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  • Enjoy a home-cooked hot meal with our heating lunch boxes. Suitable for indoors, cars, or trucks. With Healthy Lunch, your hot meal travels with you.

  • Rediscover the joy of a hot meal wherever you are with our heating lunch boxes. Whether indoors or on the move, our models cater to your needs. Plug in, heat up, savor: simplicity meets taste with Healthy Lunch.

Electric Lunch Box by Healthy Lunch: Your Hot Meal Within Reach.

Are you tired of eating cold at work or when you go out? The electric heated lunch box is the best solution to eat hot at all times! Whether you are in the car, in a truck, at the office or in a library, a heated lunch box will allow you to heat your meal easily and quickly.

Many professional settings do not facilitate meal breaks. Indeed, many jobs (on a construction site, for example) do not provide access to a microwave oven. This causes problems and you end up with cold food. However, the heated lunch box will revolutionize the way you eat. You will be able to eat your hot meals wherever you are! All you need is your heated lunch box and access to a power outlet. In a few minutes, your delicious food will be hot and ready to be eaten without the need for a microwave or a heating device.

However, you need to choose the right meal box model for you. There are many choices and we will try to enlighten you on the best way to choose your heated lunch box. We are going to give you some valuable tips to guide you in your purchase choice.


What is a heated lunch box?

A heated lunch box is also called an electric lunch box or a heated bowl. This type of insulated and airtight lunch box allows you to store your food (use one of our isothermal bottles for drinks) and to heat it up at any time. Warming up your food is quick and easy, in a few minutes. The only thing you need to have available is an electrical power source: 12V for a car, 24V for a truck or 220V for a regular outlet.

The electric hot plate is usually composed of a plastic outer structure and a removable stainless steel inner compartment. There are also inner plastic containers, however these are of lower quality. That is why at Healthy Lunch, you will find mainly stainless steel insulated compartments. This will allow your food to heat up faster and keep the heat in better.

This type of warming bowl is a very popular accessory for people who do not have a microwave at their disposal. This is especially the case for workers on a construction site, cabs, people who often drive, truck drivers and many more. Using such a lunch box will save you from having to prepare your hot picnic lunch in the morning and try to keep it in an insulated thermos. This stainless steel warming dish will heat up your meal in 10 to 40 minutes depending on your choice of original lunch box.


How to use a heated lunch box ?

The use of a heated lunch box is relatively simple. In most cases, you will only need to place your food in the inner container, plug in your electric lunch box and let it heat up for as long as it takes. Note that the inner compartment is removable and will allow you to take it out to eat or to clean it.

There is also another type of box that will require the addition of water. If this is the case, you will have to add a quantity of water (often 150-200ml) in the bottom of your meal box. The water will then be placed under the food container. Also, it is possible to cook food. For example, if you want to cook rice, you will need to add water to the food container as well (often one and a half scoops of water for one scoop of rice).

At Healthy Lunch, our products work both ways. If you need to add water to the bottom of the box, it will be indicated on the product sheet or in the user manual. If you don't find the answer to your question, our team is available by email to answer you.


What is the best heated lunch box?

This question is essential, but there is not only one answer. There are several factors to take into account and we will see later how to choose the best heated lunch box. One thing that is sure is that many people already use these products very frequently and are very satisfied. The usefulness of these lunch boxes is therefore no longer in question and you simply have to choose the model that will meet your needs.

To know which is the best heated lunch box, you will first have to define precisely what your needs and expectations are. Then, you will choose the model that will suit you. Here are some examples of what you can use it for.

The electric lunch box for car

A model of electric lunch box for car is specific and is not chosen at random. You will need a lunch box that can be connected to a cigarette lighter. To do this, make sure the model you buy is compatible with a 12V power supply that plugs into a cigarette lighter. At Healthy Lunch, you will find a specific range of products that are suitable for in-car use and our products indicate this in their title or description. It is also important to note that if a product is not sold with a 12V cigarette lighter adapter, it is often possible to buy a plug that will allow you to plug your bowl into a car. In this case you can simply buy the plug in a store or at Amazon for example.

In addition, when driving, opt for a stainless steel insulated container and a carrying bag. This will better keep the heat of your dishes.

