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Lunch Box Black

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Be tempted by the elegancy of this wonderful Black Lunch Box. At the office or outdoor, you could carry your favorite meals hot or cold.


Composed of three compartments, this food box is ideal for carrying your meals and cutlery every day.  A separator is also provided to facilitate the distribution of your favorite foods.

Do well for your health by eating tasty home-cooked dishes.  In addition to having a balanced diet and using a elegant bento design, you will greatly reduce food waste.

bento box original trois modeles


  • Dimensions (L x W x H) :

          7.3" x 3.9" x 4.3"  |  18.5cm x 10cm x 11cm

  • Capacity:   33.8 fl oz   |   1000ml

  • Made of polypropylene (healthy plastic, 100% recyclable) and certified food. BPA-free.
  • Your dishes will always be hot by simply going to the microwave.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe like a plate.
  • Perfectly hermetic, you will not overturn its contents.
  • BPA-free and food certified.
  • No more food waste! In addition to a healthy meal, you will join the community of zero waste advocates.
  • Free delivery.

    Still not conviced ? Choose it is also…

     Eat better. Choose the contents of your meal and do well to your body.

     Be ecoresponsible. Protect the environment by avoiding food waste and disposable packaging.             

     Better everyday life. Enjoy a complete and balanced meal according to your desires all in a single compartmented and reusable box.
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