why choose stainless steel lunch box in 2022

Why choose a stainless steel lunch box?

choose stainless steel lunch box

In these times when it is difficult to eat healthy outside your home, the lunch box makes things easier. Indeed, this lunch box facilitates the transport of food from your home to any place. It can therefore help you take a home-made meal to the office, to the gym or for a walk in nature.

However, it is important to remember that there are several ranges of lunch boxes available on the market. If some users suggest you invest in a glass container, others will not hesitate to advise you the famous bento box. However, the stainless steel lunch box is by far the best reference when you want to keep meals. If you have any doubts, this article reveals some details about the interest of choosing a stainless steel lunch box.

The advantages of choosing a stainless steel lunch box

There are many advantages to choosing a stainless steel insulated lunch box, and we will see some of them.

Eating healthy food

healthy lunch box

As its name suggests, the stainless steel lunch box is made from stainless steel. If you didn't know, this is one of the most optimal materials for storing food and drinks. Plus, it has isothermal fibers that keep your meal warm without affecting the flavor or quality.

In fact, stainless steel is easy to maintain and does not release any chemicals into your food. In other words, a stainless steel box is free of any components that are harmful to both the body and the environment. Moreover, its compartments are designed without BPA to avoid any food poisoning.

However, it should be noted that the role of this jar is not limited to starchy foods. Obviously, you can store liquid foods in it. No matter how long you keep it, the stainless steel will not rust and will not let any harmful substance migrate to your food.

This is good news if you are concerned about destroying your health with residual materials.

All in all, the stainless steel lunch box is a welcome change to the routine of workers who frequently indulge in fast food. From now on, make the right choice and eat healthy.

Save money

Stainless steel boxes save you from a number of wasteful activities, including food waste.

Specifically, there is a wide range of stainless steel jars that have built-in compartments for storing food. If you don't use disposable packaging, you can use the stainless steel box to better organize your meals. Between the starter, the dessert, the main course and the snack, you will be able to make your arrangement without any confusion.

On the other hand, stainless steel is an ecological solution, as it produces zero waste. Although the material is a limited resource, it can be recycled indefinitely. Once your box is no longer reusable, it can be recycled for something else.

Safely transport your meals

lunch box meal for drive

The other advantage of lunch boxes is that they are light and condensed. So there is no need to worry about transporting your lunch or dinner. They follow you, no matter where you go or how you travel.

In addition, transporting liquid food is made easier by the jar's covers, which are reinforced with silicone seals. In short, investing in a stainless steel box is like choosing an airtight box.

Other advantages not to be overlooked

The other great advantage of stainless steel, especially for children, is that a stainless steel lunchbox is virtually unbreakable. Unlike plastic models, they know how to withstand bumps or drops. Moreover, you will love them for their ultra easy maintenance. Obviously, they are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned with a sponge.

How to choose a stainless steel lunch box?

Generally, before choosing a lunch box and benefiting from it in the long term, there are certain criteria to examine.

The size

Regardless of its quality, a lunch box must be able to support your appetite. To this end, you should take into account the dimensions it offers before buying it. Here, the size can also refer to the volume and this criterion depends mainly on the gender and age of the user.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a lunch box with a capacity of 700 ml for women. And for men, the ideal stainless steel box should have a capacity of between 900 ml and 1 liter. For the dietary needs of the smallest, it is preferable to opt for a medium size between 200 and 500 ml.

However, there may be times when you need a container for a general public use. This could be a dinner party or a picnic. In this kind of situation, it is obvious that you will need a considerable size. The capacity of the canister can then range from 1 to 1.5 liters. In short, the size can also depend on the type of use you want for your jar.

The compartments

choose lunch box with space

The stainless steel lunch box model you choose must meet your storage expectations. If you want to use it to carry a variety of foods, choose a stainless steel box with 4 or 5 compartments.

On the other hand, if you take a bowl without compartments, it implies that you can only keep one meal. However, the ideal is to have a jar with at least two separate compartments and hermetically closed by different lids.

So if you love to make several small meals, the tiered lunchboxes can serve you. This is the only way to carry all your meals without them getting mixed up or spilling on the way. In case you still lack space for your lunch, you can opt for a cooler bag to fill the gap.

Top 3 best stainless steel lunch boxes

Modern, attractive and shaped in different forms, the lunch boxes from Healthy Lunch store are designed for all forms of use. Find here a top 3 of the best products that will certainly convince you.

Lunch Box Isotherm Black

Explore our incredible Black Insulated Lunch Box, perfect for keeping your meals warm. Available in 500ml and 750ml sizes, it's designed to keep your food warm for over 12 hours, regardless of the weather conditions. It comes with a folding stainless steel spoon and a matching insulated bag. The 6-layer protection and thermal insulation construction ensure maximum efficiency, and it's made from stainless steel and PP (100% recyclable plastic), BPA and PVC free.

Lunch Box Isotherm Black

Pink Isothermal Lunch Box

Make your daily life easier with our Pink Insulated Lunch Box, capable of keeping your meals warm for up to 6 hours. Available in 630ml and 1L sizes, it features handles for easy transport. It keeps warm and cold for 4 to 6 hours outdoors in winter, and over 8 hours in an insulated bag. The dimensions vary depending on the chosen model. Like our black lunch box, it's made of stainless steel and PP, BPA and PVC free, and is easy to clean.

Pink Isothermal Lunch Box

The Blue Compartmented Isothermal Lunch Box

Our Blue Compartmented Insulated Lunch Box is perfect for easily transporting your healthy meals. Made from 304 stainless steel, it's airtight and insulated. BPA-free, it keeps your meals healthy. It measures 20 cm x 9.5 cm x 13 cm with a capacity of 1200 ml. It's also made from stainless steel and polypropylene (healthy, 100% recyclable plastic) and is food certified. Easy to clean and perfectly airtight, this box joins the zero-waste advocate community.

Blue Compartmented Lunch Box

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