The warming bowl for trucks

Truck drivers don't often have access to a microwave to eat hot. The warming canteen will offer you the comfort of a hot meal at all times and all year round. To do this, you will need to choose a meal box that is compatible with your truck's cigarette lighter or electrical outlet. Often, a 12V or 24V power supply will be sufficient to be plugged into your truck's power supply.

In order not to damage your stove, we advise you to opt for a transport bag, like an isothermal bag for example. This will allow you to keep your box safe anywhere. Also, winter is often cool. We therefore advise you to opt for an isothermal heating tupperware made of stainless steel.

The heated lunch box for offices

The electrically heated lunch box is also very popular for people who work in an office. Indeed, not all offices have microwaves at their disposal. You will quickly get tired of eating cold meals or cold salads. It will therefore be necessary to opt for an electric meal box in order to eat hot all year round. What is very convenient at the office is that you will just have to plug in your lunch box 30 minutes before your lunch break and you will have a hot meal directly after your work. At the office too, a carry bag and stainless steel insulated compartments are recommended.

The heated lunch box for home

Do you like your food steamed evenly? By opting for an electric lunch box at home, you will eat delicious food that is heated evenly. This will keep your food tasting great. When you are at home and want to heat up a dish without a microwave oven, the lunch box is the best solution. Find a 220V electrical outlet in your home and you will simply plug in your lunch box.


How to choose a heating bowl ?

You will have understood it well, a heating bowl is not chosen at random. Once you will have targeted your needs and your expectations, you will have to pay attention to certain selection criteria. Let's see together how to choose your stainless steel electric lunch box.

Size and capacity

The size and capacity are very important criteria to choose your model. You will find on the market all types of boxes, small, medium and large. The small thermos meals generally have a capacity of 250 to 350 ml. The medium size food thermos have a capacity of 500 ml to 750 ml. And the large food thermos have a capacity of 1 liter, 1.5 liter and more. Depending on your use, you will have to choose a large capacity or smaller model, depending on your needs.

The capacity of the heated lunch box will often be divided into two compartments and sometimes even on two levels. Having an electric lunch box with several compartments is important and will allow you to separate your food. You will be able to prepare healthy and balanced meals at all times.

You will also want to make sure that your food box has exterior dimensions that are compatible with your insulated carry bag. If you want to make sure you have a large bag for your lunch box, we recommend one of our insulated backpacks. With a large insulated compartment, your lunch box will be well stored at all times. Also, if you carry it in a bag, make sure that the compartment and the lid are well sealed. If not, sauces can leak out.

The power source: 12V, 24V, 220V or USB?

The power source is also a very important criterion to take into account when making your purchase decision. Indeed, if you need a heated bento, it is to be able to eat sedentary, anywhere. Depending on the place of your use, you will have to choose your outlet.  There are four choices to consider.

The 12V outlet

The 12V outlet is the one we find on the cigarette lighter ports of cars or trucks. If you are often on the road and want to eat in your car or truck, it is essential to choose a 12V compatible outlet.

The 24V outlet

The 24V outlet is very common in trucks and will allow you to connect your cigarette lighter adapter to your hot plate.

The 220V outlet

The 220V socket is the most common voltage in France. By using this plug, you will be able to use your warming box on any electrical outlet, whether in your office or in any indoor location. No more need to use a gas stove or a microwave to eat hot, your 220V electric box will be enough!

The USB plug

The USB plug is also an option for connecting your box. However, we advise you to use this option only as a last resort, because the power is much lower compared to the other possibilities. As a result, the heating time can be greatly increased. But if you have no other option, using a USB plug will do the trick. However, note that this type of connection will be more often used to keep your meal warm rather than to heat it. A stainless steel compartment will also be needed for this.

Heating time

The heating time is also a selection criterion not to be neglected. Indeed, some quality heated lunch boxes will heat your meal in 10 minutes. And others, less efficient, can heat your meal in 45 minutes. A lesser quality lunch box will not have the necessary power to heat your food quickly. In this case, the price is often a good indicator.

