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  • Keep your food and beverages cool on your trips with our insulated backpacks.

  • Take your food with you and maintain its freshness during your outdoor activities with our insulated backpacks. Designed for hikes, picnics, and other outings, our models offer optimized storage space and adapt to all your adventures.

Cooling Backpack – Freshness and Comfort Outdoors

Need an insulated backpack or cooler backpack? We offer the best selection of thermal backpacks to carry your meals.

Thermal backpacks come in many types and have different benefits. Each person needs to find the right backpack for them. By reading the following, you will learn how to choose your insulated backpack according to your needs.

What is an insulated backpack?

An insulated backpack goes by many names: it is called a cooler backpack, a thermal or thermally insulated backpack, a backpack with an insulated part or a backpack with a cooler compartment, an insulated lunch backpack, etc. No matter what you call it, its main function is the same as a classic cooler bag. The purpose of an insulated backpack is to keep all your favorite food and drinks at the temperature of your choice. In the summer, your thermal backpack will keep your supplies cool and in the winter this insulated backpack will keep your meals and tea warm. This type of backpack is versatile so it is very important to get one. At Healthy Lunch in particular, you will find a range of cheap insulated backpacks so that you have access to the best possible products.

These types of backpacks have several advantages. Notably, they are convenient, easy to carry, and useful for almost any trip, outdoor activity, or long work day. It's a great way to ensure that whatever you're carrying stays as cool (or warm) as possible when you don't have access to a refrigerator, freezer or microwave, for example.

So let's take a look at how we can use such an insulated backpack.


How to use an insulated backpack?

The great advantage with insulated backpacks is their simplicity of use. In fact, most insulated backpacks are designed on the same model, which makes it very easy to use. In general, an insulated backpack with thermal insulation consists of a large main compartment that will act as a soft cooler. The size of this insulated part will be more or less large depending on the model you choose according to your needs. Also, in addition to this cooler compartment, the backpack will generally be equipped with a pocket or external mesh pocket to store bottles for example. And, depending on the model, other non-isothermal compartments will be available to store your non-perishable items.

Then, the difference in use will depend on what you want to keep. If you want to keep food and beverages cool, we recommend some simple things you can do to keep your cooler bag cold. First, you can place your food and your insulated backpack in the freezer before you use it to get the temperature down as low as possible. Also, a great tip to keep your cooler bag cold will be to place ice packs as needed. The more ice there is, the longer the cold will be kept. Feel free to do this, it really works!

And, usually the insulated parts don't keep the heat in as well, but it's totally possible to keep your meals warm in your insulated backpack! A simple tip to keep the heat in your insulated backpack is to fill it to the maximum. The fuller it is, the less air is available, and the less air the better the heat is kept in. And for a high performance to keep your meals warm, we suggest you to put your food in an isothermal lunch box and then put this lunch box in your isothermal backpack. This type of lunchbox is very efficient!

In addition, a very simple but often neglected tip is to always keep your insulated bag well closed so that the preserved temperature does not easily escape. Take care of all this and you will be able to keep your meals at the temperature you want!


How to choose an insulated backpack?

When you buy an insulated backpack with a cooler compartment, the first thing you need to check is that it is well insulated. In order to see how well the insulation performs, it is important to pay attention to the thickness of the insulation material. At Healthy Lunch, all of our insulated backpacks have 5mm of insulation. In addition, this cooler compartment should be large enough according to your needs so that you can store everything you need for your outings with family or friends.

Also, some insulated backpacks are divided into two parts, one being insulated on one side and the other part being simply a traditional backpack.

This type of compartmentalized thermal backpack can be incredibly useful for people who travel with other non-perishable items such as a laptop, books, children's toys, etc. It's also a benefit when refrigerated backpacks come with extra pockets and even a separate space for drinks on the outside. At Healthy Lunch, all of our backpacks come with a cooler compartment, varying in size, and two exterior side pockets so you can carry things like insulated bottles or stainless steel water bottles outside. These water bottles have the advantage of being insulated and of keeping your cold drinks cool for 24 hours and your hot drinks warm for 12 hours.

Another key consideration when choosing an insulated backpack is its weight, you don't want it to weigh a ton! The weight will vary depending on the size and the number of liters the cooler bag can hold. In general, classic hiking backpacks can weigh several kilograms. And, due to the insulating characteristics of insulated backpacks, they can weigh more than their traditional counterparts. At Healthy Lunch, however, we put your comfort first. So that you don't have to wear out your backpack, we've designed a collection of insulated backpacks that are both lightweight and durable. All of our Healthy Lunch backpacks, both 20 liter and 30 liter, weigh less than 1kg!

In addition to all of this, it is also important to think about how much you plan to pack in your cooler backpack so that you have an idea of how heavy it will be while you are traveling. In general, for a hiker, it is recommended that the total weight of the bag be about 20% of the hiker's weight. You have understood that comfort is an essential characteristic. So choose a light isothermal bag, especially for a bag that you will carry on your back every day!

