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  • Carry your lunch in style with our insulated lunch bags. Practical and stylish, they're perfect for everyday use.

  • Transform your daily lunches into a stylish and practical experience with our insulated lunch bags. With a stunning design and the perfect size, these bags make carrying your lunch a true delight.

Insulated Lunch Bags: Carry Your Lunch with Flair

Want an original lunch bag to keep all your meals fresh and warm? Look no further! Discover our collection ofinsulated lunch bags. Whether it's for the office, a construction site or in your car, using a lunch bag has become a must in 2021. In addition to being a fashion accessory, it is also very practical and available in many colors.

How to choose a cooler bag?

One of the most important things for carrying your lunch is the choice of your lunch bag. It is therefore necessary to choose it well and we will help you!

How to recognize an insulated bag?

When you choose an insulated lunch bag, it is very important to make sure that it is a thermal bag to keep your food cool and warm. Sometimes a lunch bag is only made of fabric or polyester, while a high quality insulated lunch bag will be made of Oxford materials and practical and efficient zippers.

And, if you want to easily carry your meals and drinks on your back, check out our great collection of cooler backpack. All of our insulated food bags have high performance insulation to ensure you keep the right temperature with the insulated and zippered main compartment.

Once you know how to recognize this type of lunch bag, it's important to choose the right one.

Which isothermal bag to choose?

There are many insulated lunch bags available on the market and at all price points. At Healthy Lunch, we offer you the best value for your money.

However, before buying your insulated lunch bag, we advise you to pay attention to several important criteria such as the size of the insulated lunch bag, its durability, its portability and its thermal insulation.

The size of the lunch bag

The first criteria to consider is the size of your bag. But before choosing the size, you need to know what use you will make of it. Indeed, a lunch bag for school or work will be different from a thermos bag for picnic. The school bag will be a small insulated lunch bag, with or without a shoulder strap, and will keep your children's bottles, products and snack boxes safe. On the other hand, the picnic bag will have a large capacity and will allow the transport of your lunch boxes and bento. This type of lunch bag is often designed with a triple layer of interior insulation (Oxford material and fabric) and will keep your food cold and warm for many hours.

The durability of your cooler bag

It is good to have a nice lunch bag (black, pink or red for example) but it must be of good quality! To do this, make sure the bag available is made of premium Oxford materials (not just cotton, fabric or polyester!). This way, heavy-duty insulated bags will carry your food box and lunches for years without having to change them. This saves time and money.

The portability of your cooler bag

There are several types of small lunch bags that are more or less practical for carrying your lunch.

The shoulder bag: this type of bag is very well adapted for your child to take his lunch or his snack at school. Indeed, this accessory available in several colors is very practical (often detachable if needed) and allows your future teenager to carry his bag in order to keep his stainless steel water bottle and his snack box easily. As well adapted to a young person as to an adult, these thermos bags are a sure value to carry your food products.

The thermal insulation of your thermos bag

The thermal bag insulation is what allows your insulated bags to keep your food products and bottles cold and warm. It is this element that distinguishes a simple cotton or fabric lunch bag from a thermal cooler bag. Choose premium Oxford materials for your insulated lunch bags with two or three insulating layers. Regarding the thermal insulation, you should also pay attention to the zipper of the model. Indeed, for example, the insulated compartment of our lunch bags is closed with a scratch (which can let air through). While all our insulated lunch bags are equipped with a zipper for their compartments to make them more insulating.

Now let's see where and when you can use your lunch bag.

Where can I use my lunch bag?

There are many, many places where you will need an insulated lunch bag for your lunches. Here are some examples of places:

  • Work lunch bag: whether you work on a construction site or in an office, a small lunch bag to carry your lunches is necessary. In addition to being a fashion accessory differentiating you from the masses, this type of lunch bag will keep your food fresh and warm no matter where you are.
  • Isothermal bag for sports: you are outside and you do not know how to take your lunch? Just like for a picnic, this type of thermos bag is very useful outdoors. However, be sure to take a lunch bag that is efficient and resistant, with three layers of thermal insulation. The Oxford 600D material is very efficient for this type of use.
  • Isothermal picnic bags: as with the sports lunch bag, you should opt for an excellent lunch cooler to accompany you during your picnics. Moreover, this kind of model is perfect for school outings for your children. Practical and available, don't hesitate to visit the Healthy Lunch collection.

