Top 10 best insulated lunch bags 2022

Top 10 best insulated lunch bags 2022

Are you looking for the best insulated lunch bag for healthy eating at the office? Do you want to take your food and drinks with you easily? Do you want to enjoy delicious fresh and/or hot food?

The use of insulated lunch bags is a must nowadays since these accessories are very practical for keeping the temperature of your food. By combining design and thermal performance, you will be able to eat a home-made meal every day at the office.

Better than a simple lunch bag, Healthy Lunch insulated lunch bags with their unique and original design offer you the best thermal quality.

Let's discover together in this article the top 10 of the best insulated lunch bag models existing in 2022.


Multicolored Lunch Bag

The Multicolored Leaves Insulated Lunch Bag simplifies the daily life of its users thanks to its many advantages. With this wonderful little insulated bag, your lunch will be kept cool and/or warm at the office or at the gym. You will discover all the comfort of this mini cooler with an exceptional design, making your day particularly inspiring. The lunch bag is decorated with splendid multicolored leaves that give it an incredible charm. It is recognizable through its original and colorful design. Its foam lining reinforces its airtightness and provides excellent thermal performance. It is 4 times more efficient than a classic ice bag in maintaining temperature. The thickness of this insulated bag is 5 mm, ensuring that your fresh food is kept at the right temperature for hours. Very colorful, this lunch bag is perfect for those who love stylish accessories.




Spring Meal Cooler Bag

The Spring Meal Cooler Bag brings you a precious help by keeping your meals at the desired temperature for long hours. This original cooler bag reveals the beauty of nature, with its flowery pattern. Its singular design offers the most beautiful way to pace your lunch during the week. You can take this small soft cooler to work to enjoy a hot meal every day. With its large main compartment design, this reusable cooler bag is ideal for taking your food box with you to enjoy tasty lunches with peace of mind. Having the best insulated lunch bag is the smartest way to keep your food cool on the go. This gives you the opportunity to have an outdoor picnic and go to the park, with the chance to eat a hot meal in the middle of the day. This zippered, neoprene-lined cooler bag in navy blue will become your everyday ally.



Tropical Flamingo Cooler Bag

The Tropical Flamingo Cooler Bag is the perfect companion for those who love animal accessories. It has an enchanting design with tropical leaves and beautiful red flowers. Made of high quality isothermal material, it keeps food and beverages fresh for a tasty mid-day snack. Its inner fabric is made of thick foam and aluminum foil to ensure perfect thermal insulation. Its high isothermal performance is due to its high quality Oxford materials. Equipped with padded handles, this lunch bag with a pink tropical flamingo pattern is easy to carry. You can then carry your sandwich, lunch box and cans inside the bag for a successful lunch break. With its colorful design and soft touch, users enjoy its delicacy at every meal. It symbolizes the effectiveness of the best insulated lunch bag by combining comfort of use and practicality.



Red Lunch Bag

By its design, the Red Meal Cooler Bag subtly combines elegance and beauty to carry your daily meals at the right temperature. Its isothermal performance offers you the possibility to keep your meals safely. This waterproof accessory is impervious to water, while resisting well to the action of liquids. Thanks to the efficiency of this lunch bag, you will be able to go anywhere with always a meal at your disposal. This lunch bag is suitable for many activities: picnics, sports, swimming, work, family outings, etc. It offers you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite food while traveling. This isothermal lunch bag is perfectly adapted to slip your lunch box and fruits. It has a front pocket to carry your cutlery and a zipper above the main compartment.



Isothermal Meal Bag Classic Grey

With its unique color, the Isothermal Meal Bag Classic Grey seduces by its elegance. It will give refinement to your daily trips while keeping your meals intact. This beautiful insulated lunch bag offers you the possibility to enjoy food kept warm or cool in the middle of the day. Its exterior design is elegant, and its small size to carry a lunch box makes it practical. With a pocket on the front, it is possible to store utensils (soup spoon, coffee spoon, forks...) in it with ease. Designed to simplify your daily life, this accessory can hold your food and drinks for a serene lunch with colleagues. It is made of soft material, with a comfortable touch, which makes it the best insulated lunch bag for children and adults. This insulated bag has a handle, a front pocket and a zipper closure.



