How to choose a reusable water bottle?

How to choose a reusable water bottle?

To preserve the environment, you want to replace your disposable bottle by another one that is reusable? You know that drinking water stimulates brain functions and that's why you are looking for a reusable water bottle? We think we can help you by showing you how to choose the best model of this container.

It is obvious that products that help reduce single-use plastics are a great investment. To this end, the reusable water bottle is certainly no exception. Over the past few years, many bottles in this category have emerged, leading many people to better hydrate themselves in an eco-friendly world. And to find the one that will fit your lifestyle, it takes a little patience and research based on criteria.

Indeed, the choice of your reusable water bottle must be based on the waterproofness, the maintenance and the insulation which are important elements. Moreover, you must choose according to the material, the size and the capacity.

All these different criteria will be explained in depth in the following lines to allow you to make a perfect choice. Better yet, we will provide you with our best reusable water bottles at the end of the article.



How to choose your water bottle ?

Here are some basic criteria you should look for in a reusable water bottle.

Choose according to the watertightness

Reusable water bottles usually have mouthpieces with a wide opening. With carelessness, you can therefore pour your drink during a hydration at the mouth. To avoid this, we suggest that you opt for water bottles with tight-fitting lids. Specifically, there are several types of caps that promise a firm closure on your bottle:

  • The screw cap;
  • The sport cap;
  • The flat cap;
  • The decapping cap;
  • Half Twist stopper.

We also think of the straw stopper which is extremely practical while keeping your teeth safe when you drink too cold or too hot.

Choose according to the level of maintenance

It's important to keep your reusable water bottle clean to avoid bacteria and even mold build-up. So, check when you buy if the bottle is easy to maintain. Practically speaking, containers with larger mouthpieces are easier to clean. Also, some thermoses are dishwasher safe and others only require hand washing.

Choose based on insulation

Your reusable bottle will be even more innovative if it is able to keep your drinks hot and cold. We therefore invite you to opt for insulated models such as isothermal bottles. This type of container integrates insulating layers inside, which allows their double wall to offer a conservation of temperature. The advantage of such a criterion is that you will be able to enjoy hot drinks during the winter when you travel. On the other hand, you will also be able to enjoy a fresh fruit juice during your outings in summer.


What kind of water bottle material should I choose?

reusable-insulated-water bottle

When purchasing your reusable water bottle, you will have the choice between 3 main materials:

  • Glass;
  • Plastic;
  • Stainless steel.

Each bottle with these materials has advantages and disadvantages and we invite you to discover them without further delay.

Glass bottle

Glass bottles are recyclable and do not leak harmful BPA and BPS into your drink. They are also transparent, so you can see what's in your container. On the other hand, this can be a drawback, as the glass is not discreet. You may not want others to think about what you are drinking when you have your green smoothie!

Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles can be aesthetically pleasing, as they are available in many designs and colors. They are also available at cheap prices. However, this is not a choice we recommend. They contain Bisphenol A, a harmful chemical used in the process of creating silicone.

Even if some reusable plastic bottles are recyclable, the reality is unfortunately elsewhere. Obviously, about 90% of the time, recycled plastic is not actually recycled and ends up in the oceans and landfills. On the other hand, a plastic bottle does not retain heat and cold well because the material is not insulated.

Stainless Steel Bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are the best choice when it comes to reusable water bottles. They are great for the environment because they are durable and 100% recyclable. If you maintain them properly, there is a good chance that they will still be operational for a few years.

Here are the main reasons to choose a water bottle with stainless steel walls:

  • Stainless steel water bottles are BPA and BPS free, making them a healthy and safer option.
  • Stainless steel water bottles are recyclable and durable, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • If insulated, stainless steel bottles can keep your drinks hot or cold for a few hours at a time.
  • If they are double-walled, you can carry steaming hot coffee in them while holding them in your hands without feeling the heat.
  • Stainless steel bottles do not absorb odours or colors.
  • Stainless steel bottles are easier to clean.

On the other hand, they can be criticized for being slightly heavier.


What size bottle should I choose?

reusable-water bottles-of-different-sizes

The size criterion allows you to choose a water bottle that will not take up too much space and will be easily transportable in a holder. Besides, the best reusable bottle designs are accessible in many sizes. For example, for a gift to your child, you can adopt a slim and compact design to make it easier for them to hold.

From another angle, the flexibility of the bottle is also another element that can enhance the size. For this purpose, you have both rigid and collapsible bottles. For example, a large, collapsible bottle is a great investment. Once empty, it can roll up or fit into any pocket.


How big is a water bottle?

There is no ideal capacity when it comes to reusable water bottles. In fact, it all depends on the use you plan to make of your thermos bottle. For example, a school child will not have the same hydration needs as an athlete. Depending on his training routine, the latter might need a bottle with a capacity of 500 ml or 1000 ml. Further on, there are also water bottles with larger capacities up to 2 liters. For long trips, they will be of great use.


Which reusable water bottle to choose?

If you want a sustainable and environmentally friendly water bottle, we at Healthy Lunch have the best models.

The 1L Blue/Purple Sport Bottle

blue-purple sports bottle

Looking for a reusable bottle to take to the gym or during your jogging or cycling session? This beautiful isothermal water bottle is made for you. It has a resistant look like the top sportsmen and offers you a design in purple color. You can also get it in a blue color.

Technically, its wide opening is protected by a one-click cap that allows you to avoid spilling the contents while training. Additionally, the lid incorporates a removable infuser net to brew your protein smoothie. In terms of capacity, the water bottle offers a large capacity of 1 liter reinforced by an ergonomic size. It has a height of 28 cm and a diameter of 7.5 cm. Finally, it is both healthy and ecological and we deliver for free.

The Stainless Steel Gourd Japanese Art


Presented as a reference on the market, this thermos flask is designed with a double stainless steel wall. This feature allows it to keep drinks cold for at least 24 hours. And if you decide to keep your tea or coffee hot, the temperature will be maintained for at least 12 hours. We also reassure you that the taste of your liquid food will not be altered, because this bottle is without BPA or other chemicals.

With its 500 ml volume, it fits perfectly in an cooler bag and can be used at work or at university. Also, it is specified that to adopt it brings you closer to the community of the defenders of the zero waste.

The Nature Fleurie Green Stainless Steel Gourd

stainless-steel-flowery-nature-green bottle

This small reusable gourd is available in 380 ml and 450 ml models for the pleasure of children. With the design of its stainless steel walls, it can keep hot chocolate for 12 hours and fresh cocktails for a whole day. And to allow little mouths to fully enjoy their liquids, the gourd has a straw stopper. In turn, this reinforces the hermetic character of the lid which prevents any form of leakage during the use of the bottle.

In conclusion, this top 3 of our products promises you a healthy and safe hydration that will make you enter the court of the ecologists. The best decision to make is to choose the one that meets your style and especially the criteria we have previously discussed.

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