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Picnic Basket – Comfort and Elegance Outdoors

Discover our picnic baskets that will allow you to easily transport your food and drinks for your outdoor outings. The picnic basket has always been a timeless accessory for all outings with family and friends. It allows you to carry your picnic easily and elegantly. Popular with all generations, the picnic basket keeps your food and drinks safe during transport.

How to choose the best picnic basket?

When it comes to choosing the best picnic basket, there are a number of parameters and criteria to consider. You certainly don't want to just grab the first product that pops up at you! Take a closer look before you buy, considering things like price, structure, material, size and portability. We'll detail these criteria in this collection description.

Picnic basket price

It can be said that price is always important, but the price range of the best picnic baskets can be a little surprising at first. The cost of a good picnic basket can range from an economical option starting at £20, to the ultimate luxury of a picnic, which can reach over £100. The value of a picnic basket depends on five factors: structure, material, size, accessories and portability.

The cost of picnic baskets can generally range from affordable to expensive. We put this consideration last because you should select all the features on your wish list and then look for the basket that fits your budget. Just be aware that the cheaper baskets will have fewer features and a more basic design, while the more expensive ones will be more luxurious and packed with accessories: a bottle rack, deli storage, a bottle holder, included cutlery and reusable glasses, a picnic blanket or mat and an insulated interior, for example.

Structure and compartments

While many of us think of a picnic basket as a pretty, country-style wicker lunch basket with handles and a red-checkered fabric inside, there are now many different styles of picnic baskets: from the simple to the more sophisticated. Today, in France, picnic baskets for camping or day trips come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Structurally, you can find collapsible aluminum frames with soft sides, eco-friendly wood chip baskets, hard-shell collapsible picnic baskets and insulated tote bags. There are also backpack picnic baskets and even wheeled options. Each offers different benefits or conveniences and are truly different from a cooler bag. And, inevitably, their durability is directly influenced by the material they are made of. We'll come back to the choice of material a little later.

On the compartment side, some baskets now have separate sections to organize everything from utensils and corkscrews to picnic blankets and wine bottles, but most traditional picnic baskets still have a large compartment for food and accessories. It's a matter of preference. If you like to have a place to store and organize everything, the more compartments the better. However, you may lose the flexibility of being able to store as many things as possible in favor of separate sections.

Picnic Basket Material

As mentioned above, the function and durability of picnic baskets has a lot to do with the construction and material. Aluminum and soft-sided options are ideal when you want a picnic basket that is lightweight and easy to carry. If you plan on walking or boating to your picnic location, it's important to know if the material is waterproof, leakproof, airtight and abrasion resistant. You can also choose a picnic basket that has a cooler function, with an insulated interior, to keep your food and drinks safe from moisture. If you're just going to the park, a classic wicker picnic basket or a lunch basket with wheels will surely be a little more functional.

Also, for the more traditional side, you can still find the classic, yet iconic wicker basket as well as eco-friendly options made from sustainable wood chips. There are also picnic baskets made from BPA-free plastic (polypropylene). Soft-sided baskets often have a durable polyester fabric. Insulated options usually include a cotton and foil liner, while some picnic baskets have special fabrics to make them waterproof. Other materials you might find on your picnic basket include zippers, leather buckles, leather straps and even fleece or waterproof liners.

For baskets made from wood, here are the main types of baskets:

  • Wicker picnic basket

One of the most iconic materials for picnic baskets, willow, wicker basket is chosen for its flexibility, which means it is less likely to split when woven. Wicker can also be bent at the corners, making it a fantastic material for picnic baskets.

  • Rattan Picnic Basket

This material comes from a tropical palm tree and is known to be one of the strongest woods available. Rattan is often used to make durable wicker furniture and baskets. You will usually find it on the handle of a picnic basket because of its strength.

  • Bamboo Picnic Basket

Another material used in basketry is bamboo, which is rarely used alone, but is sometimes combined with willow to add other components.

