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Keep your meals at the perfect temperature with our cooling bags

More than a simple insulated bag, adopting our lunch bags is choosing a healthy and ecological lifestyle. Take your balanced meals anywhere. Say STOP to plastic bags and become eco-responsible while distinguishing yourself with a unique style in France! Our reusable cooler bags are made of high quality materials and are certified BPA free. You can use them for food with peace of mind!

How to choose my cooler bag ?

Having a cooler bag that fits you is essential whether it's for everyday life at work, or for your picnics or camping trips at the beach. A backpack that can carry the essentials you need for your getaway or your daily life is your best option. Also, you'll find cooler bags that make it easy to carry if you plan to pack food and drinks. Cooler bags offer a solution to the space problem of traditional rigid coolers. Plus, your food and drinks will stay cold for a long time if you use cooler bags to pack them. They also eliminate the question of how to carry your drinks, snacks and lunch to work, as some models can double as lunch bags for your lunch boxes. The problem is that choosing the best cooler bag for your situation can be quite tricky, with the many models available on the market in France. If you have never bought insulated bags before, the choice becomes even more difficult. In this collection description, we will try to give you all the necessary criteria to choose your cooler bag.

Size and weight of the bag

When choosing an insulated bag or cooler, you need to consider the number of people who will be using it, the length of the trip and the distance to your destination if you are hiking. These factors will help you determine the appropriate size for your needs. Keep in mind, however, that you need to make sure you choose a bag that is not too big, while making sure you get the right size for what you are carrying. We offer various types of bags, depending on your use:

  •     Picnic: For an outdoor picnic, we recommend an insulated backpack or a soft cooler. These two different types of lunch bags will allow you to easily carry your salads, sandwiches and drinks. A hard cooler can also be used if you are going to be in one place for a whole day.
  •     Work: The most appropriate lunch bag for transporting your food to work is without a doubt the insulated lunch bag. This small lunch bag allows you to easily carry a lunch box and a water bottle for lunch during the lunch break.
  •     Camping: For camping, an insulated backpack or soft cooler is ideal if you need to keep cool for a single day. However, if you don't have access to a refrigerator or fridge, a heavy-duty hard-sided cooler will be necessary to keep cool for several days.

Also, always check the weight of the cooler bag before you buy it. Your food, drinks and ice packs will add extra weight to the bag.

Bag portability and versatility

Portability is another important factor. Handles or straps on top of the cooler bag are often present. For easy carrying, opt for an insulated bag with shoulder straps, if you are likely to carry heavy, loaded bags during your trip or excursion. On the other hand, backpack straps can be extremely useful, especially if you're carrying other gear. On the versatility side, cooler bags can be used for any purpose, depending on where you are going and what your needs are. You can use them for food delivery, medical/pharmaceutical use, or to transport temperature sensitive purchases without breaking the cold chain. You can also use an insulated bag for picnics, a golf insulated bag, or a beach insulated bag to separate your wet stuff such as wet towels, swimsuits, wetsuits to avoid getting your car wet. These bags can also be used to store craft supplies for your project. Also, on a boating trip, you can pack the accessories, food and drinks you and your family or friends might need in your marine cooler. When you go hunting, you can store all your essentials in a camouflage cooler bag to blend in with the environment. When you're looking for promotional product ideas for your business, you can print your logo or quotes that you can easily see, even from a distance, to promote your brand (if you'd like to purchase cooler bags in large quantities to customize and print your logo, feel free to contact us). For example, you could offer a golf cooler bag or a personalized boat cooler bag with a message to your guests, which is a great way to earn their goodwill and loyalty. These bags are unisex and can be used freely by both men and women. So you see, the use of a cooler bag is multiple and can correspond to many profiles!

Capacity and compartments of the cooler bag

Get insulated bags with adequate compartments and storage capacity if you're going on a long trip or outdoor adventure. They're great if you're planning to pack salad, cold cuts or fresh fruit, in addition to water, drinks, snacks and food. Having each type of food in a different space becomes possible in an insulated bag with different compartments. For work, one main compartment with a capacity of 5 to 10 liters should be sufficient.

Thermal insulation of the cooler bag

Probably the most important criterion is the insulation. The point of having an insulated bag or cooler is defeated if you take one that doesn't keep your food and drinks cool (or warm, depending on your preference). That said, check to see if your bag has a lining that helps protect your food and keep it at the right temperature. Also, pay attention to the number of layers of insulation it contains. Of course, it's always better to have more layers for better performance. However, thicker insulation tends to increase not only the overall size of your cooler bag, but also the storage space needed for your stuff and ice packs, so it's important to weigh things carefully.

Type of material

It is very important to check the type of material present in the cooler bags. The material used should have antimicrobial and waterproof characteristics. Bad odors, and moldy food can result from poor quality material. Of course, this is not acceptable since you will be using the bag for edibles. To ensure that insulated bags can come in contact with food, look for those that use food-grade materials. At Healthy Lunch, the insulated material we use for our cooler bags is 600D Oxford. In addition, all of our cooler bags are BPA free and the plastic used is certified food grade (polypropylene). Also our bags are waterproof and airtight.

The price of the isothermal bag

As we say, you get what you pay for. However, before spending your money, it is essential to think carefully about the use you will make of your cooler bag and the use you will make of it. It will be more than enough to have a cheap model if you plan to use the bag occasionally. Pay more for a heavy-duty, more durable model if you need an insulated bag that can withstand outdoor conditions.

