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AtHealthy Lunch, you will find everything you need to design your on-the-go meal kit:cooler bag, lunch box and stainless steel water bottle. Do you want to eat better every day? By adopting this new way of life, you will favour home-made food and considerably limit food waste. Opt for ourreusable containersto transport yourhealthy mealswith simplicity.

Lunch Bag

Easily transport your favorite foods and drinks with our insulated lunch bags. These lunch bags will keep your meals cool and warm for many hours. Moreover, the size of our small insulated lunch bags is ideal to take your healthy meals anywhere. Whether it's for a child, a woman or a man, our lunch box cooler bags will perfectly suit your lifestyle. Adopt one of our original lunch bags for healthier meals every day.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The must-have for outdoor activities: the insulated water bottle. All our stainless steel water bottles are light, resistant and elegant. By choosing a reusable water bottle, your drinks will stay hot for 12 hours and fresh for 24 hours. You want to enjoy your hot coffee or iced tea all day long? Adopt one of our original isothermal bottles and offer yourself the pleasure of having your favorite drink at the ideal temperature. Certified BPA-free, our eco-friendly water bottles will keep you hydrated wherever you are.

Electric Lunch Box

At Healthy Lunch, we offer a range of high qualityheated bento lunch boxesto heat your healthy meals naturally and evenly. Enjoy a hot meal at any time with ourportable food warmer, all you need is access to a 110V outlet to plug in yourelectric lunch box.

Whether you are traveling by car, truck, or even on a construction site or at the office, enjoy a hot meal in minutes with our collection ofportable food warmer for car. This type of box is designed, for the majority of the models, instainless steelin order to heat up quickly your meal and to keep it warm.

Are you looking for a heated lunch box thatplugs into a cigarette lighter? We have a range of bento heaters suitable for use incars and trucks with a 12V-24V adapter. You will no longer need your car lunch box heater thanks to our range of electric lunch boxes.

All of our heated lunch boxes areBPA freeto ensure safe hot meals. In addition, all our electric lunch boxes have a detachable compartment that is dishwasher safe. Easy to clean, easy to transport, discover all our heated lunch boxes!

Discover Our heated lunch box
heated lunch box

Kids Water Bottle

Think of your child and choose one of our superb water bottles to take to school. Small in size and perfectly sealed, it will slip easily into the school bag. We have taken care to create original models to satisfy all tastes. You will certainly find the perfect bottle for your child. Our reusable bottles are made with an easy-to-open system and a spout to drink independently so that your child can hydrate easily.

cooler backpack

Cooler Backpack

What could be easier than carrying your meals and drinks in aninsulated backpack?
Healthy Lunch backpacksare equipped with acooler compartmentthat keeps both cool and warm!
Ideal for outings with family or friends, this type ofcooler backpackwill make your life easier. From now on, you can easily take your meal with you to enjoy your picnics.

Do you enjoy hiking in the great outdoors? Perfectly adapted to any type of activity, oursoft coolers backpackswill make your walks much more enjoyable.

In this collection, you will findcoolers bags for men and women. Available in different sizes and colors, you will find the one that perfectly fits your needs.

Discover our cooler backpack

Bento Box

An essential for your nomadic meals: the bento. Healthy Lunch offers you a complete range of original Japanese bento boxes. The bento boxes will allow you to easily transport your healthy meals in complete serenity. Perfectly adapted to lunches taken outside, our bento boxes allow you to save time and money by limiting food waste. Take a compartmentalized lunch box to enjoy a healthy and balanced meal at the office or while hiking.

Insulated Lunch Box

You want to enjoy a good hot meal every day? Our black isothermal lunch box is made for you! Designed with high quality thermal materials, you will keep both cool and warm for hours.

This insulated lunch box will become a must-have for your lunches. In addition to eating your meal at the right temperature, you will stop wasting food by taking your leftovers with you. Opt for a healthy, balanced and delicious homemade meal.

Our Insulated Lunch box
insulated lunch box

Soft Cooler Bag

Essential isothermal bag for transporting your meal: the soft cooler. Both easy to carry and efficient, the foldable isothermal soft cooler will keep you cool and warm. Whether it is for your lunches at work, for your picnics or for your hikes, this type of isothermal fabric cooler will simplify your life. Don't waste any more time and discover our collection of soft coolers!