About Us


Healthy Lunch offers reusable food containers for those who want to carry their meals and drinks on the go. The mobile meal allows to limit disposable plastic packaging and food waste.


Back in time. We are in 2017 in the small village of Yūbari 夕張市 in northern Japan.
It all starts during this humanitarian trip undertaken by twin brothers Kévin and Romain Gouraud to discover the vast Japanese island of Hokkaidō. In contact with the local population, it is a return to the essential, an awareness of our deepest values. With so few means, they live in the most beautiful respect of nature. No useless waste, no food waste and the use of nomadic meals...
Our planet is beautiful and we must protect it. This must be done through millions of small gestures made by everyone. Taking your lunch box and insulated bottle with you is extremely simple, with extraordinary positive consequences.



Much more than a simple isothermal bottle, all our stainless steel bottles are designed with a unique style that suits you.

Opting for the nomadic meal is choosing a healthy lifestyle by privileging the "homemade", committing to the protection of our beautiful planet and saving money on a daily basis by limiting fast-foods.

A committed brand

Our mission is to promote the daily nomadic meal in order to reduce single-use plastic and food waste. Each gesture has its importance to protect our beautiful planet.
Currently, global warming is taking its toll on the Arctic region where temperatures are rising twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising and animals such as the polar bear and the arctic fox are in great danger. Our action contributes to the protection of Arctic animals and to the conservation of this magnificent space, unique in the world.

Healthy products

Healthy Lunch favors stainless steel and durable plastic (100% recyclable polypropylene) materials to ensure the mobility of mobile meals.
Healthy Lunch containers are designed to keep hot and cold to encourage home cooking. We want to offer you the possibility to eat healthy and balanced meals every day.

These durable containers are zero-waste because they are washable and infinitely reusable. No more single-use plastic bottles, no more over-packaging and no more waste that is expanding the 7th continent! Let's work together for a healthy and ecological lifestyle.

A quality approach

Our French company, based in Toulouse, attaches great importance to the quality of its products.
All Healthy Lunch reusable containers are made in China in factories that we have carefully chosen to meet our high standards in terms of labor rights and the environment.
Our products are mainly made of stainless steel (inox) and durable plastic for some of our lunch boxes and soup boxes, certified BPA free.