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  • Maintain your drink's temperature with elegance using our insulated bags.

  • Add a touch of style to your daily routine while preserving your drink's temperature with our insulated bags for bottles. These bags blend functionality and aesthetics, making transportation a breeze.

Bottle Insulated Bag – Style and Freshness in Hand.

You want to keep your bottles warm or cool? Opt for one of our Isothermal Bottle Bag. Original and efficient, our bags will seduce you. You will find everything you need in this collection!

Reusable water bottles are an essential accessory for everyday life. Whether it's for a picnic, a hike, or work, you probably already use a reusable water bottle (stainless steel, plastic, or glass). Not only is their use beneficial to the environment (there's no excuse to be seen with a disposable plastic bottle), but having water constantly on hand will remind you to stay hydrated, which is essential for just about everything, but especially if you want to keep your skin beautiful. The major advantage of choosing a bottle cover is that you can carry your water bottle anywhere easily (thanks to its easy attachment!).

However, we have to admit that constantly carrying a water bottle can get tedious. That's where the water bottle holder comes in. Similar to a tote bag, the bottle cooler bag is designed to be worn on an accessory or directly on you so you can keep your hands free.

At Healthy Lunch, we offer a wide collection of insulated bottle bags for all your outings. Whether you're going to work or on a family picnic, you'll find the bag that's right for you. Our team of passionate experts has specially designed these original bags for Healthy Lunch. Whether you call it a cooler bag, a bottle cooler bag, a bottle cooler bag or a bottle cooler pouch, you'll find what you need here. More than a simple bag, by choosing one of our original insulated bags for your thermos, you will cultivate your difference with a unique everyday object. Dare to stand out by showing your difference!

And, in addition to having an original bottle bag, you are doing something for our beautiful blue planet. No more disposable plastic bags! Go towards a zero waste style by using a reusable stainless steel water bottle with its great isothermal bag. To have a very large choice of insulated bags, discover our large collection of insulated bags (like a refrigerator, keep your meals fresh). All our insulated bags are made with high quality materials to guarantee you a quality thermal insulation.

How to choose your bottle cooler bag?

Given the large number of options available in France (many models at all prices), you need to think carefully about which bottle cooler is best for you. This means that you need to think about the following criteria:

The size of the bottle cooler bag

If you need your bottle cooler bag to fit in a specific space for travel or storage, you'll need to consider this. You also need a bottle cooler that is large enough to carry the amount of your beverage that you plan to carry. Are you going on long trips or do you just need to carry one bottle? How much capacity do you need? Do you want a collapsible bag to take up less space? Do you need a large capacity bag?

At Healthy Lunch, we offer insulated bottle bags in different sizes:

  • 25cl
  • 50cl
  • 75cl
  • 1 liter
  • 2 liters
  • Several bottles or thermos

The size will depend on the use you intend to make of it. However, note that our cooler bag models are waterproof, with a lining and that the right temperature can be maintained. Whether you want to carry cans, fresh produce, food and beverages or other goods, these coolers are an effective and relevant choice.

Thermal insulation of your bottle cooler bag

You'll want a well-insulated bottle cooler bag that will stay cold for long periods of time. Ask about the materials of the insulated bottle bag: is it made of neoprene? With thermal foam? Or just plastic?

An insulated material is a container that is capable of keeping its contents cool and warm at the same time. Don't be fooled by an insulated bottle bag made of plastic because it won't keep the temperature of your drink. For those plastic bags, an ice pack will be essential to keep your outdoor meals cool! Also, pay attention to the zipper: is the main compartment airtight? Is the closure adjustable or is it just a zippered pocket?

Cleaning your bottle cooler

It is not uncommon for liquid to be spilled in a bottle cooler. So you need to ask yourself if it will be easy for you to clean it: does your bottle cooler bag fit in the washing machine? Also, some materials are more likely to be stained. If you plan to carry cherry juice, for example, choose a material that won't stain and will be easy to clean. Your waterproof cold pack will thank you!

The portability of your bottle cooler bag

One of the main reasons to use a bottle cooler bag is to carry water bottles or bottles, so you'll want a bag that's easy to carry. Does the bag have a carrying handle, a shoulder strap or both? Can it fit on a stroller? Can a hook be attached to a cooler backpack?

All of these features are important to consider because it will determine how easy it is to carry your thermo on a daily basis.

The compartment of your insulated bottle bag

While not the most essential feature, it can be helpful if the bottle cooler offers extra storage space for your keys, wallet or other personal items. The fewer bags and individual items you have to carry, the easier it will be to keep everything without losing anything.

