• Insulated Lunch Box

  • Fresh or warm meals anytime with our insulated lunch boxes. Perfect for traveling, the office, or picnics. With Healthy Lunch, savor your meals as if you've just prepared them.

  • Preserve the freshness or warmth of your meals all day long with our insulated lunch boxes. Ideal for traveling, the office, or picnics, they allow you to enjoy a meal at the perfect temperature. With Healthy Lunch, your food tastes as if you've just made it.

Fresh or Warm Meals at Any Time with Healthy Lunch's Insulated Lunch Box

You want to take your hot meal with you in complete serenity? Discover our stainless steel insulated lunch boxes and opt for a healthy diet!

At Healthy Lunch, you will find a wide variety of insulated lunch boxes to keep your meals cool and warm.

What is an isothermal lunchbox?

An isothermal lunchbox is a lunch box with thermal properties that can keep a meal hot or cool. In other words, an isothermal lunchbox is the same as a bento lunch box but designed with stainless steel to keep the temperature of your food. Note that all our food box models are made without BPA and without materials that are dangerous for your health. You will be able to enjoy an optimal preservation of your food while guaranteeing you a healthy lunch. In addition, a lunch box is often airtight so as not to spill its contents.


How does an isothermal lunch box work?

The use of an insulated lunch box does not vary from other types of lunch boxes or bento boxes. The ease of use of these models makes them an advantage for transporting meals. If you are in a hurry during your lunch breaks, it can be interesting to opt for an isothermal lunch box instead of an electric hot plate.

One tip we can give you is to put very hot water on your stainless steel compartment before putting your hot meal inside. You can do the same with cool water for your cold food. This allows you to preheat or cool your stainless steel compartment to better maintain the temperature of your lunch.

Note that this type of double-walled food box is dishwasher safe and can be easily washed.


How are insulated lunch boxes made?

The design of an airtight container varies from one model to another. Generally, the more layers of insulation you have, the longer you can keep your meal cool or warm. In Healthy Lunch's insulated bento box collection you will find both insulated lunch boxes with a single layer of thermal insulation, as well as lunch boxes with 6 layers of insulation for long lasting performance. Food containers with only a single wall or double wall thermal insulation will keep your meals fresh for a short period of time (and will work better with cold lunches than hot ones). This style of thermos will be chosen for its design and originality. Then, by opting for our premium line, you can get stainless steel lunch boxes with 6 layers of insulation. This style of high performance thermal bento can keep your meal warm for up to 24 hours. By opting for this kind of container you can avoid using a microwave.

For a classic insulated box with 3 layers of insulation, we usually have the following parts:

Outer layer: Paint or colored ecological plastic. This is the layer that will give the design and aesthetics of your lunch box.
Middle layer: Insulating foam is usually made of materials such as durable polyurethane, polyethylene plastic or polyester fiber thermal padding.
Inner layer: Stainless steel to keep the temperature of your meals.

Lunch boxes can also be made of silicone, glass and metal. Although these insulating materials are also strong and durable, if they don't have interior insulation, they won't be able to keep cold or hot. In addition, in order to extend the shelf life of the freshness of food, the use of a bento box can be coupled with an insulated bag. This type of thermal lunch bag is equipped with multiple layers of insulation to keep the food cool and warm. Lunch bags are widely used to carry lunches to work or school.


Isothermal lunch box hot meal

Throughout the year, it is comfortable to eat hot at all times. Unfortunately, when you are outside or working on a construction site for example, it can be complicated to heat your meal. It is then essential to have a stainless steel isothermal lunch box in order to keep your meal warm. With this type of insulated lunch box, you can expect to keep your meal warm between 2 hours and 24 hours, depending on your needs and expectations! This gives you plenty of time before you take your lunch break.

In our collection of isothermal tupperware, you will be able to find several types of bento boxes: design isothermal lunch boxes and hot isothermal lunch boxes for the long run. Note however that the price will be different from one model to another depending on its performance and its different layers of thermal insulation.

Tip: To keep your meal warm for longer, it is important to fill your lunch box to the maximum in order to leave no room for air. And to extend the efficiency of your insulated box even further, don't hesitate to take it with you in an insulated bag. Indeed, an isothermal bag for meals is specially designed to keep your thermo at the ideal temperature.

Note that if you have access to an electrical outlet and you prefer to use a heated lunch box, it is possible to use a heated lunch box to heat your meal in the office or in a vehicle. This will allow you to eat hot easily in many places.