With so many insulated backpacks available on the market, the process of buying a bag can be overwhelming to say the least. We are here to help. That's why we've made a selection of the best insulated backpacks in this collection.

And, for those of you who would like a cooler bag that is easy to carry by hand, check out our lunch bag collection. All of our lunch bags are insulated and designed with high quality materials to ensure that your meal is at the temperature of your choice.


The different types of insulated bags

There are several types and categories of cooler backpacks. At Healthy we offer a wide range of insulated backpacks so you can find what you need. Let's take a look at the different types of backpacks.

Insulated backpacks for adults

First of all, there are insulated backpacks for adults. You can find insulated backpacks for women and for men. Women will often be interested in cooler backpacks in purple, pink for example. And men will often prefer backpacks in blue, gray or camouflage pattern. The color will depend on each person and their preferences.

Adult cooler bags are often used to carry lunch to work or for picnics with family and friends. Generally the size that will suit an adult will be an insulated backpack of 20 liters or 30 liters.

Isothermal backpacks for children

 Children often have a small isothermal backpack. Indeed, this kind of isothermal backpack is very useful during school outings, sports clubs or simply in summer camps. For children, there are ranges of backpacks cooler of small size to easily carry meals and drinks. Indeed, there are backpacks of 10 liters and less. It is very important that the cooler bag is not too big for the child.


The different sizes of insulated backpacks

There are all kinds of sizes of insulated backpacks. Each person will have the choice to choose the small or large cooler bag that will suit his needs.

10 liter insulated backpacks

This type of small insulated backpack has many advantages and it can be used in many contexts. Let's see it together:

  •     Isothermal backpack ideal for your family walks. This small backpack will allow you to easily carry water bottles and snacks to have everything you need with you.
  •     This insulated backpack is an excellent choice for carrying your frozen food when you go shopping. In fact, its small size makes it easy to carry in your car at all times.
  •     This insulated bag is perfect as a lunch backpack. Indeed, thanks to this small bag with a cooler compartment, you will be able to carry all your meals to work with ease. The big advantage is when you work on a construction site or a place where you do not have the possibility of cooling or heating your food. With this insulated lunch backpack, you will keep your food cool and warm.

20 Liter Insulated Backpacks

This medium sized insulated backpack is the one most preferred by Healthy Lunch customers. It is neither too big nor too small, and it can be used in a wide range of circumstances. Let's take a look at it:

    This bag can very well be used as a picnic insulated backpack. Indeed, its capacity of 20 liters allows to carry all the necessary for a small family between two and four people. You will be able to easily slip in already prepared meals (rice or fresh pasta salad, sandwich, etc.). And you can also carry one or two large bottles of water.
    You can also use this bag as an insulated hiking backpack. Because when you go on long hikes that last a whole day, it is very important to be able to take with you: a sufficient amount of water, snacks and a meal for lunch. This insulated lunch bag does just that and will keep your food and drinks cool and warm.
    If you are a hunter, you can also use this bag as a hunting backpack. Indeed, its 20L cooler compartment will allow you to carry everything you need for a day of hunting with friends. We offer cooler bags with a camouflage pattern in several colors to perfectly match your needs and personality. You can also use this type of camouflage backpack for your fishing days.
    And, for those who love family activities, this insulated backpack is ideal for outings to theme parks. This will allow you to take your pre-prepared meal with you and save a lot of money by not having to pay for a restaurant.

Isothermal backpacks of 30 liters and more

And, you will find the range of large isothermal backpacks. This category of insulated backpack generally corresponds to well-defined needs and this is what we will see right away:

  •     This type of bag is ideal as an isothermal backpack for camping. Indeed, when you go away for several days, whether you
  •     This type of bag is ideal as an isothermal backpack for camping. Indeed, when you go away for several days, whether you do wilderness camping or camping convention, it is very comfortable to keep your drinks and food at the temperature of your choice.
  •     It is also very comfortable to use this bag when you do great sports activities. In fact, if you are doing a multi-day trek in the wilderness, having this type of cooler backpack is important.
  • do wilderness camping or camping convention, it is very comfortable to keep your drinks and food at the temperature of your choice.
  •     It is also very comfortable to use this bag when you do great sports activities. In fact, if you are doing a multi-day trek in the wilderness, having this type of cooler backpack is important.


When can I use my cooler backpack?

An insulated backpack can be useful in many circumstances. We have previously seen what the uses could be depending on the size of the bag. We will now see in more detail the activities for which a backpack cooler can be used:

Isothermal backpack lunch

First of all, its main function is to carry your meal. Indeed, depending on the size you choose, you can carry more or less food and drinks. This isothermal bag is also called lunch bag and can be used every day at work.

Picnic Backpack

Cooler backpacks are also ideal for carrying your picnic. Remember having to carry those heavy coolers for two people to carry your meal to your picnic site... That's no longer necessary, with your picnic backpack, one person can easily carry the picnic for the whole family.