How to choose an electric cooler?

How to choose an electric cooler?

Are you a picnic lover and looking for a sturdy food storage device? For your camping trips, you would like to take along a lot of steaks, beers and other foodstuffs to be kept at a good temperature? It is obvious that you need a container that stands out from the rest. And what better way than to choose an electric cooler!

When it comes to storing food outdoors, we've usually settled for traditional coolers, whether they're soft or hard. With lots of ice inside, it was possible to keep food fresh for a certain amount of time. However, this was not always efficient and required a lot of physical energy. Today, the arrival of the so-called electric coolers has broken the codes by offering a new technology of conservation.

And to know how to choose an electric cooler, it is enough to pay attention to certain key criteria like the capacity of the device. Obviously, other elements are also decisive: thermal insulation, energy consumption and physical performance of the cooler.

Together, we will discover this arsenal through this mini-guide. However, before we reveal the secrets of a custom selection, let's get to the bottom of the mystery behind the functioning and advantages of these electrical appliances.


Electric coolers: understand everything about how they work

Basically, the cooler is a container that is designed to keep cold or food products at a low temperature. The electric cooler has the same function, but with a big difference in the way it works. Indeed, it incorporates an internal cooling technology.

Before going into details, you should first know that there are three types of electric coolers:

  •     The absorption cooler ;
  •     The compressor cooler;
  •     The thermoelectric cooler.

We remind you that each cooler has its own operating system. And because the thermoelectric cooler remains the most used by individuals, we will focus on its operation.

For this purpose, the electric cooler is a component based on semiconductors or two electrical junctions that works on the Peltier effect. Developed by the French physicist Jean-Charles Peltier, it is a principle that creates a temperature difference.

More precisely, the Peltier effect will transfer heat between the electrical junctions, which will result in the creation of a voltage that will later be converted into direct current. When this current crosses the end of the semiconductors, the heat is evacuated towards a junction and a cooling is automatically produced.


Further on, some specialists point out that the Peltier effect does not only work as a cooler. It can also be used for heating if a heat sink exists at the heat retaining junction.


Choosing an electric cooler: the advantages we don't all know

Electric coolers offer a myriad of benefits to their users. Here we reveal some of the technical highlights that sellers don't always emphasize:

  •     The ability to cool below room temperature: a cold accumulator like the electric cooler has the ability to reduce the temperature below room value. This way, you can keep your food cool for as long as possible.
  •     The ability to heat and cool: the cooler performs both functions and saves you from investing in different coolers.
  •     Precise temperature control: some models have a remote control so that you have perfect control over the temperature of your choice.
  •     High reliability: due to their design based on semiconductors, the boxes are very reliable. Better still, their lifespan can be well over 200,000 hours, or more than twenty years.
  • Respect for the environment: unlike conventional coolers that are made from chemicals, thermoelectric coolers remain healthy and environmentally friendly.

It should not be forgotten that there are several other advantages besides the thermal performance such as low maintenance.


Electric cooler: criteria to follow for a customized choice

Finding an electric cooler on the Internet is easy. However, finding the right model that will meet your needs remains a rather difficult exercise. That's why we've prepared a list of criteria that are essential to make a good choice.

The capacity of your electric cooler

The capacity of the electric container refers to the amount of storage space it has. Very often, this capacity can depend on its size or on the type of consumer you are. Do you like to share meals with your family or a large group? It is obvious that you will need a box that can hold enough food and drinks.


In any case, coolers are generally imposing. They can range from 10 to over 80 liters in capacity. We advise you not to be greedy when it comes to storage. The larger the compartment, the more energy it will consume and the more expensive it will be. And finally, it will be less ergonomic and difficult to carry if you plan a picnic.


The thermal insulation of your electric cooler

This criterion strongly determines the isothermal performance of your cooler. In other words, it allows you to know how long the appliance is able to keep the temperature of food.

To this end, we recommend investing your money in a box that is sufficiently insulating, compact and above all economical. And to succeed in such a choice, polyurethane foam is by far the best material that the cooler should incorporate. In our online store, all our models are equipped with PU foam.

In return, you have isothermal containers capable of keeping the temperature between 6 h and 8 h. Better still, this performance is effective without the model being plugged into an electrical outlet or any other wall socket.


Compatibility and power consumption of your electric cooler

You can't plug an electronic device into just any type of outlet. Obviously, you need to know how much power it will draw compared to what your power source can handle.

To that end, you should know that coolers are compatible with two types of plug adapters:

  •     A cigarette lighter plug;
  •     Mains plug.

The first category works with a 12v and 24v power source for a connection in a car or a truck. The second type, on the other hand, uses a 220v DC power source, which corresponds to wall wiring.

Once you have selected the cooler that is compatible with the type of connection you want, make sure that it offers low power consumption. That's easy to understand, by the way. The goal is not to kill your vehicle's battery or drive up your electricity bills at home.


The physical performance of your electric cooler

There is no point in having an insulated cooler that is unable to offer you a nice shock resistance. Because you'll be carrying the large case in your car or a motor home to travel long distances, it's important that it's sturdy.

In addition, the electric cooler must be able to be both waterproof and leakproof. You can't tolerate, for example, your drinks leaking or falling out during the journey.


The noise level of your electric cooler

The decibel scale is a criterion that many customers overlook when they are solely focused on the performance of the unit. If you're planning long trips with the cooler in the back of your car, this criterion may be relative. However, if it is intended for installation in the kitchen, the noise can quickly become annoying. In any case, we recommend that you choose models with a relatively low noise level or silent noise level.


The level of maintenance of your electric cooler


If hygiene is a priority for you, consider a cooler that is easy to clean. There are several features that make this possible. These include a drain plug and other removable parts such as internal dividers.


Our best electric coolers

Which electric coolers you can choose from the wide range available on the market. We thought we'd make it easy for you by introducing our two Healthy Lunch products.

25 Liters Electric Cooler - Hot/Cold


Do you need a large cooler to keep all your food and drinks cool while taking your family on the road? This model from our catalog could be the best choice for you. All terrain device (truck, car, camper and home), it embeds a 25 liters capacity and integrates PU foam in its design.

Moreover, with its ability to cool food down to -22°C, it is really hard to compete. Even better, the temperature is maintained for about 8 hours. Don't hesitate to check out the product on our site, as its other features are simply impressive.

The 20 Liters Electric Cooler - Car/Home


There are many reasons why this thermo unit is one of our top choices. First of all, it easily plugs into your car's cigarette lighter with its 12v DC power. You can also connect it to a 220v socket at home.

Then, it offers a double function: cooling down to -30°C and heating up to 65°C. In its 20-liter compartment, you can keep all kinds of hard or liquid products while consuming less electrical energy: 75 Watts. Finally, our model has an LED remote control that makes the temperature adjustable and its noise level is less than 25 dB.

Whatever cooler you decide to improve your outings with, it must meet the majority of the criteria we have developed through this mini-guide. And if you have been seduced by our electric coolers, we invite you to take a look at our catalog where products are currently on sale. Otherwise, don't hesitate to leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer you.




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