eating healthy, and for the mind thanks to its comforting aspect, reminding memories of childhood.

In order to properly carry your soup to work, school or any of your outings, there are several aspects and criteria to consider. The first thing to know is: do you have a microwave oven where you can have lunch? Or do you need an insulated soup lunch box to store your meal for several hours?

If you have a microwave at work or college for your lunch break, and you are looking for a cheap soup can, we recommend our plastic models. All Healthy Lunch plastic soup boxes are guaranteed to be food grade plastic and of course BPA (Bisphenol A) free. BPA free plastic boxes have the advantage of being microwave safe without spilling chemicals into your soup. Before buying any lunch box, check that it is BPA free!

However, if you prefer to reheat your soup in your kitchen before transporting it, it is quite possible. This is a healthy way to heat up your soup. To keep the soup warm during transportation, you will necessarily need a stainless steel soup box, also called a stainless steel box. This type of lunch box has the advantage of having thermal insulation properties to keep your soup warm. Depending on the model and the quality of the food can, you will be able to keep your soup hot between 4h and 24h. The differences in performance are in the thermal insulation layers. Indeed, an insulated soup box with 3 layers of insulation will be less efficient than a soup lunch box with 6 layers of insulation. It will depend on your needs and your objectives to keep your soup hot. The price will also vary according to the quality. Note that to easily transport your soup and keep it warm longer, we recommend an insulated lunch bag that will also have thermal properties. Moreover, our isothermal bags have an original design to be carried anywhere.

How to choose a lunch box for soup ?

Choosing the right soup maker for your needs is essential to be satisfied with your purchase. At Healthy Lunch, we try to offer you the best quality/price ratio in order to satisfy you. Please take into account the different advices we are going to propose you to choose your soup thermos:

The size

There are many sizes for carrying your healthy soup. You will need to identify where and under what circumstances you will most often need to transport your soup. Do you need to transport the soup for several people? In this case, you will need to choose a large airtight soup can with a capacity of at least 1 or 2 liters, depending on the number of people at the meal. You will need to consider the weight and size of your soup thermos to transport it.

On the contrary, if you are looking to put your soup in a box only for the first course of your lunch or for an individual meal, you can opt for a small soup lunch box. Indeed, a 350ml or 500ml lunch box should be enough to carry your meal. This will have the advantage of being light and having small dimensions to fit anywhere whether it is in your tote bag, your cooler bag or your soft cooler.

Isothermal lunch box for soup

The thermal properties of your soup thermos are essential if you need to keep your meal warm. Indeed, if you work outside on a construction site or on the road, in your truck or car, it may be essential to be able to keep the heat of your soup. Using a stainless steel soup can is therefore a very important criterion if you can't heat it up in the microwave.

Also note that for long hikes or day trips, we have a range of high performance insulated soup cans that can keep you warm for 24 hours! In addition, they are perfectly sealed and waterproof to ensure that you don't spill any liquid in your backpack. Moreover, if you often go hiking and want to carry your meals and drinks on your back, we advise you to opt for an insulated backpack. This type of bag is perfectly suited for picnics and outdoor activities.

So pay special attention to the design materials of your liquid box, as well as the different layers of thermal insulation.

How to reheat your soup and keep it hot?

Everyone loves to eat hot soup, but the problem is how to heat and keep your soup hot. As we discussed earlier, this will vary depending on whether or not you have access to a microwave. If you have a stainless steel soup lunch box, here are our recommendations for reheating your soup:

  • Start by heating the soup. You can put it in the microwave, but we find that a saucepan is perfect for this. Heat over medium heat until the soup is bubbling. Be careful not to burn yourself, however the temperature will be perfect by lunchtime.
  • Next, heat the meal thermos. Opt for a metal (stainless steel) tupperware for this, as they retain the heat better. You will need to fill the thermos with hot water. It might be boiling, but very hot water is really all you need. Close the container and let it sit while you finish heating the soup.
  • Fill the food container. Once the soup is ready, drain the water from the thermos (and dry it if you wish) and then fill it with the bubbling hot soup. Seal the container immediately and everything will be fine until your lunch.

Pack the lunch box in a bag. And don't forget a spoon!

The different types of soup lunch boxes

It couldn't be easier to use this type of soup box. Just put your soup in your lunch box, close it and you're done. However, depending on your needs, you will have to choose between two types of soup boxes. Let's take a look at these two types of containers.

The stainless steel soup lunch box

This type of soup lunch box is ideal to keep your soup hot for many hours. Indeed, this type of box is made of stainless steel which guarantees an optimal thermal insulation. If you have no way to heat your soup at work or during your outings, the best way to keep your soup hot is to opt for a stainless steel soup lunch box. Perfectly sealed, the heat will stay in your can for 6 hours to 12 hours, depending on its exposure to the cold. Moreover, there will be no more risk of finding your soup spilled in your bag. No more worries!

The plastic soup lunch box

In our collection of Healthy Lunch Soup Boxes, we offer environmentally friendly plastic containers. This type of container is less expensive than stainless steel ones. However, it will not keep your soup warm. The plastic soup can is best used if you have a microwave available to heat it up.

BPA free soup cans

All our soup cans are BPA free to guarantee no health risk. Don't hesitate and discover our collection!

Soup recipes to go

We are now going to see some tasty soup recipes that you can take in your thermo. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or you like meat soups, we will give you some inspiration for preparing your soups, it will be a change from the classic sandwiches. Just Google the name of the soup and you'll find great recipes to make and re-make.

  • Pasta Soup with Fagioli: With fresh spinach, pasta and seasoned sausage, this quick soup is a meal in itself.
  • Broccoli and Cheese Soup: A blend of vegetables and cheese for an exquisite soup.
  • Chicken and Dill Soup: A light and healthy soup with dill, spinach and onions. This soup can be eaten at lunch or dinner, and all year round.
  • Mexican Chicken and Corn Chowder: Its tangy flavor is full of Southwestern flair. For foodies, you can also dip slices of bread for a treat.
  • Grandma's Tomato Soup: A garden tomato soup that brings back fond memories of childhood.
  • Tuscan Cauliflower Soup: This pasta and cauliflower soup is simply a great everyday choice.