Bento Isotherme : Which one to choose ?

Insulated Bento: Which one to choose ?

Are you a nomadic worker and therefore looking for a container that can carry your favorite meals? Are you tired of constantly going back home to eat during your lunch breaks? It is definitely time to stop this routine by adopting an isothermal bento.

Basically, a bento is a meal box of Japanese origin designed to preserve food. With the need to consume quality meals at all times, its use has been imposed in households. Better still, designers have come up with innovative models equipped with technology to keep food at the right temperature. Commonly called isothermal bentos, these are new ways to consume a hot meal. On the French market, there are thousands of them and the choice can be particularly difficult.

However, investing in an isothermal bento is an easy operation when you base your selection on the size of the container and other criteria. These include the design, the material and the functionality of the food box.

Want to know the nitty-gritty details of all these criteria? This article is the guide for you. It takes you to the discovery of the best insulated bento boxes while going through the importance of having the container in your daily life.



Which bento box to choose?

In order to help you choose your insulated lunch box, here are some Healthy Lunch products that will convince you.


Black isothermal lunch box

This beautiful isothermal container is designed for people who like to combine design and utility. Technically, it can contain solid and liquid food without the risk of leakage. For this purpose, you have a large capacity with a double wall of stainless steel. Thus, you will be able to keep the heat of your food and drink from home to your place of work.

Moreover, it comes with a foldable spoon and an insulated bag to ensure its convenience and thermal performance. And to make the can effective, we thought of a perfectly sealed lid.


Pink soup can

Excellent design, versatile, waterproof and minimalist: this is how we can define this Japanese style bento with a wide opening. It has a double-wall reinforced insulated design to keep the temperature for hours. The isothermal lunch box is food certified and BPA free. Thus, your fresh products and hot drinks will be kept at the right temperature in complete serenity.

It is a food certified bento that we put at your disposal, because your well-being is our priority. You can also carry your sauces and soups thanks to its waterproof compartment.

Also, the lunch box remains a perfectly ergonomic accessory that is easy to carry. After use, it is easy to clean, as it is dishwasher safe.


Why use an isothermal bento lunch box?

There are several reasons why a person would use an isothermal bento. Let's discover together which ones.

Eating healthy



Do you have a particularly strict diet? Do you often have intolerances to all food products containing soy? It is obvious that you need a sanitary control that only the bento can offer you.

In fact, it allows you to concoct, by yourself, healthy and balanced meals that you can even keep in a cool place. No need to go to a canteen or a fast-food restaurant where the quality of the food leaves something to be desired. The bento also avoids the use of packaging that may contain chemical products.

Saving money

Here, it is a question of saving time and especially money. How many workers or students are forced to wait in line for cheaper food? The numbers are quite considerable. With the bento, say goodbye to this ordeal by preparing homemade meals that you can easily take to work, conference, university, picnic, etc.

You won't have to get up during breaks to look for food and drinks.

On the other hand, it's a great way to save money. Indeed, lunches at restaurants can be very expensive, especially if they become a routine.


Are you afraid of carrying around a food box? Your workspace isn't big enough to accommodate an insulated lunch box? Don't worry, because the bento's light weight and compact shape make it an ergonomic solution. You can carry it and set it up anywhere without any risk of clutter. In one sentence, it is a food container that blends in with any decor.


If you are an advocate of a green world, the bento will make you feel even more committed to your fight. This is understandable, as the majority of these jars are reusable. More specifically, the food boxes are made from recyclable materials. It is then understandable that bentos contribute to the reduction of waste that silicone packaging represents.


What size for an isothermal bento?



The size also refers to the capacity of the box. It is the first criterion to choose your insulated lunch box, because it must meet your food needs. Indeed, a child will not have the same requirements as an adult, especially if he is a sportsman. You must therefore select a product that fits your profile. To make it easier for you, our editorial team has divided the bento boxes into four sizes.

  • The S size: this small box corresponds to small children and will be an excellent way to concoct baby meals. Technically, the containers with this size offer a capacity ranging from 250 ml to 500 ml.
  • The M size: the M size cans are adapted to adults who need calories to "fuel" during a working day. You can also offer them to elderly people who have low calorie needs. Specifically, they range in volume from 500 to 750 ml.
  • The L size: if you are a big eater or a growing teenager, this is certainly the bento size you need. It offers a capacity of up to 1 liter for complete and balanced meals.
  • The XL size: this is a large capacity bowl that will do the trick if you go hiking or on a picnic with a group. It allows you to keep enough different dishes. For this purpose, it does not have one main compartment, but several compartments for a better distribution. Generally, its volume can reach at least 2 liters.

So here is the list of different sizes that correspond to the bentos on the market. However, you will need other elements before concluding your purchase.


How to choose the right isothermal bento ?

The choice of the isothermal bento is based on some criteria that we will discover together throughout this section.

Choosing according to the design

The design takes into account the appearance of your isothermal box. Because it will accompany you everywhere, it is important that it has an attractive design. It should also be noted that this criterion can vary depending on the gender and age of the user. This is understandable, because children's models with fun designs are definitely not for adults.

Further, the design also sets the stage for the style of the box. Is it single compartment or does it have tiers? These are all details that can entice you while buying the utensil.

Choose according to the design material

This is the criterion that determines the isothermal nature of your storage box. Obviously, not all materials are involved in the design of a container that can keep food below its ambient temperature.

Therefore, those that can offer you the thermal character are glass, healthy plastic and stainless steel. Naturally, these different materials do not share the same thermal insulation.

  • Glass isothermal bentos: even if it is not a cold accumulator, we love glass for the transparency it offers to the jar. You have a visual and direct contact with the content. This type of bowl can keep your meals warm for 2 to 5 hours.
  • The plastic isothermal bentos: the plastic used for the design of the isothermal bentos is generally BPA-free. This means that it is free of chemicals that can alter the taste and quality of food when kept warm. In addition, these insulated containers are highly resistant to shocks.
  • Stainless steel insulated bentos: this is the must have in terms of insulated containers. In fact, stainless steel is known for its remarkable temperature retention capabilities. By choosing a bento made of this material, the shelf life of your food can vary between 10 hours (heat) and 24 hours (freshness).

Remember to choose the right material for your bento, because it will determine its isothermicity.

Choose according to the functionalities

The functionalities of a container refer to the accessories it offers to the user in order to facilitate his experience. In this case, consider choosing an isothermal bento that embeds:

  • handles ;
  • an airtight box with a ribbon to keep the box airtight;
  • a bag for your cutlery.

In this way, you will enjoy a completely practical utensil.

By now, we think you're well equipped to make your mark on the insulated bento market. Between the choice of size, materials, design and functionality, finding the container that suits your style will be a breeze. If not, you can always visit our rich catalog of products that await you.


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