Microwave lunch box : Which one to choose ?

Microwave lunch box : Which one to choose ?

Do you have trouble getting through your lunch breaks with hot meals when you're at work or on the go? Do you want to use microwave-safe containers while maintaining your food safety? There are several bowls that can address your concern and we have the right one for you.

In everyday life, many people like to prepare their own food from home. Afterwards, they carry the food to the office in a lunch bag in hopes of regaining their strength during the break. However, they end up with a cold and almost bland meal. In this kind of situation, it is often tempting to resort to a bento box that can be put in the microwave oven. However, not all lunch boxes are compatible with this household appliance. Indeed, some models produce substances that are harmful to health, and only an expert opinion can help you choose the best lunch box.

Obviously, the choice of your microwave lunch box should be based primarily on its design material. Apart from this must, you can also count on the capacity and the waterproofness of the jar.

Want to know a little more? We invite you to discover the best selection techniques after visiting our most outstanding microwave box models.

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The three best microwave lunch boxes

In the catalog of our online store, you have a host of containers compatible with the appliance. Find here a top 3 that will not leave you indifferent.

The Chic Wooden Lunch Box Beige

Lunch Box Chic Beige Wood


With a generous capacity of 1200 ml, this lunch box is surprisingly compact. Indeed, the manufacturers thought of making it practical in order to facilitate its portability.

It can be recognized by its following dimensions: 18.5 cm long, 10.5 cm wide and 9.2 cm high. Inside, you will find two compartments as well as an upper jar to store your cutlery. But why invest in its purchase?

Actually, this hermetic box signed Healthy Lunch is eco-friendly and made of premium quality plastic. Specifically, it's made of a fully reusable, bpa-free PP (polypropylene) plastic seal. In other words, it's a lunch box that's made to go through a microwave with peace of mind.

The Green Bento Lunch Box

Bento Lunch Box Green

This bento box inspired by Japanese traditions has style, but also hidden details. Indeed, it offers you two compartments of equal sizes with a top lid to cover the whole box. However, it should be noted that each compartment also has its own lid. They are all waterproof and can accommodate your fork or even small snacks.

Moreover, the green bento lunch box is made of polypropylene: a BPA-free and 100% recyclable plastic. Thanks to this quality material, you can heat any food in the microwave. The box will not suffer any inconvenience and will give you back your meal with all its flavors.

For people who want to take several cooked meals to work, there is no need to worry. The box has a capacity of 1200 ml and even offers you a separator to split the salty and sweet food. In one sentence, this is the utensil that will make people around you jealous. We don't forget to mention that it is easy to maintain and can be easily put in the dishwasher.

An alternative to the microwave: The Lunch Box Isotherm Army

Lunch Box Isotherm Army

At your workplace, you don't have access to a microwave? Or, there are always a lot of people around and it takes away from your lunch time? There are two solutions: a heated lunch box if you have access to an electrical outlet, or an isothermal lunch box that keeps you warm. This is the case with the Army insulated lunch box, which is very efficient in keeping your food warm. This insulated lunch box from our store is certainly what you need. Cleverly designed, you will love its oval design that gives it the shape of a thermos.

Even though it is not compartmentalized in several spaces, its 500 ml capacity allows you to take a balanced meal. Moreover, detail lovers will appreciate its food safety composition. Obviously, the lunchbox is not only made of stainless steel, but also free of bisphenol A and PVC. For a nutrition expert, this is the best container for eating healthy food even if it's microwavable.

Better yet, it keeps food hot for at least 12 hours thanks to its 6 layers of thermal insulation.

And to make your life easier, you can get it with a foldable stainless steel spoon and a nice isothermal bag. Of course, all of this extra package is courtesy of Healthy Lunch. And, if you want another cooler bag, you can always check out our collection. This type of cooler bag will keep your food and drinks warm and fresh.


Why use a microwave lunch box?

Not all lunch boxes are created equal. Compared to some lunch box models, microwaveable lunch boxes offer more catering convenience. In just a few minutes, you can heat up everything from soups and macaroni to popcorn and snacks.

In addition, these containers are known to be very durable and can even withstand much higher temperatures. Unfortunately, this is not the case with regular packaging that can break down the nutrients in your meal.

Better yet, there are a few other benefits you may not have thought of.

An ecological advantage

Opting for the microwaveable containers is a choice to preserve the ecology. Indeed, the majority of these bowls are reusable as many times as you wish. For example, you don't have to throw them away like standard shopping bags. You can always keep them and even reuse them for leftover food at home. Indirectly, you become an environmentally conscious consumer who seeks to reduce waste proliferation.

A maintenance advantage

Microwaveable containers are easy to maintain. Generally, they are dishwasher safe just like your regular plates. In other words, you don't have to wash them by hand.

An alternative to the stove

woman cooking on a stove

Don't be fooled: Microwave trays are not just for workers or people on the go. You can also use it at home to heat up a lot of the food you eat regularly. This way, the pan and the stove can enjoy a few moments of rest.


How to choose a microwave lunch box?

man and his-wife-baking-a-lunch-box

There are many things you need to keep in mind when deciding on a microwave lunch box.

The design material or type of lunch box

Not all containers can be microwaved in a healthy and safe way. In fact, there is a group of bento boxes whose materials are only designed for microwave use. Beware, the isothermal lunch box generally designed in stainless steel (inox) is not microwave safe.

Glass lunch boxes

This type includes borosilicate glass, glass-ceramic and titanium oxide crystal glass boxes. These materials are all suitable for heating in the microwave for a long time due to their physical and chemical properties.

Plastic lunch boxes

On the face of it, plastic is not a good idea when it comes to heating up food in the mini oven. However, there is a category of plastic that you can choose when buying your lunch box. It is the :

  •     High-density polyethylene plastic or HDPE: containers designed with this material are perfect for microwaves. They are extremely durable and resistant to deterioration.
  •     Polypropylene plastic or PP: This material guarantees a temperature resistance of over 200 degrees Celsius. Lightweight and efficient, it is the most commonly used material for containers, especially those from Healthy Lunch.
  •     Bagasse molded fiber: safe for your meals, this type of material can be used in the microwave at temperatures up to 250 degrees.

Here are the different types of lunch boxes that you should ask your vendor for a healthy diet. On the other hand, it is recommended to avoid at all costs the containers made of aluminum as well as PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PS (Polystyrene) plastics.

The capacity of the microwave lunch box

Precisely, the capacity of a lunch box emphasizes its size as well as its capacity. For this purpose, the small models have a capacity between 200 and 500 ml. They can pack or reheat a complete and copious meal especially if you are not too greedy.

Otherwise, you can always rely on large containers with a capacity of up to 2 liters. There, you can let your culinary imagination explode. Between the mixtures of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits, the choice is vast enough to please yourself.

Finally, we don't forget to mention that the larger the capacity of the lunch box, the more likely you are to enjoy several compartments inside.


A lunch box contains a variety of foods, whether liquid (soups, curries, etc.) or solid (rice, macaroni, etc.). In order to avoid possible leaks, you should choose a container with a tight seal or lid. This way, you will be able to transport your lunch box anywhere with complete peace of mind.

Here are the essentials you need to choose the best microwave lunch box. The latter must incorporate the best design and be heat resistant to prevent chemicals from penetrating your food.

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