How to keep your meal warm during transport?

How to keep your meal warm during transport?

There may be times when you decide to take cooked meals on a trip or to an outdoor dinner party. In this type of situation, it is obvious that your food must stay warm in order to maintain its taste and texture. This is a real challenge especially when you know that the shelf life of some foods and beverages cannot exceed one day. However, there are tips on how to keep your food warm for at least half a day. This article gives you all the details on the subject.

To keep your meal warm during transportation, it is recommended to use an isothermal lunch box and an isothermal lunch bag. By using these two accessories, you will keep your meal warm for several hours.

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Which meals to keep warm during transport?

which meals to carry to keep warm
As you can see, it is possible to keep food warm without cooling it down. To do so, you will have to choose the right dishes and transport them in a bento box. In addition, it is also important to know some dishes that you can easily keep warm without altering the food quality. Whether it is organic recipes or more classic recipes, discover our suggestions:



Considered a classic, especially if you share Japanese origins, rice is a food that is best eaten warm. You can enhance it with a sauce or dabs of butter to enhance its flavor. No matter what accompaniments you put on it, rice can stay warm for hours.



Sausages are particularly pleasing to the palate and can enhance a dinner or picnic meal. It is advisable to cook them separately before packing them in a lunch bag. With the effect of heat, they can maintain their tenderness over several hours. For the more gourmet, you can serve them with a dish of spaghetti with onions.



It's always nice to have mashed potatoes in your lunch bag when you have a recreational outing. It can be mashed potatoes or potatoes. On the route, this type of food can retain heat for at least 3 hours. The only condition to succeed in this exercise is to prepare the mashed potatoes a few minutes before the start.



These are small dishes that are easy to prepare and that you can carry everywhere. They come in several recipes that can be adapted according to the culinary preferences of each person. Indeed, there are chicken tagines, potato tagines and many others that can stay warm for a long time.



They are also among the warm dishes that you can carry in a container without fear of cooling. If you haven't had the experience yet, remember that soups are perfectly balanced dishes. If you're looking for an insulated soup can for airtight transport, there are containers that are perfectly suited to the task. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan or meat lover, warm soup meals are universal and can be stored easily.


How do you keep a meal warm during transport?

There are several ways to keep food warm during a trip until it's time for a lunch break, for example. Here, the objective is to respect the following principle: maximize the input heat and minimize the output heat. In addition, we recommend the use of a lunch bag to carry your lunch. To do so, this section suggests you follow these 4 tips:


Fill your lunch box with boiling water

warm meal lunch box
You will first have to fill your lunch box with boiling water. The water must remain in the box for at least 30 seconds to ensure optimal heating. In this way, the stainless steel walls, which cover the inside of your lunch box, will be completely heated. All you have to do is empty the water and then place your warm meal in the lunch box in complete peace of mind.

Fill your lunch box to the brim when the meal is very warm

Don't wait for your meal to cool down before putting it in your container. It is important to keep it at its ideal temperature for a long time. If it turns out that your meal is still warm when you eat it, just be patient. Also, remember to fill your box sufficiently, making sure that there is no space left in it. After that, you can close it immediately.


 Put your food box in an insulated lunch bag

To keep your lunch at the right temperature, you will need to put the box that contains it in an ideal bag. In this, an isothermal lunch bag will be much more advantageous to you. Unlike plastic bags, this one is effective against the weather as well as the temperature. This way, you can reduce the heat output of your jar.

Keep your box in a place at room temperature and open it only for tasting.

healthy lunch box lunch box
Once you have reached your destination, you should never put your lunch box in a fridge. Your bento box is more than enough to maintain the temperature of your meal. Better still, it can provide lasting protection for your food against bacteria. Please, do not open your lunch box until the time of delivery. Otherwise, you run the risk of chilling your lunch.

Which isothermal box to choose to keep a meal warm?

pink isothermal lunch box 3 levels
To keep a meal warm, several isothermal boxes can be found on the market. However, some models are more efficient than others, especially for a car trip, for example. At Healthy Lunch, you can find the best insulated boxes available on the market:

Bento: the essentials you need

Healthy Lunch's signature bento boxes have stainless steel walls that guarantee its resistance. In addition, it has airtight lids that protect against an inadvertent spill of the food. It is available in several models:

The Lunch Box Bento Beige

Very popular with customers, this bento has two compartments topped by a space specially designed for storing cutlery. You will be able to take your food everywhere you want. Better still, it is BPA-free and easy to clean after use.

chic beige wood lunch box

The Pink Bento Lunch Box

Pink in color, this bento box is a romantic accessory. And it is not only used to prepare delicious meals. Moreover, you can count on these two large spaces for a capacity of 1200 ml. This allows you to separate your food by category.

Soup can: the other ally you shouldn't neglect

The soup can is also an excellent isothermal can. It's easy to carry around and doesn't take up much space at all. In a nutshell, it goes unnoticed. With Healthy Lunch, you have different models to choose from:


The Blue Soup Box

If you love to feast on a delicious soupy meal, you'll totally fall in love with this product. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is very efficient with its capacity of 350 milliliters.


The Pink Soup Box

Equipped with a thermal insulation, this soup can has the capacity to keep your food warm for 12 hours. In addition, it is totally hermetic and completely isothermal. Your dish will not be altered by bacteria and will keep its heat and flavor.


Heated lunch box: the reference

The heated lunch box stands out for its optimal quality in the preservation of warm food. Contrary to other products, it offers the luxury of reheating one's own meal on a daily basis without using the microwave.

Better still, it often tends to heat up quickly and does not go away after a long time. You can discover it in several forms at Healthy Lunch:


The Red Electric Lunch Box

This isothermal lunch box has what it takes to heat up your meals with ease. No need to put it in the microwave because you fear a cold chain. You just need to power it up and your food will be warmed up. Whether you're shopping or working, you can take it with you wherever you go.


The Green Electric Lunch Box

This product offers you the luxury of heating your dishes when they get cold. With two adapters, you can use it in the car as well as at home. With a capacity of 1.5 liters, it helps you carry as much food as you want. Finally, just plug it into a power source to enjoy warm food.

Insulated lunch bags: the best insulated containers you'll need for transport

lunch bag
Unlike an ordinary lunchbox, the insulated bag has several advantages. In fact, it is perfectly eco-friendly and can keep your meals in the state you want. You can keep your food warm or cold as you wish. Also, it proves to be a fashionable accessory and is very economical. On the Healthy Lunch website, you can find a rich collection of products:


The Tropical Flamingo Lunch Bag

This lunch bag proposed by Healthy Lunch is ultra efficient to keep warm for 4 hours. Made of quality materials, it is wrinkle-free and easy to care for. As an added bonus, you'll be able to carry it with you on the go because it's still very durable.


The Grey Isothermal Backpack

With a large capacity of 20 liters, this isothermal container can carry as many insolent lunch boxes as possible. Lightweight and durable, you won't feel the weight on your shoulders. Obviously, its strap is flexible and fully facilitates your travels on foot. Have a great trip!

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