Also, a compartmentalized bottle cooler bag can be great if you have several things to carry, such as bottles and water bottles. Also, if you are going to have a meal with friends and want to carry several bottles of wine or champagne, a wine bottle cooler bag with several compartments will allow you to carry several bottles.

The style and originality of your insulated bottle bag

It's not a necessity, but for some people, it's what sets one bag apart from another. At Healthy Lunch, we strive to bring you bottle cooler bag designs that are each more unique than the last. In fact, you can find all kinds of colors (pink, black, blue, green, orange, red and others). Moreover, we also offer you bags with original and unique designs. You can find our Van Gogh or Bambi bottle cooler bag.

The style is not mandatory, but it is advantageous to be able to choose a bottle cooler bag that suits you and your style!

What are the benefits of using an insulated bottle bag?

You are not yet convinced to choose an insulated bag or cover to carry your bottle? The transport and temperature maintenance of your stainless steel bottle, or any other kind of reusable bottles will be preserved. Let's see together some advantages of buying an insulated bottle cover.

Insulated bag to keep the temperature of your bottle

Need to keep your drink cool or warm for a long time? One of the best options is to buy a stainless steel water bottle to keep your drink hot for 12 hours and your drink cool for 24 hours. However, the disadvantage of this type of bottle or mug is the weight. Indeed, a stainless steel water bottle is much heavier than a plastic one. So you may want to keep the temperature of your drink otherwise, and the solution is the bottle cover. Depending on the thickness and insulation layer of the bottle bag, the coolness and warmth will be kept longer. In addition, the type of model will vary the length of time the temperature of your drink is kept. Indeed, if you choose an insulated bottle bag that closes completely, this model will be more effective than a bag that is closed on the top. So evaluate your needs and goals, so you can make the best choice possible!

Another solution would be to opt for a cooler. But why bother with a hard cooler or a soft cooler if it's only to carry your water bottle? Simplify your life and choose the right cooler cover for you. However, if you plan on having frequent outdoor picnics, a cooler is a good choice.

Its isothermal bottle to easily carry your water bottle

Often, you say to yourself that you would like to drink more during your days but you don't know how to easily carry your water bottle. The simplest solution can be the backpack if you use one daily. However, this is not the case for everyone! If you don't know how to carry your water bottle and you don't want to bother with a backpack, the best choice is a bottle cooler bag. Indeed, this isothermal bag allows you to easily carry your water bottle anywhere. And, you can choose the mode of transport which is convenient for you by opting for the adequate model of isothermal bottle bag.

For example, there is an insulated bottle bag with a shoulder strap. This type of model is ideal for people who need to carry their bottle for a long time. It is also very practical for hikes and picnics!

You can also find a bottle cooler bag with a hook. This type of bottle cooler bag is ideal for hanging on the straps of a backpack, handbag, coat or schoolbag!

Cooler bag to take your bottle anywhere

As we said before, it can be worthwhile to use a bottle cooler bag if you don't know how to carry your drink but want to be able to drink your drink all day. The fact that they can be easily attached to many outlets makes bottle coolers very easy to use. Also, models with special options, such as a shoulder strap, are great for anyone who frequently carries their drinks.

Another advantage is that you can easily transport your alcohol with a wine cooler bag. This type of model is perfectly adapted in terms of size and thermal insulation to easily transport these 75cl glass containers. Moreover, for frozen bottles, having an insulated lunch bag is essential to keep the cold chain.


How is my bottle cooler bag made?

All our bottle coolers are made of high quality materials! The majority of our bottle coolers are made of neoprene.

What is neoprene? Neoprene is the material used for wetsuits! Made of polypropylene, this material is flexible and stretchable. Moreover, its excellent quality makes its life expectancy superior to other materials. All our insulated bottle bags are made of food grade and BPA free.

Also, all the seams of these isothermal mug bags are very durable so that they will last you well over time. Also note that some bags, such as lunch bag models, can be made with Polyester.


How do I maintain my insulated bottle bag?

Although the quality of our insulated bottle bags has been proven, we have some advice to give you in order to improve the efficiency and the life span of your insulated bottle bag. First of all, we advise you to wash your bottle bag before your first use, it avoids that residues can dirty your water bottle. To do this, wash with clear water and soap, then rinse your insulated bottle cover thoroughly. Then, don't forget to dry your cover well before storing it. This will prevent unwanted bacteria from getting into your wet bag!

Then, we recommend washing your bag like this after each use.