Picnic Basket Size

The size of picnic basket you need depends on many factors, including the number of people you want to serve. Is a backpack picnic basket for two a good option, or do you need something for the whole family? You'll need to determine if your goal is a romantic picnic or a family basket for 4 or 6 people. Also, what do you think you can fit in your ideal picnic basket? Some people want room for a cutting board and wine glasses. Others are content with a few plates and a set of reusable cutlery, or a few sandwiches, cheeses and fresh fruit.

Also, how far you plan to carry it is an important factor. If it's just a few steps from the trunk of the car to the picnic table, a heavy basket with a large, bulky capacity will be acceptable. However, if the picnic basket is to be carried up a mountain or across a remote lake, the choice will be totally different.

Here are some sizes that you can find in product descriptions:

  • Picnic baskets for two
  • Four Person Picnic Baskets
  • Picnic baskets for six people

If you're a social butterfly who likes to go on couples' outings, a four-person basket is a no-brainer. However, if you're the romantic type and only picnic with your loved one, opt for a smaller two-person basket. Larger families will want a six-person basket or even a large family cooler.

Picnic Basket Portability

You may be surprised to learn that not all picnic baskets are the same and that different styles directly influence their portability. For example, a classic woven basket or tote may be suitable for the park or lake. But if you're going on a bigger adventure, the modern picnic basket is designed like a backpack and includes cooler-inspired insulation. If you're a traditional traveler, you may need a folding or collapsible picnic basket. If you're more of a city dweller, you might opt for a picnic basket on wheels, like a nice suitcase. So determine your intentions when choosing the best picnic basket.

If you're the adventurous type and like to picnic on top of a mountain, a basket with only one handle won't do the trick. That's why how you carry the basket is important. Here are the four most common carrying options you'll encounter for easy transport:

  • Handle: Most traditional picnic baskets have only a built-in handle. It's great for traveling short distances because, although it doesn't add much weight, it's not the easiest way to hold a basket for long periods of time.
  • Shoulder Strap: This is what you will see on lunch baskets. It slips over your shoulder like a purse. Shoulder straps are great for slightly longer distances and can be more stylish.
  • Shoulder Strap: The shoulder strap is designed to be worn across the chest. It's a comfortable way to carry an insulated picnic basket.
  • Picnic backpack straps and shoulder straps: Finally, there are the straps found on a picnic backpack. While a backpack is not a true picnic basket, it is perfect for long trips because of the way it distributes weight.

Picnic Basket Accessories

Let's move on to the accessories. For some, the most important aspect of a good picnic basket is what's inside. These are the accessories, ranging from reusable cutlery to placemats, wine glasses or cups, bread knives and cutting boards, bottle openers and more. Some picnic baskets come with some or all of these accessories. But the quality can vary widely, from lightweight plastic materials to more durable or impact-resistant upgrades, including stainless steel (inox) flatware. Sometimes they even include napkins and a picnic blanket. On the other end of the spectrum, you can also find picnic baskets without any accessories.

The quality and quantity of accessories strongly influence the price and weight of the picnic basket. Some are intentionally lightweight for long trips and may include many plastic items, while others are designed as luxury picnic baskets and focus more on appearance and quality rather than portability. They typically feature durable plates, stainless steel cutlery and bamboo cutting boards. It's not uncommon for picnic baskets to be filled to the brim with accessories. Deluxe baskets usually have more items made from higher quality materials, while basic models have few or none.

Thermal insulation: insulated picnic basket

The fifth feature to consider is insulation. Most traditional wicker baskets do not have built-in insulation, which can be a drawback. If you are traveling for long periods of time, you will need insulation to prevent perishables from perishing. So there is the insulated picnic basket that will be able to keep your food cool and warm. This can come in handy for a cool bottle of water on a hot summer day. Fortunately, many modern insulated lunch baskets have built-in insulation, but even if you prefer to take a simple one with a classic look, you can buy a removable insulated cooler that fits into any basket.