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Healthy Lunch, the store dedicated to transporting your meals and drinks!

At Healthy Lunch, you'll find everything you need for on-the-go nomadic-style dining: insulated bags, lunch boxes, and water bottles. Want to eat better in your daily life? Adopting this new lifestyle will have you favoring homemade and simultaneously minimizing your food waste. Opt for our reusable containers to easily transport your healthy meals.

  • Who said you can't enjoy a hot meal at work?

  • Discover our heated lunch boxes and insulated lunch boxes: The ultimate fusion of homemade warmth and on-the-go convenience. Ensure your favorite dishes retain their perfect temperature, wherever your day takes you.

  • Insulated Lunchbox

    Insulated Lunch Box

    Enjoy a meal at the perfect temperature on-the-go with our Insulated Lunch Box collection. Perfect for maintaining both cold and hot dishes, they're your essential companion for mobile lunches.

    Our Insulated Lunch Box
  • Heated Lunch Box

    Transform your lunch breaks with our Electric Lunch Boxes. Ideal for a quick heat-up, bid farewell to microwaves and savor a hot meal anywhere.

    Our Heated Lunch Box
  • Take Your Meal to Work with Ease

  • Assemble your on-the-go meal set and savor your food and drink anywhere.

    Our concept:

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    Eat Well

    With our lunchboxes, you can savor a delightful meal anytime.

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    Stay Hydrated Better

    Staying hydrated is crucial. Always have your water bottle within reach.

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    Easy Transportation

    Carry your lunchbox and water bottle effortlessly with our range of insulated bags.

Insulated Meal Bag

Carry your lunch in style with our collection of insulated bags for meals, the essential accessory for hot or cold meals at work. Discover all our meal bags.

Insulated Bottles and Flasks

Our stainless steel insulated flasks reinvent the hydration experience on the move, keeping your favorite drink at the perfect temperature for hours! Keeps hot for 12h and cold for 24h.

Electric Coolers

Experience unparalleled convenience with our electric coolers collection, designed especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're embarking on cross-country road trips, weekend camping excursions, or picnics in the park, these coolers ensure your food and beverages maintain optimal freshness and temperature. Pairing state-of-the-art technology with sleek design, our electric coolers are a testament to innovation and functionality. Dive into a world where modern technology meets outdoor adventure, and elevate each journey with unparalleled freshness!

Our Electric Cooler

Cooler Backpack

Discover our collection of insulated backpacks, the ideal companion for your daily adventures. Combining functionality and aesthetics, these bags keep your meals and drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. Whether it's for hiking, picnicking, or just your commute to work, our cooler backpacks ensure lasting freshness and unparalleled style. Enjoy the ultimate experience of portability and comfort with our range of insulated backpacks!

  • bag healthy lunch

    Mike J.

    Great delivery right to my mailbox

  • bag customer review

    Emily U.

    Top quality!!

  • bottle customer review

    Lily F.

    Awesome! The flask keeps both heat and cold really well.

  • review insulated lunch box

    Mia J.

    A bit hesitant about the price, but ultimately very satisfied with the quality!!

  • Bento lunch box

    Nick A.

    I can carry my entire meal to work, very happy

  • review heated lunch box

    John K.

    I placed my order with an insulated bag. Everything was well received, I'm satisfied with my purchase.

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Soup Box

Soup Lunchbox

Discover our lunchbox collection specially designed for soups! Whether it's a hot broth in the winter or a cool gazpacho in the summer, our lunchbox ensures every soup remains just how you like it. The perfect blend of design and functionality to take your favorite soups on the go. Indulge in healthy and tasty enjoyment every day, no matter where you are. Explore and order now!

Our Soup Boxes
  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Choose Healthy Lunch and embrace a healthy lifestyle that values homemade goodness. Our products encourage a balanced diet while providing the flexibility to eat on-the-go.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Healthy Lunch signifies a guarantee of quality products, manufactured with respect for labor and environmental standards. As a French company, we strive to offer you the finest reusable containers.

  • Environmental Awareness

    Opt for Healthy Lunch, a brand dedicated to protecting our planet. Our reusable products assist you in reducing your carbon footprint, all while enjoying your meals wherever you go. Explore our diverse product range.