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Glass Bottle Blue

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Check out our beautiful glass bottle in the blue. Lightweight, comfortable and resistant to carry, it is ideal for an everyday use!


Banish plastic and disposable containers to move to a healthy and eco-responsible lifestyle. By choosing this wonderful blue glass bottle, you will have the comfort of drinking healthy at any time of the day.

Gourde en verre réutilisable

Designed with a gradient of color, and an airtight cap with a sublime design, this glass bottle is perfectly appropriate for a regular use. Be tempted by its quality and exceptional finish!

If you like the original design of this eco-friendly glass bottle, you will also like our model in green. Feel free to check out our selection of glass bottles to find the perfect bottle. You can always come back to our collection of bottles  and discover all our reusable bottles.

  • Capacity : 14.1 fl oz     400ml
  • Made of healthy and eco-friendly stainless steel.
  • Designed in eco-friendly glass.
  • Perfectly airtight, you won’t overturn its contents.
  • Extraordinary comfort for healthy drinking.
  • No more plastic! In addition to better health, you will join the community of zero waste advocates.
  • Free deliverry


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Be ecoresponsible. Protect the environment by reusing your lunch bag and avoiding disposable plastic bags.

 Better every day life. Enjoy your favorite drink at the perfect temperature, without the risk of ingesting plastic particles.

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