Now that we have seen the important points before choosing your lunch bag, it is important to know all the different types of cooler bags.

The different types of cooler bags

There are many, many different types of cooler bags. Let's take a look at a few of them together.

The insulated lunch bag

There are many different types of insulated lunch bags, each one more original than the other. And, in addition to having a unique isothermal lunch bag, you are committing yourself to our planet by opting for a reusable lunch bag. No more plastic bags or fast food!

At Healthy Lunch, you will find a wide variety of insulated lunch bags and coolers. All of our lunch bags have been designed by us to ensure the best value for your money.

Here are some types of insulated lunch coolers:

  • Isothermal cooler bag of color (green, black, beige, purple, pink, red, blue ...). We offer many lunch bags in plain colors. These individual rigid or flexible bags are ideal if you do not want to draw attention to yourself. You will be able to carry your belongings discreetly and with complete peace of mind.
  • Men's Lunch Bag: At Healthy Lunch, we are committed to catering to the needs of men. We offer a variety of men's lunch bags as well as different models of men's lunch bags. Whether you're the flashy type or the discreet type, you'll find the insulated lunch bag of your dreams to keep your meal cold as well as warm. Moreover, the prices of our models for men are very affordable.
  • Women's lunch bag: If you are looking for a women's lunch bag, you are at the right place. Indeed, we offer a wide variety of lunch bags for women that will satisfy you. Moreover, the black, red and pink colors are very popular with women.
  • Children's lunch bags: in our collection of bags, you will find lunch bags for adults but also children's lunch bags. Indeed, it is sometimes complicated to take the snack to school. By using one of our school lunch bags, you won't have to worry anymore because your food will be kept safe.
  • Lunch Box Bag: Need a bag to carry your lunch box? Thanks to our isothermal lunch bags, you can easily take your isothermal lunch box and keep your food fresh.
  • Pink flamingo cooler bag: you will find in our collection of small lunch cooler bag with many patterns of pink flamingos. All flamingo lovers will find their happiness.
  • Floral lunch bag : at Healthy Lunch, we offer many lunch bags with flower patterns. Whether you want colorful flower designs, or original flowers, you will find the floral lunch bag of your dreams. So, whether you are looking for a lunch bag for children or for adults, you will find the bag of your choice and at the best price in our collection.

The isothermal delivery bag

You are a future delivery man and you are looking for a delivery cooler? Healthy lunch has the right products for you, but be careful how you choose it! Whether you are a pizza delivery person, a bike courier or a home delivery person, you will need a delivery bag. If you're doing bike delivery, it might be worthwhile to opt for a soft delivery cooler or otherwise you'll need to attach the delivery bag to a luggage rack. For a good isothermal delivery lunch bag, three important points are to be taken into account.

  • Capacity

The first point to consider for a delivery box is its capacity. Indeed, the restaurant orders are more or less important and for that you need a large size meal bag. You will therefore have to look at the number of liters you will need. To make sure you don't run out of space, we advise you to choose a model with at least 30 liters. However, if you don't want to be bothered on this point, we recommend a 50-liter or even a 70-liter isothermal bag. The only thing you should avoid is a small lunch bag. In addition to being a professional delivery bag, it can be used for personal purposes. Indeed, this large isothermal bag can be used for shopping or even to bring pizzas home. Note that for making pizzas, the isothermal delivery bags have a minimum size of 35 x 35 cm.

  • Quality

A good delivery cooler will keep your food fresh in its cooler bag. With a good quality, you will keep this container fresh for many years. First, you'll need to make sure that the bag's materials are light, strong and durable. Then, you have to make sure that the different layers of insulation are thick enough to keep the meal warm.

  • The practical side

Once you have chosen the capacity of your cooler as well as its materials, you will have to pay attention to one last detail: the practicality of your delivery bag. Indeed, if you are on a bicycle, you will need a delivery cooler backpack or a carrying bag with a shoulder strap. Also, make sure the straps of the bag are strong enough for the weight you will be carrying.

