how to keep cool in an insulated bag

How to effectively keep the cold in an insulated lunch bag?

Does your cooler bag get warm quickly? Are you often annoyed because your meal is lukewarm when you eat it? And you don't understand why your cooler bag doesn't keep your food cool?

You are not the only one! It is a very common thing when you use an insulated bag without knowing the tips you need to know to keep your meal fresh. In this article you will discover how to avoid the pitfalls and know everything you need to know about it! In 5 minutes, when you finish reading, you will know:

The right reflexes to have before, during and after your meal.
The big secret to keeping your meal fresh.
How long your food will keep in your cooler bag.

To effectively keep your food cold in an insulated bag, you simply need to cool your insulated bag and your meal. You can place your cooler bag in the freezer the day before you want to use it. In short, a quality cooler bag with ice packs will keep your meal cool for many hours.

Come on, let's not delay any longer and find out everything you need to know right away!


Keeping your meal cool: the right reflexes before and after using the lunch bag

As you can see, keeping your meal cool is not simply a matter of buying an insulated bag, filling it with food and hoping that it stays cool when you eat it!

Tips before using an insulated lunch bag

The day before a picnic or before taking your lunch box to work, you'll need to think of two simple things.

  • Cool your cooler bag in the freezer

The first thing to do is simply to cool your cooler bag! We rarely think about it but our cooler bag has an internal temperature. By cooling it from the start we allow our bag to stay cooler for much longer inside. So what you need to do is: put your lunch bag in the freezer the day before you want to use it.

Please note that the optimal temperature for storage in the freezer is -18°C.

  • Cool your food in the refrigerator a little before

And, the second thing to do is to keep your food cool before putting it in your bag. Whether it's fruits, vegetables, salad, or chocolate, put these foods in the fridge for a few hours before you put them in your cooler bag.

You'll see, just by doing these two simple things before using your bag for your meal, you'll gain at least 1.5 hours of extra freshness!

But that's not all, to make sure you start off on the right foot for your next meal you'll need to keep your bag well maintained.

>Tips after using your cooler bag

When you get home, take 2 minutes to wash and dry your bag. You'll have a head start on keeping your next meal fresh!

  • Clean your cooler bag properly

You read that right! Cleaning your cooler bag will help keep your next meal even cooler. By simply cleaning your bag with clear water and soap, not forgetting to rinse it well, you will remove all the bacteria and residue present at the bottom of your bag and that can prevent optimal refrigeration. Also, by doing this you guarantee the hygiene of your meal and you won't have any bad surprises when you open it next time!

  • Dry your bag well!

Don't forget to dry it before putting it away. Laying it out for half an hour after cleaning it should be enough to dry your cooler bag. With a clean, dry bag, you have ALMOST everything you need to keep your cooler bag fresh...


The great secret of freshness in an insulated bag: ice cubes!

ice bag for lunch bag

The big secret to know is none other than the use of ice packs. Well-frozen ice packs will make a big difference in your cooler bag.

We have done several tests with our Blue Lunch Bag and by adding two ice packs inside the bag, its temperature reaches 10°C in 10 minutes. 8 hours later, its temperature will still be maintained below 17°C.

And, with this same isothermal bag, by adding four ice blocks instead of two, we have another result! In less than 10 minutes, the temperature drops below 1°C and 8 hours later the inside temperature of this bag is still below 10°C. Impressive!

How long does an insulated bag keep your meal cool?

As you can see, the length of time an insulated bag stays cool depends on several factors:

The maintenance of its insulated bag.
The freshness of the bag and the food.
The quantity of ice packs present.
The quality of your cooler bag.

By combining all these factors, you can hope to keep your meal fresh for 8 hours!

The formula for a cool meal: a quality cooler bag using all these tips

Now you know how to keep your cool in your cooler bag. If you apply all these tips, you'll have no more excuses to eat your meals lukewarm! But you'll also need to make sure that your cooler bag is of good quality for this.

Let me suggest you our selection of isothermal bags that are both original and efficient. You will be able to keep your meals fresh for up to 8 hours!

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