Best Isothermal Lunch Box : Reviews and Comparisons

Best Isothermal Lunch Box : Reviews and Comparisons

You want to buy a new lunch box for the next school year? Are you looking for a new lunch box for your child because you no longer trust the canteen? We think that you should bet on an isothermal lunch box and not the least.

The world of mobile lunches has changed a lot since plastic and classic packaging was forgotten. Today, the new fashion requires the use of a lunch box to store and transport food. However, for a safe transport and a healthy consumption of your food, the best way is to buy an isothermal lunch box. Technically, it is a lunch box designed from stainless steel. It embeds remarkable qualities that will meet your different food needs.

To get the best insulated lunch box on the market, you will have to consider its size, design, thermal performance and especially the accessories it offers. Better yet, you should also have the right address where to find some models that fit well.

To help you achieve this goal, this complete guide will provide you with a comparison of the best insulated lunch boxes. But before that, you will be given the main advantages of the box as well as detailed information on its selection criteria. So let's not waste another minute.


Why buy an isothermal lunch box?

The isothermal lunch box is not an ordinary container. Here are some reasons to invest in it.

- The isothermal lunch box is chemical free

Stainless steel insulated containers do not contain any chemicals, which makes them safe for everyday use.

Unlike silicone containers, they are Bpa-free. For novice consumers, BPA or Bisphenol A is a toxic chemical that leaches into food through plastic. It is hazardous to your health and can cause cancer in the worst case scenario. This is one of the main reasons why investing in a stainless steel lunch box is worth it.

- The insulated lunch box is safe for the environment

Unlike food boxes made with materials like plastic, insulated lunch boxes are made of stainless steel. This is a material that is environmentally friendly as all environmentalists recommend.

In other words, it does not cause environmental problems in the long run. Therefore, the best way to ensure that the future generation has a safe future is to choose an insulated container. At Healthy Lunch, we help you accomplish this mission because all of our products are environmentally friendly.

- The lunch box keeps food warm and cool

Most lunch boxes on the market don't always have the ability to keep food hot for long periods of time. If you like to eat your meals as they are packed, there is no better choice than a stainless steel insulated lunch box.

It allows you to enjoy your food the way you want it and at the right temperature at any time of the day. It owes this performance to its thick insulated walls that retain the temperature whether it is high or low.

- The isothermal lunch box is durable

The durability of some containers like glass is questionable, as they could break easily due to their fragility. However, insulated lunch boxes have an unmatched durability factor. Moreover, most of them come with a one-year warranty, which is a good advantage. All in all, the reliability and durable quality make this type of lunch box a perfect purchase for you and your family.


What size lunch box to choose?

When poorly executed, the choice of the size of an isothermal lunch box can make you regret your investment. Obviously, it highlights several parameters that you should consider beforehand. Do you want to carry your lunch box to work? What are your dietary needs during the day? What type of meals do you want to prepare in your lunch box? These are all questions that can help you choose the right size.

  • To carry salad starters, sandwiches or hot starters: a size between 250 ml and 500 ml.
  • To carry main courses to satisfy big hungers: a size between 750 ml and 1500 ml. Of course, this capacity can be increased if you plan to feed a crowd at a picnic. For this purpose, you can opt for a capacity of up to 3 liters.
  • To carry desserts: a small capacity of 200 ml to 450 ml.

Here are some details to give you a concrete idea of the storage capacities available on the market.


How to choose the best isothermal lunch box?



Sales people have all the marketing techniques to make you buy anything. We don't want you to make a choice based on their glowing speeches. Therefore, the editorial team has prepared some key criteria that determine the best insulated lunch box.

Choosing based on design

Although the main purpose of an insulated container is to keep food at the right temperature, it should also keep a good appearance. Indeed, nobody wants to end up with a container that doesn't look good. You will have understood it: the design of the insulated lunch box embeds its design. Further, you can also choose the shape of your food box (oval, rectangular, square, tiered, etc.).