Isothermal Meal Bag White Flowers

The White Flowers Lunch Bag transforms your daily life by keeping your food at the desired temperature. Very practical, this mini insulated bag with a capacity of 6.5 liters is decorated with beautiful white flowers on its exterior. It offers you the possibility to have your hot meal available everywhere you go, on picnic and at work. This small, soft cooler is both practical and environmentally friendly, and has a wonderful design. This easy-to-clean, airtight product will simplify your daily routine. It allows users to safely carry fresh food throughout the day. This insulated lunch bag is designed with premium quality 600D Oxford materials. The performance of these liners allows you to keep your meals warm and cool for hours. This is one of the best insulated lunch bags in circulation. This original floral patterned cooler bag will make it easy to take your homemade meal with you, which will greatly enhance the comfort of your lunch break.



Isothermal Meal Bag Love

Having a Love Cooler Bag allows everyone to enjoy a hot meal during the day at the office or at the gym. This wonderful, space-saving cooler bag has a place of honor among the most beautiful decorative items designed to enchant those who love beautiful things. Easy to carry, this lunch bag is made with high quality materials and sturdy stitching to keep your food boxes safe. Considered one of the best insulated lunch bags, it subtly blends flexibility and lightness for unparalleled convenience. This reusable lunch bag has a wonderful elegance with its romantic heart pattern. This accessory is very practical to carry your hot drinks as well as your fruits and fresh food. Foldable and made of neoprene, it can easily be cleaned with water and a soft sponge to keep it clean.



Teddy Bear Cooler Bag

With its refined design, the Teddy Bear Cooler Bag combines aesthetics and practicality. It is both cute and easy to carry. Its playful and frosted aspect gives it a nice look. This accessory is ideal for storing drinks, snacks, fruit and a lunch box. It can be placed in the refrigerator to keep your food delicious and fresh. With its isothermal performance, your food will stay cool and warm on the go. For even fresher meals, it is recommended to use ice packs in its large cooler compartment. Uniquely styled, this wonderful cooler bag has a front pocket to store utensils, towels and tissues. With a zipper on the top, it is a true companion for all generations. You can take it with you on a picnic in the countryside or during a sports training session (fitness, weight training, swimming...).



Cactus Meal Cooler Bag

With a bewitching look, the Cactus Meal Cooler Bag offers the opportunity to have a hot meal to enjoy at any time. This gorgeous mini cooler bag is decorated with beautiful blue and green cacti. Small red flowers adorn the whole decoration to give this accessory an inspiring design. The thermos bag can be taken anywhere to have a hot meal at a picnic, at work and during a sports session. Its versatility allows it to be used as a bento bag, picnic bag, shopping bag and miscellaneous bag. This lunch bag has a handle on the top and a zippered pocket on the side.



Purple Nature Cooler Bag

The Nature Purple Lunch Bag is the ideal accessory to live in the scent of nature every day. This practical everyday accessory allows you to easily carry your complete lunch: lunch box, cans, fruits. It is probably one of the most efficient isothermal lunch bags available today. This flexible cooler offers you the possibility to take your food and drinks to your workplace in a bag with an original design. Its nature pattern is very inspiring for a daily life marked by the joy of living. With its excellent thermal retention, this purple lunch bag allows adults and children to take part in a variety of activities with peace of mind: picnics, sports, fitness, weight training, dancing and walks in the countryside. A soft handle allows you to comfortably carry this bag on the go.



Healthy Lunch Bag 

We design our lunch bags with high quality materials to offer the best thermal performance and beautiful design. Opting for a lunch bag today allows you to eat better every day by choosing to replace sandwiches and fast food with tasty homemade meals.

For large capacity insulated bags, perfectly adapted for your favorite hikes and picnics in the wilderness, discover our selection of cooler backpacks. More elaborate than Quechua, our cooler backpacks allow you to keep the temperature of your food and drinks throughout the day. They are all equipped with adjustable padded straps to ensure a comfortable outing.




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