Norauto electric cooler : Reviews

Norauto electric cooler : Reviews

Are you looking for the best electric cooler on the market? Why not trust the products of Norauto?

On the French market, there are several brands that offer great promises in terms of electric coolers. If some claim to have a product with the best cooling system, others design overpriced models. Very quickly, it becomes difficult to find a reliable product that respects all the performances described on paper. However, this kind of confusion usually happens to customers who do not have the right information. Indeed, you should know that the best electric coolers are found within the best brands such as Norauto. 

Several tests have allowed us to understand that the Norauto electric cooler deserves several stars. Not only does it offer excellent cooling options, but it is also affordable for everyone.

Throughout this guide, we'll find out what makes this company's coolers so special before presenting our test of the best Norauto coolers. Better yet, you'll have the opportunity to discover other quality alternatives that sellers are hiding from you.


Norauto electric cooler or regular cooler: which is better?

electric cooler vs passive cooler


Norauto's electric coolers are designed to be used as mobile coolers. It must be said that the European brand surprised many consumers when it entered this market. Norauto has been known as a reference in the world of automotive maintenance and equipment since 1970. Thanks to its founder Eric Derville, the brand has been working hard to offer the best marketing services for :

  • Tires ;
  • Car batteries ;
  • Car seats ;
  • Air conditioning and oil changes;
  • Car registration and many others.

In addition, the company's teams have been curious about the different ways to improve the comfort and interior equipment of cars. With this in mind, Norauto has turned to the world of electric coolers. For a lover of long car journeys or for a nomadic worker, it is essential to feed oneself regularly. If you don't want to make several stopovers and spend money on fast food, a cooler in your car is a real solution.

All Norauto electric coolers work with cigarette lighter adapters and are very popular with truckers. Unlike regular coolers, they eliminate the need for ice packs. This is a significant advantage, as you don't have to stop and constantly drain the water as the ice melts. In other words, electric coolers don't need ice and will never soak your food.

Simply plug your cooler into your vehicle's cigarette lighter and you're done. They can cool to the set temperature in less than half an hour. Some can be set to near freezing temperatures, allowing you to pack sensitive items.

Best electric coolers Norauto : comparison and opinion

In our various tests, two coolers from Norauto have caught our attention. Let's discover together what they offer in terms of performance.

The NORAUTO 28L/24V Compression cooler: a high-performance mini fridge

norauto cooler 28l 12v 24v compression


We start this comparison with this small 28 liter cooler. At first we thought that its size would have a negative impact on its performance, but it was a big surprise.

First of all, this is a cooler that runs on a compression cooling system. In other words, it is able to freeze your food on a temperature below 22°C. Better, we congratulate the presence of a digital display that facilitates the adjustment of the temperature according to our liking.

It is possible to believe that such a performance would require enormous energy resources. And that's where the little cooler comes in to surprise us. With its A++ energy class and its 46 watts of power, you don't have to worry about your electric bills, let alone your car battery.

We also appreciate the wheels that allow you to easily transport the container anywhere. Best of all, it works just as well in a car as in a truck. All you have to do is use the power cables included in the delivery package. Overall, we really like this portable model even though it doesn't offer a warming function.

The NORAUTO 40L 12V/230V Thermoelectric Cooler: the best refrigerator of the brand

norauto cooler 40l 12v 230v thermoelectric


Our second choice for the best Norauto electric cooler is based on this container. It is a thermoelectric cooler with a capacity of 40 liters. Inside, we appreciated the two compartments that allow better separation of food.

The other point that must be remembered is the cooling capacity of the product. In this regard, we found out that it can cool food down to -18°C. It is also possible to turn it on and off using a specific wiring. This includes a pack of 12v and 220-230v adapters. All these cables have a storage space located on the cover.

The other feature we really liked was the sturdy construction and the design of the lid. The latter offers an automatic opening and closing system. This considerably strengthens the isothermal character of the electric cooler.