In conclusion, it's easy to see why insulated bags are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to keep your drinks cool throughout the day. They also give you the ability to have a home cooked meal wherever you go. However, you may be making the wrong choice if you don't know exactly what to look for. Consider the features presented above to get a cooler bag that will save you a lot of stress and hassle. When weighing your choices based on the features mentioned above, always think about how you use the cooler to know what you should focus on.


Why buy a cooler bag?

Now that we've given you some pointers on how to choose the best cooler bag, we'll give you some good reasons to get one.

Storing your food and drinks

When you carry your items in a large plastic cooler, you may run into storage difficulties. The main advantage of using such a cooler bag is that you can easily store everything you need. In addition, the cooler bag will keep your food items safe and cool.

Lightweight and affordable

Another advantage of using a portable cooler bag is that it is affordable and lightweight. The bags are also easy to carry and can be hung on your back, depending on the model, like a backpack. A beach cooler bag is easy to carry because it has strong straps and shoulder straps that give you a variety of carrying options. These bags do not cause focused pain or weight in any particular area of your body and do not affect your body posture in any way. Finally, these bags are economical.

Environmentally friendly bag

The fabrics used in soft cooler bags are stronger and more rigid than the plastic material used in some coolers and plastic bags. An insulated bag is also much more versatile and does not have the drawbacks or reinforcement of plastic pieces. Using these bags is a way for you to be environmentally conscious. The best small coolers not only protect the environment, but also the food they contain. With more and more workplaces and schools frowning on plastic bags and items, the plastic-free feature of a cooler bag makes them more accessible and appreciated when it comes to the environment. The Healthy Lunch eco-friendly cooler is also washable and reusable. Plus, they come in colors that stand up to many washes and dries, so you don't have to worry about color and quality fading if you run it through the washing machine (for soft fabric products).

Keeps the temperature

Coolers and cooler bags are mostly multi-layered; they consist of an outer layer, an insulating (or insulated) liner and a middle layer that provides thermal insulation for your food. An insulated bag consists of a middle layer of dense foam that keeps food and drinks hot or cold. The foam layer prevents the heat from your food from seeping into the outer layer, thus preventing the ambient temperature from reaching the contents of the travel cooler. In addition, an insulated lunch bag can have an inner layer of aluminum foil, vinyl, or polypropylene eco-friendly plastic that offers additional protection. Instead of absorbing the heat energy from the food and letting it escape from the lunch bag, the bag's inner aluminum layer reflects it. To keep drinks or perishable foods cool, you can pack your cooler bag with reusable ice packs or ice bars to keep it as cold as possible.


What are the different types of cooler bags and coolers?

When you see the Healthy Lunch cooler bag collection or read this description, you will have understood that there are several types of cooler bags. We would like to point out that we make a distinction between a cooler bag that is foldable and made of soft fabric, and a rigid cooler that does not fold. Let's take a look at the different types of cooler bags available at Healthy Lunch.

Lunch bag

The lunch bag, widely used for lunch at work is becoming more and more popular. An insulated lunch bag will allow you to carry a lunch box and a water bottle easily throughout the day. Moreover, this type of lunch bag has thermal properties to keep cool or warm. It is therefore used in the office or even outside. Moreover, it is widespread among students.

Soft cooler

The fabric cooler bag is also increasingly used, especially for people who want an insulated bag with better thermal performance than a lunch bag. The soft cooler is therefore suitable for an outdoor picnic and all people who do not work in an office. It is therefore suitable for workers and workers on a construction site.

Cooler backpack

The cooler backpack is ideal for hikes, sports weekends or even for a picnic. The insulated backpack has the advantage of being easy to carry and of offering a good size capacity or a large capacity. One of the most popular models is the 30 liter insulated backpack which is very versatile.

Insulated bottle bag

And, finally, we present you with a type of bag or insulated pouch especially adapted for bottles. This type of isothermal bottle bag is notably used to carry water bottles during hot summer days, but is also very efficient for carrying wine or champagne bottles. The bottle cooler bag is therefore a very useful accessory in everyday life.


How do I maintain my cooler bag?

Although the quality of our insulated bags is well known, we recommend certain ways of maintaining your bag in order to guarantee its efficiency and durability. First of all, before using it for the first time, we recommend that you wash your cooler bag with clear warm water and soap. After that, dry the bag efficiently and store it in a place where it will not get dusty or wet. Then, after each use, we recommend you to proceed in the same way to wash your cooler bag. If you have stained it, normally, simply warm water and soap are enough to remove the stain. Gently scrub the soiled bag.


How do I use my cooler bag to keep food cool?

On this topic, we have written a very comprehensive blog post that answers the question: How do I effectively keep food cold in an insulated bag? To summarize this blog post, we recommend that you place your cooler bag in the freezer the day before you plan to use it. Also, place your food in the fridge a few hours before putting it in the bag. Add ice packs to your cooler bag to keep your thermal bag cool! The more ice packs it has the longer it will stay cold, it's up to you how long you want to keep it cool.

Remember to close your cooler bag tightly when you keep it cool inside. And finally, we advise you to clean your bag after each use. To keep your bag warm efficiently, we recommend a stainless steel lunch box.