Isothermal lunch box cold meal

The isothermal lunch box will also serve you to keep your lunch cool. On hot days, especially for your summer picnic, it is important to put your cold lunch in an insulated bento box so that your food does not spoil and remains good to eat. High performance lunch boxes will guarantee a fresh meal all day long, as well as a perfectly waterproof container! Plus, if you opt for an insulated bag and ice packs, your meal can stay fresh for an entire weekend. It is ideal for people who go hiking, fishing or hunting.

This type of stainless steel bento is often used to put salads (rice, pasta, lettuce) or sandwiches for example.


Isothermal bento box: which one to choose?

After seeing how an insulated lunch box works and how it is made, you may wonder which one to choose. It will depend on your needs and the price. Let's look at a few things to consider.

- Size and capacity

The size and capacity of your lunchbox are determining factors in your choice. The question to ask yourself is: why do I need an isothermal bento? Is it for work? My child's outings? Or a picnic? Do you need a large capacity or a small capacity?

Answering this question will help you target your needs and determine the ideal box model. There are small lunch boxes of 250 ml or 300 ml, as well as large lunch boxes of 1.5 L or more than 2 liters.

- The performance of your isothermal lunch box

When looking for a thermal lunch box, the question of performance is an integral part of your choice. Indeed, by choosing this specific type of bento, you surely want to keep your meal cool or warm. So you will have to determine how long you want to keep the temperature? Do you need an insulated bento that keeps the heat for 2 hours? Or do you want a stainless steel lunch box that will keep your meal warm for 12 or 24 hours?

Depending on your answer to this question, you will be able to choose the ideal lunch box for you. There are original and design lunch boxes that have only one thickness of stainless steel, as well as long-lasting thermos boxes that have 6 layers of thermal insulation. Note however, that the higher the performance, the more expensive the price.

- Compartmented stainless steel lunch box

Another point to consider is: do you want a bento lunch box with one large compartment or several compartments?

Compartments can be useful if you like balanced meals with an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. It can also be interesting to have a food divider if you want to separate sweet and salty.

However, if you only eat one dish at lunch, one compartment will be sufficient. In our stainless steel lunch box collection, you will have the choice on the number of compartments you need.

- Ecological and reusable isothermal lunch box

Many people in France are now looking for lunch boxes that are durable, eco-friendly and reusable. At Healthy Lunch, all of our insulated lunch boxes have all three of these properties: sustainable, eco-friendly and reusable.


The different insulated lunch boxes

In the Healthy Lunch collection, you will find a wide variety of stainless steel lunch boxes. There is something for everyone with the best value for money. Let's take a look at some of the lunch box styles available.

Men's stainless steel lunch box

At Healthy Lunch, you will find a very large collection of men's insulated lunch boxes. In particular, blue and black colors are favored by men.

Stainless steel lunch box for women

In this collection, you will find several models of isothermal lunch box for women. There are several designs and colors of lunch boxes that are perfect for women. The lunch boxes most sold to women are pink and beige. In addition, the rounded shapes are very trendy and requested!

Stainless steel isothermal lunch box for children

More and more, in France, stainless steel lunch boxes for children are in demand. Indeed, if your girl or boy does not eat at the canteen and prefers to carry his lunch, isothermal lunch boxes are ideal because they keep the temperature. No need for your child to have to reheat his meal. Also, this style of stainless steel bento box is widely used for school outings or summer camps. BPA free and food certified, these lunchboxes are safe for your children's health.

Isothermal lunch box design

Whether you are looking for an original or designer bento box, there is a wide range of choices to satisfy you.


Who should buy an insulated lunch box?

If your lunch box is starting to deteriorate, starts to smell bad, or if your bento box is damaged or scratched, it's probably time to buy a new one. But you can also get a nice insulated lunch box just because you feel like it. Some of the lunch boxes we have in our collection look like an accessory, such as a purse or tote bag, or a well-designed dish that would look just as good on a dining room table as it would in an office cafeteria.

Ultimately, your choice of insulated lunch box depends on your storage needs and what you'll be eating outside. For adults who work in places where access to refrigeration may be limited (in a truck, car, on a construction site, or out in the wilderness), a durable, insulated lunchbox is essential for containing and storing food at safe temperatures. Smaller lunch boxes are ideal for keeping meals like a sandwich or pasta salad cold. Larger lunch boxes can serve as personal coolers and hold enough food for one meal, as well as many snacks and drinks to be consumed throughout the day.

If you're taking several prepared meals with you, bento boxes are ideal for keeping the different parts of your meal from getting mixed up. In fact, they are usually designed with different compartments to ensure that your meals are balanced the way you want them (dividers are often included with compartmentalized boxes).

You could also buy an isothermal lunch box for your child. In fact, in schools, on school trips or at the day care center, it is often required that your child has a lunch box and a stainless steel bottle or flask. This allows children to be independent and to eat their favorite meals outside.