However, the biggest drawbacks of this cooler were its heavy weight and its relatively noisy fan. This wasn't super noticeable most of the time, but it became much more noticeable during a nightly test. The other real concern to consider is its higher power consumption due to its energy class (F) and 55 watt power output.

Fortunately, it is possible to find products on the market that are both economical and ultra-efficient. The most fashionable ones are currently available from one of the booming French brands: Healthy Lunch.


Norauto electric cooler: the new and improved option at Healthy Lunch

For the past few years, Healthy Lunch has positioned itself as a leader in high-end food transport equipment. If you can't find the right electric cooler for you at Norauto, you've come to the right place. In this regard, the editorial team offers you a top 2 of the best electric coolers signed Healthy Lunch.

32L Electric Car/Truck Cooler - 12V-220V: a great all-around cooler

Electric Cooler Car/Truck 32L - 12V -220V


The first thing that surprised us was the impressive size of this product. Indeed, it is a large refrigerator with a capacity of 32 liters. It is therefore an excellent option for people who travel in large cars. Better still, it's the ideal equipment for a large picnic meal.

On the first day of testing, we noticed that the cooler benefited from a 12v and 24v power cable. Very quickly, we proceeded to connect it to the cigarette lighter socket of a pickup truck. We remind you that you can also connect the cooler to a wall socket thanks to the second 100-240V cable.

After a few hours of use, we also found that this large case offered an impressive temperature drop. Obviously, it has the ability to keep food at a safe temperature that extends to -20°C from room temperature.


  • Power consumption: 45 watts
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Storage capacity: 32 L
  • Dimensions: 65.4 cm x 34.5 cm x 37.7 cm
  • Temperature drop: lowers the temperature by 20°C


  • Operates on a 12v to 230v electrical current
  • Great insulating capacity: 20h
  • Can contain enough food for 2 or 3 days of camping in its 3 compartments
  • Has handles for easy transport
  • Low motor noise
  • LED bulb to light up the inside of the cooler

Disadvantages :

  • No wheels
  • Cannot keep warm

25 Liters Electric Cooler -Hot/Cold: a small cooler full of resources

Electric Cooler 25 Liters - Hot/Cold


Like the previous model, this cooler works on the compression cooling system. However, it is a smaller and more portable version. With its 25 liters, it is obvious that it will not be able to contain more than a day or two of food for several people.

From another point of view, this size can be an advantage. Indeed, you can put this little cooler just about anywhere: a small house, a camper/van, etc. This makes it a viable option for people who like to travel without the bulk. To that end, we appreciate the existence of cables for 12v and 24v cigarette lighter outlets. Alternating current is also taken care of with the 100v-240v wiring.

Furthermore, the performance of this portable compressor remains outstanding. If you need to freeze sensitive food products to preserve their shelf life, this is the ideal machine. It freezes at 22°C below the outside temperature. We were also surprised to discover that the Healthy Lunch cooler can also keep warm up to 55°C. And to make the user experience easier, this dual performance is facilitated by a digital display. With the LED remote control included in the delivery package, setting the temperature was a breeze.


  • Power consumption: 45 watts
  • Storage capacity: 25L
  • Dimensions: 576 mm x 320 mm x 329 mm
  • Temperature drop: lowers the temperature to -22°C and keeps the heat up to 55°C


  • Compact and isothermal cooler
  • Polyurethane foam design material
  • Changeable cooling and heating system with manual adjustment
  • Operates on 12v-24v DC and 100v-240v AC
  • Low noise and energy consumption


  • Small capacity
  • Lack of carrying handle



If you need a family or portable electric cooler for a warm climate, Norauto coolers will satisfy you. They offer excellent combinations of functionality and efficiency for a better preservation of freshness. We only regret the noise of the fan and the energy consumption which need improvement. Fortunately, the two options from the Healthy Lunch store present themselves as serious alternatives. We highly recommend them, especially since their quality-price ratio is unbeatable.


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