Choose according to the shelf life

Everyone knows that the stainless steel insulated cooler can keep the temperature of meals over several hours. However, it is always better to have a little more precision on this information. Obviously, there are some models that offer between 2 and 6 hours of thermal preservation. Other models, such as the Healthy Lunch ones, offer up to 24 hours to keep your food hot and cold.

Choose based on practicality

Practicality takes into account all the accessories as well as the features that enhance the user experience. Therefore, you'll want to bank on the following if you're looking for a compact lunch box:

  • Handles on the sides or a shoulder strap over the lid to help with grip or opening.
  • A bag or pouch to cover and safely transport the container.
  • A strap to optimize the locking of the food container and prevent leaks and spills.
  • Cutlery such as a spoon or fork.


What is the best insulated lunch box?

It is difficult to attribute all the merits of the best isothermal lunch box to a single product. Indeed, the market offers a wide range of models that are excellent. In order to make your choice easier, our editorial team offers you a top 8 of the best lunch boxes.

The White Isothermal Lunch Box

Lunch Box Inox White Floors


We start this selection in force with a conservation box which proposes you enormous capacities. Indeed, we find 3 models which are respectively 1600 ml, 2600 ml and 3650 ml. You will have understood it: it is a large isothermal box which will be more than enough for a picnic. We also recommend it if you are used to taking food to your colleagues at the office. With its 3 levels, you can organize an entire menu.

In its rectangular shape, it has a stainless steel interior with an external protection made of polypropylene plastic. You will have no trouble keeping your meals at the right temperature while preserving their quality. Moreover, we appreciate the presence of a handle that facilitates the transport of the lunch box.

The Japanese Bento Inox Red

Japanese Bento Inox Red


In second place, we find a beautiful isothermal packaging in the form of a Japanese bento. It has two internal compartments that offer a nice capacity of 1900 ml. It is therefore the ideal utensil to separate liquid and solid foods. Moreover, it will make an excellent companion for nomadic workers such as truckers.

With its brushed stainless steel design, food certified and bpa free, you can be sure that your hot or cold meal will keep its temperature for several hours. In addition, the beautiful cooler bag has a fairly sturdy lid that makes it completely airtight. In other words, there's no chance of your food leaking or getting mixed up.

And just like its predecessor, this Healthy Lunch model also has a shoulder strap for easy handling.

The Pink Insulated Waterproof Lunch Box

Pink Compartmented Lunch Box

We still remain in the category of food boxes offering a large capacity to consumers. If you don't want to burden yourself with a multi-level model, this pink colored 1.72 liter bento box will do the trick. It is structured in two compartments and can hold desserts, sauces and many other dishes. Moreover, you can count on the steel that adorns its inner walls for a better temperature preservation.

The other advantage of this box is that it is particularly waterproof. In addition to this, its dimensions are optimal for a stay in a lunch bag or a backpack. Once its use is over, you can easily clean it, as it is dishwasher safe like a simple plate.

The Lunch Box Inox Blue

Lunch Box Inox Blue


With a length of 23 cm, a width of 15.5 cm and a height of 6.5 cm, this lunch box can follow you everywhere. So don't hesitate to take advantage of its large capacity of 1 liter to make up your day's meal. For this purpose, up to 5 compartments are available to you. They are completely made of stainless steel, which allows you to keep your food warm.

If you prefer fresh salads, you can always put the container in a fridge. This will allow your food to reach the ideal temperature. A little further, our team is sure that you will appreciate the closure of the stainless steel lunch box. It incorporates safety seals that are particularly airtight.

We also remember that choosing this type of insulated lunch box will make you a zero waste advocate.

The Red Isothermal Lunch Box

We are getting closer to the models with thermal precision with this isothermal container. Indeed, it is considered one of the most successful products of the Healthy Lunch brand and that is understandable.