The big cooler bag for your groceries

It is very useful to have a large isothermal bag to carry your groceries easily. Indeed, to better preserve your fresh food, frozen food or drinks, the use of a large insulated bag is essential. In addition to being a very useful accessory, it is also very practical. Indeed, these flexible coolers are foldable and will not take up any space. So you can leave your folded cooler bag in the car and use it only when you need it.

When it comes to capacity, you can find everything! You will find isothermal bags of 10 liters as well as XXL isothermal bags of more than 90 liters. It will be up to you to evaluate your needs and choose the best size.

Also, for your days between adults, a large capacity insulated cooler will be very useful for the transport of your picnic. You will be able to easily keep your meals and beers fresh and have a great time with friends.

Whether you're running errands or carrying your picnic, a large lunch bag will always come in handy in your daily life.

The insulated bottle bag

If you are a big drinker and you enjoy your cold drinks, you will have to opt for a bottle cooler bag. This type of insulated bottle bag will be perfectly adapted to carry your bottles of wine, your beers or even your flask of fresh water. If you already have an insulated bottle or water bottle, you will be able to keep your drink cold even longer.

On the side of the capacity, you will be able to find these different sizes: 350ml, 500ml, 1 liter or 1,5 liters. Moreover, these types of bags are often equipped with a shoulder strap to facilitate the transport of your drink. Fabric model available at Healthy Lunch with free shipping.

The insulated bottle and baby bag

This type of bag is specially designed to carry and store your baby's bottle and snack. These insulated baby bags are specially designed and manufactured for toddler meals. Thus, you will be able to easily keep your baby's bottle warm and cool. However, you should not confuse this model with the insulated bag meal for child. Note that in addition to having several accessories, these types of bags are equipped with an insulated pocket.

The insulated medication pouch

There are many types of medication, such as insulin for example, that need to be transported in an insulated medication pouch in order to avoid any possible temperature variation. Indeed, some antibiotics or medicines should not change temperature during their transfer. This is why it is essential to opt for an insulated medication pouch.

This type of isothermal kit is particularly used by diabetics for long trips. You will find these isothermal drug kits in small sizes in order to be transferred easily. To keep your medical supplies cool, don't hesitate to opt for mini ice packs to keep your medication fresh.

The electric cooler bag

Do you have access to a 12v outlet or cigarette lighter? The electric cooler bag is surely for you! Truck drivers find many advantages in using this type of bag. Indeed, the electric cooler bag is a real portable cooler for car. This cooler bag will allow you to keep your food and drinks cool during a long car or truck ride. Thanks to a continuous cooling system, the freshness will always be kept. In addition, this type of insulated lunch bag can be used in camping or in hotel rooms that are not equipped with a refrigerator.

How to keep a dish warm in an insulated bag?

It is very easy and convenient to keep a warm dish in a lunch bag.

Does an insulated bag keep it warm?

One of the big questions we ask ourselves is: does my cooler bag keep warm or only cold? The answer is simple: your insulated lunch bag will keep both cool and warm. However, to keep your meal warm for a long time, you will have to pay attention to the quality of your lunch bag. Indeed, to keep your food warm, choose one of the Oxford 600D triple layer insulating materials.

So rest assured, your Healthy Lunch bag will keep your meal warm. Plus, at Healthy Lunch these bags are available and shipping is free.

How do you carry your lunch to work?

One of the main uses of a lunch bag or insulated lunch bag is to carry your lunch to work. Whether you work on a construction site or in an office, a lunch bag will be very useful to take your lunch box anywhere. Moreover, if you don't have access to a baking oven, the use of a heated bento and a thermal lunch bag will be very useful. So don't hesitate any longer and opt for a Healthy Lunch thermal bag to take your drinks and food to work.

To conclude, no matter what you call it... insulated lunch bag, insulated lunch bag, lunch bag or insulated lunch bag, this wonderful and practical bag has now no secret for you!

What if your favorite is not yet on Healthy Lunch? Every week, our collection of cool bags grows with new arrivals!