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Glass bottle

Are you looking for an original glass gourd? Discover our complete range of glass bottles. Many choices and colors are available.

Wondering where to buy a glass gourd? At Healthy Lunch, we offer an entire collection of quality glass bottles! With all the choices we offer based on color, model and capacity, you are bound to find the right bottle for you!

Glass Water Bottle

Are you also looking for a bottle for your tea? At Healthy Lunch we also offer a collection of tea thermos. In this selection of bottles, you will find many flasks with built-in tea infusers.


The Healthy Lunch Glass Bottle

In our original collection of glass bottles, you will find many models that will seduce you.

You will find different sizes of glass bottles: 1L glass bottles, 750ml glass bottles, 500ml glass bottles and small glass bottles. So you can choose the size of the bottle that suits your needs!

You will find glass bottles with patterns: animal patterns, nature patterns, star patterns, etc.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, this type of gourd is sure to please!


Why choose a glass bottle?

There are many advantages to choosing a glass bottle. In order to choose the best bottle for you, we will list 5 advantages of using a bottle made of glass.


A glass bottle does not contaminate your water

We've all had the unpleasant experience of taking a sip of water from a plastic or metal bottle and tasting something that is definitely not water.
Sometimes this unpleasant taste is harmless to your health and it is only the residual taste of your container.
However, in many cases it can be dangerous for your health! Indeed, the presence of harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) can be dangerous for human consumption.

You should know that glass containers do not leak chemicals and do not absorb odors or residual tastes from other beverages. So by choosing a BPA-free glass bottle, you'll never have any unpleasant surprises!


A glass bottle is easy to clean

Glass bottles are easy to clean and do not lose their clarity when washed or infused with fruit and herb mixtures. This is notably the negative point with a plastic bottle.
In contrast, glass bottles can be sterilized at high temperatures in the dishwasher without fear of melting or degrading. In addition, potential toxins are removed while maintaining the structure and integrity of the glass bottle.


The glass bottle maintains the temperature of your drink

Whether hot or cold, glass bottles keep beverages at a consistent temperature more efficiently than plastic. Glass can be used for liquids other than water without absorbing foreign flavors, odors or colors. This means you can use a glass water bottle to keep your tea hot in the morning, and use the same water bottle for cold, refreshing water in the afternoon.

However, note that an insulated water bottle designed specifically to keep your liquids at the right temperature will perform better than a glass bottle!


The glass gourd is environmentally friendly

Glass is infinitely recyclable, which means that it can be used and unnecessary pollution avoided. Most plastic bottles end up in landfills or in waterways. Even plastics that are recycled do not always go through the entire recycling process, further complicating plastic's ability to be a sustainable material. Of the 30 types of plastic available, only seven are accepted for recycling.
In contrast, all glass is recyclable, and the only criteria for sorting glass is its color. In fact, most glass manufacturers use post-consumer recycled glass that is crushed, melted and made into new products.

So choose an ecological glass gourd that will take care of the environment!

The glass bottle keeps the good taste of your drink
Glass bottles preserve the taste, are better for the environment and for your health. Healthy Lunch glass bottles are heat sterilized between uses, ensuring that the water you drink is fresh, pure and delicious.

Plus, at Healthy Lunch we offer inexpensive glass bottles so that everyone can have one every day!