The average heating time is usually around 20 to 30 minutes for a typical meal portion. Also note that the size of your food box will influence the heating time. In fact, a 500ml portion will heat up faster than a 1.5 liter portion.

Another element that can influence the heating time of your food box is the initial temperature of your food. Indeed, frozen or cold products will take much longer than warm food in your box. A tip would be to quickly preheat your meal in the microwave in the morning before leaving and to keep your preparation in stainless steel compartments and to put your box in an isothermal bag.

Another tip we can give you is to start heating your meal before taking your lunch break. 30 minutes before going to eat, plug in your electric bento and you're done!

Waterproofing and insulation

Waterproofing and insulation are two things to consider in the process of buying your heated bento. Indeed, waterproofing is very important, especially if you are used to carrying meals with sauce or food in liquid form. If you regularly carry soups, especially in winter, we strongly recommend you to choose an insulated soup box. This type of stainless steel box specially designed for the transport of your soup will be very efficient for that.

The watertightness is preserved if the plastic lid closes properly. For the removable parts, be careful to close it properly.

And, for the insulation, it will allow to keep your food in the cat in your lunch box. For this, nothing better than stainless steel as material. So, whether in the office or in your car, your meal will stay warm longer.

Quality of materials

The quality of materials is important. Many electric lunchboxes are sold in plastic. This may be cheaper but it will be of poor quality. Your meal will take longer to heat up and it will not stay hot for very long. At Healthy Lunch, you will find for the vast majority of our products, heated bento lunch boxes made with high quality stainless steel. In addition, all our products are guaranteed BPA free and food grade. You have no fear, your meals are guaranteed healthy and BPA free.


The practicality of the electric heated lunch box is not to be neglected. Indeed, whether it is for transportation or for cleaning, a practical lunch box will save you a lot of time on a daily basis. To make it easy to carry, there are many models of heated bento boxes with a plastic strap for transportation. Also, for cleaning, consider getting a model with removable stainless steel compartments. This will allow you to wash your bowl very easily. And, stainless steel is much easier to clean than plastic.

Moreover, for a practical balanced meal, several compartments, even several layers will be an asset for your lunch box.

The price

The price is an element to take into consideration when buying your warming bowl. Note that the first prices will start at around 39,90EUR and can go up to 79,90EUR. For a decent quality box, expect to pay between 49,90EUR and 59,90EUR. The cheap hot lunch boxes have a financial advantage but in the long run, a good quality will save you a lot of time in your daily life.


How to maintain your heated lunch box ?

Although the quality of our heated lunch boxes is well known, our team advises you on the maintenance of your electric lunch box to ensure a better life span.

The first step before its first use is to wash it. Soap and rinse all parts of the lunch box with clear water. Let the compartments dry completely before storing. A non-stick interior coating allows for easy cleaning of your heated electric lunch box.

After each use, it is advisable to wash your electric lunch box in the same way to avoid unwanted odors and ensure perfect hygiene. By doing this simple gesture, you will allow your electric bento to remain in excellent condition, while guaranteeing it a longer life.


Which brand of heated lunch box to choose?

In your search to buy, you may be confronted with many brands and websites. We are going to introduce you to several of them.

The Healthy Lunch electric lunch box

On our website, healthy-lunch.fr, you will find one of the most varied ranges of heated lunch boxes on the French market. We offer you a multitude of choices for an electric lunch box with prices ranging from 39.90EUR to 79.90EUR. Moreover, the delivery is free. All Healthy lunch boxes are guaranteed BPA free and made of stainless steel for superior quality.

The Travelissimo electric lunch box

Travelissimo is a brand of heated bento that has taken over some of our very popular models. Travelissimo offers a range adapted for adults. However, Travelissimo also offers products of lower quality. That's why we advise you to take a look at the Healthy Lunch collection.

The Amazon electric lunch box

Amazon is a large marketplace available in France and offering many electric lunch boxes. Amazon is competent to offer a large choice but the quality is not always there. Indeed, Amazon does not check the sellers present on its platform and if you are not careful you can have bad surprises.

In conclusion, the choice of a hot plate is specific to each one and you will have to choose according to your needs and expectations. At Healthy Lunch you will find the right food box for you.