Lunch Box Isotherm Red


First of all, it comes in the form of a thermos that can store 500 ml of food. Secondly, the stainless steel that covers its walls is one of the most resistant. By the way, it is composed of 6 layers of protection and thermal insulation. In terms of performance, this is equivalent to keeping hot and cold for 12 hours. Regardless of the ambient temperature, the insulated jar maintains this duration.

Finally, the Healthy Lunch brand has gone the extra mile by bolstering the delivery package with accessories. These include a collapsible spoon and an insulated pouch that fits the size of the food box.

The Yellow Isothermal Lunch Box

You were seduced by the previous model, but find that its capacity is too small? You would like to have the same one with a little more capacity? Here is the model you need.

Lunch Box Isotherm Yellow


Thanks to its 750 ml capacity, it can keep food cool or warm for several hours of the day (12h). With this utensil, you are sure to find your chocolate still warm even during winter. And if you are a smoothie lover, the drink will always stay cool if you take it to the office. Naturally, this high performance is due to the various insulating layers of its double wall:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Vacuum insulation;
  • The electrolytic polishing layer;
  • The colored coating layer.

Beyond these features, you will appreciate the fact that the lunch box comes with an insulated lunch bag and a removable stainless steel spoon.

The Black Compartmented Lunch Box

Black Compartmentalized Lunch Box


Behind its simple and classic look, this insulated lunch box may surprise you. Its main strength lies in the complexity of its stainless steel compartments. Specifically, you can get between 4 and 5 compartments depending on the model chosen. That's enough space to prepare a delicious meal and take it everywhere.

Are you worried about the safety of the contents? Take them for a walk, because the lid of this storage box is tightly sealed with its four closures. It's also transparent, which reassures anxious consumers. Even with a sauce inside, you can fit it in your bag without any risk of spills or leaks.

Finally, it is a lunch box that Healthy Lunch delivers to you free of charge with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.


How to use an isothermal lunch box?



Improper use of your insulated lunch box can reduce its thermal performance. In order to allow its walls to retain the full temperature of the meal, it is important to follow an optimization process.

Open your food box and pour boiling water into it if you want to keep the meal warm. If not, simply pre-cool the jar in the fridge. Let this first temperature soak the can for at least 10 minutes.
Remove the container from the heating water or remove it from your cold storage unit depending on the type of meal. Then, fill your lunch box to the brim with the hot or cold food.
Immediately close the box properly using the lid or the seals. And if your lunch box comes with a pouch, insert it inside.
These tips don't always come with an instruction manual. So make sure you know how to use them after you buy your lunch box.


FAQ's on the best insulated lunch boxes

How do I clean an insulated lunch box?

First of all, you should know that stainless steel insulated lunch boxes are very easy to clean. In fact, you just need to wash them by hand with a soft cloth. Some people recommend putting the container in the dishwasher, but we must admit that this is not always necessary. In the worst case, the machine can damage the inside of the box with scratches.

When should I wash my insulated lunch box?

We recommend that you wash your lunch box after each use. This is a principle that you must absolutely respect if you do not want to leave any odors in the jar. In this case, only a cleaning with baking soda will help you to sanitize the insulated container.

Where to buy the best isothermal lunch box?

Isothermal lunch boxes are available on the French market either online or in physical stores. However, we suggest you to choose the Healthy Lunch store because of the quality it sells. You will find the best models of isothermal lunch boxes.

What is the best isothermal lunch box?

The best insulated lunch box should have stainless steel walls. Then, it all depends on your needs, because the goal is to have a product that suits you. For more details, you can review the different models presented in the guide.



Choosing the best insulated lunch box for you and your family can be a daunting task. While the market offers a wide range of choices, the Healthy Lunch brand comes to make your life easier. They have containers in all sizes and designs. Plus, their products offer the best temperature retention on the market. So what are you waiting for? Bring home your stainless steel insulated box and you'll never regret it!

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