How to eat hot at the office?

How to eat hot at the office?

Do you want to brighten up your lunchtime by bringing a hot, homemade dish to work? Are you tired of always eating cold at work because your lunch bag can't hold the heat? We have the solution to help you keep your food hot even on the job.

At lunchtime, most workers are happy to sit down to a nice meal. Of course, it's always better to eat a hot meal with a flavor and smell that will increase your appetite. For this reason, some people prefer to opt for outside catering or meal delivery. Over time, it must be recognized that this eating habit becomes not only expensive, but also annoying. However, it is possible to become an office food expert by eating at your workplace and without having to travel.

If you want to know how to eat hot at the office, all you have to do is use an electric lunchbox or an isothermal lunch box. On the other hand, you also need to master the use of these food boxes adapted for the office.

This is exactly what we will help you discover in this guide. Are you already imagining a hot meal on your desk that you can't wait to enjoy? Read on to make it a reality.



Which container to eat hot at the office?

There are different types of lunchboxes that can help you eat hot at work. These include insulated containers that keep food warm for hours.

However, this type of lunch box does not have the capacity to warm up cold food for a few minutes before the break. For this purpose, only the electric boxes offer you this fresh and warm lunch experience.


To make it easier for you, we're going to offer you a top 3 of the best containers that you can easily take to work. They are part of the rich range of products in our Healthy Lunch store.

The Yellow Isothermal Lunch Box

Lunch Box Isotherm Yellow

One of the fears of an office food lover is to find his food cold and crushed in his bento box. With this model that starts our selection, you can make this fear disappear.

Presented in an oval design, this thermos comes with a separate thermal bag. This is an accessory that allows you to pack everything inside to keep the food under the right temperature. Better yet, the store also gives you a few cutlery items, including a folding stainless steel spoon.

As for its design, the lunchbox is made from food-certified plastic with a stainless steel inner lining. For storage, it offers you a single compartment with a capacity of 750 ml. But what is the particularity of this isothermal box?

Thanks to the 6 layers that cover its thermal insulation, this model keeps your dish warm for at least 12 hours. And if you decide to keep it only in the bag, the conservation time extends to 24 hours. It is simply a great performance that the box offers you.

Finally, it will be the perfect ally for workers who love discretion and space saving, as it is a compact and easy to carry product.

The Beige Heated Lunch Box

Heated Lunch Box Beige

Do you have a wall outlet in your office? This electric bowl is what you need to eat a hot meal. It comes with a 220V adapter that you can plug into your outlet at any time.

In just a few minutes, the device heats your food evenly without altering the different nutrients and vitamins. To be clear, our various tests state that 15 minutes is more than enough time to obtain a tasty meal.

Moreover, such a performance is also due to its design. Indeed, the beige lunch box is made of plastic that is not only healthy but also ecological. Its inner walls are made of stainless steel, which makes it a bpa-free and food certified box.

Other details you need include its size and capacity. Obviously, the canister remains ergonomic and can easily fit in a purse or backpack. It measures 25.5 cm in length, 14 cm in width and a height of 17 cm. As for its capacity, it comes down to 400 ml, which is a nice space to carry a meal balanced in carbohydrates and proteins.

The Lunch Box 4 Compartments

Lunch Box 4 Compartments

This isothermal bento lunch box model will certainly please the greedy workers.

Unlike the other lunch boxes in our selection, it has 4 internal compartments. You will therefore have a variety of choices to eat healthily especially when you know that it has a large capacity of 1400 ml.

The jar also offers you the opportunity to separate sweet and salty foods especially if you have a demanding diet. And under its lid that snaps on and off tightly, there is a space to store your spoons.

Particularly waterproof, it is important to remember that it is made of PP plastic, a 100% reusable material. However, its strength lies in its stainless steel food tray that keeps meals warm for a long time.

The other advantage that should be emphasized is its ability to go easily through the dishwasher like any other piece of crockery.


How to heat your lunch box?

It is not enough to have a portable container at work to hope to eat balanced and especially hot. In fact, you need to know how to use your lunch box to better enjoy a hot meal during a lunch break.

If you want to eat in a thermos

Eating hot from a thermos is easy and it all starts from home. In the morning, before preparing your breakfast, boil some water and pour the hot water inside the container. Afterwards, remember to close the lid tightly and let the water sit for at least 10 minutes. This is a technique that preheats the stainless steel walls of the can.

Once your lunch is ready and extremely warm, empty the hot water from your insulated thermos and place the prepared food inside. Seal the lid immediately. If the jar comes with a bag like our yellow insulated model, you can insert it inside. This way, you will retain more heat and eat hot at any time.

If you want to eat in an insulated box

Most insulated boxes have a plastic seal that supports the stainless steel compartments. This seal also serves as the bottom compartment and it is this element that will make your food warm. Simply add a little boiling water and close with the food container. If you don't have hot water, you can always opt for a hot water bottle that you can fill with lukewarm water. It is also recommended to place it at the bottom of your box.

If you want to eat in an electric box

The electric boxes integrate a heating technology that provides energy. This energy is transformed into heat and then transferred to the stainless steel container. And as soon as it is plugged into a socket, the lunch box steams your food evenly. Of course, we recommend that you always add a little water to the bottom of the container to prevent the food from drying out.

The result is simply unique: a complete, ready-to-eat food within 10 to 15 minutes of cooking. So we understand that you can plug your bowl into a wall and continue your work while the meal is warming up.


What hot meal to eat at the office?


This may seem like an ordinary question, but it has two purposes. First, you need to eat rich food to regain your strength after a hard morning's work. Second, it is important to have food that does not smell bad to your co-workers. Remember that you will be eating in the office and that you should always respect the people around you.

To that end, we've come up with a few recipe ideas that are sure to be a hit.

  •     Hot bean salads: Bean salads are not only "warming", they are also balanced and filling. And you can customize your recipe by testing different types of beans, including green beans.
  •     Wraps: If you're a sandwich person, wraps seem like a perfect alternative. Easy to eat, they can be enhanced with homemade pork cutlets or crispy chicken.
  •     Soups: this is a classic to eat hot at the office especially when it is cold outside or when you are not feeling well. Depending on the ingredients used, they are nutritious and delicious.

Of course, you can always vary with various nutritional contributions such as raw vegetables, oilseeds, snacks, etc. You can also discover recipes by following this link: lunch box recipe.

Now you know how to eat a hot meal at work and in which lunch box. We hope that our tips will help you discover a new eating habit and especially consider testing our models for more guarantees.

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