How to choose a picnic tablecloth ?

How to choose a picnic tablecloth ?

Do you love to spend quality time outdoors alone or with your family? Do you often have trouble setting up your plates and meals when you always go on a picnic? No more panic! We suggest you adopt a tablecloth exclusively reserved for adventurers and picnickers.

Picnics are a great time to relax and enjoy nature and serve yourself a good family meal. However, there is more to a successful picnic than just cutlery and coolers. Obviously, you'll need to secure your setup with a comfortable tablecloth. Plus, it adds character to your outdoor space. Unfortunately, the market presents a wide range of covers combining various features.

Therefore, to choose the picnic tablecloth that will meet your expectations, it is highly recommended to consider the following:

  •     Design materials;
  •     Size;
  •     Durability;
  •     Style and color;
  •     Portability and level of maintenance.

Want to know a little more about these napkins that we tend to neglect? Through this article, we invite you to discover in detail the above-mentioned criteria of choice. And to conclude, you'll be treated to our top 2 best tablecloths for a perfect picnic. Let's get started!



Choose your tablecloth according to the design materials

The material of manufacture is an essential criterion in the choice of your tablecloths. Not only does it set the tone for your picnic, but they also determine their quality (tablecloth). From vinyl to polyester to burlap, the choice is quite multiple. Let's review the pros and cons of each material.

Vinyl Picnic Tablecloths

By definition, vinyl is a plastic material that is prominent in the design of plaids. Specifically, it's polyvinyl chloride, a material that makes your blanket easy to care for and keeps it from getting scratched.

If you're planning a casual picnic with a small group, these plastic tablecloths are a great choice. However, they may not be the best option for larger events. In this case, you may encounter concerns about their sometimes sticky feel.


Polyester Picnic Tablecloths

This synthetic tablecloth is a popular choice for outdoor outings as a table decoration. The fabrics that feature it are generally more expensive, but are still 100% reusable, durable, stain resistant and machine washable. In addition, polyester fabrics have the ability to repel water and cling easily to any table because of their flexibility.

Burlap Picnic Tablecloths

Want to give your picnic a vintage or rustic feel? We recommend you to choose the cloths made from burlap. It is a natural material that adds value and style to the furniture where it is placed.

We think of a wedding table, a round table or any other table runner. In a sentence, these table covers offer a chic and natural decor. However, it should be remembered that jute fiber covers are not always easy to maintain. You should take care to hand wash and dry them to extend their life.

Further on, there are also other material options that you can adopt for your picnic tablecloths. Acrylic, cotton and linen come to mind.


Choose your picnic tablecloth according to the size


Choosing the size of your towel is not an exact science. Indeed, it depends on your personal preferences and the number of people expected to sit on the mat. For example, for an outing with friends or a romantic get-together, you may want to consider a 150 cm x 150 cm size. On the other hand, if the event will gather a lot of people, it is obvious to opt for a large tablecloth. In terms of size, a format of 400 cm in length for a large width of 400 cm will do the trick.

On the other hand, the size of the tablecloths can also depend on the size and shape of the tables on which you intend to install them. Between a large table and a rectangular table, it is obvious that you will not bet on the same measures.


Choose your picnic tablecloth based on durability and waterproofing

Picnics in the great outdoors will expose your apron to risks, including the risk of tearing. To avoid getting scratches, consider a model that offers a good resistance.

Generally, we recognize this characteristic through the manufacture of the plaid. When it is made with an oxford textile, you have a total assurance regarding its resistance and its waterproofness. This type of model is also resistant to water, i.e. waterproof. This way, you can freely install your mat on a wet lawn, on the beach, on grass, etc.


Choose your picnic tablecloth based on style and pattern


The style presents itself as the other important part in the selection process. Specifically, it sets the stage for the adornment you wish to associate with your tablecloth. Thus, the following styles can be found:

  •     Rectangular tablecloths;
  •     Oval tablecloths;
  •     Round tablecloths.

Better yet, you can even think outside the box and have fun with square tablecloths. In addition to looking good on a square table, they can easily fit the geometric shape of a :

  •     Rectangular table;
  •     Oval table.

On the other side, the second choice in this section is the pattern or color palette. Between the printed fabrics, checks, embroidered and daring colors, everything depends on the type of picnic you plan to do. For an outdoor dinner or a nature wedding, a beautiful floral arrangement or a red tablecloth could do the trick. And if you feel like being daring, it is possible to choose canvases with color combinations.

Turquoise Beige Taupe Roses
Ivory Browns Rainbow blue Grey Metallic
 Light Grey  Anise Green Black Ochre


However, if you have no mastery of multicolor or all the previous colors, we advise you to choose white tablecloths. This type of tablecloth will suit any kind of occasion or party.


Choose your picnic tablecloth based on portability

The portability of a house means how easily you can take it anywhere. Even if you're riding your motorcycle, bike or car to your picnic spot, it needs to be ergonomic. First, make sure the deck is lightweight, especially if you're planning a long ride.

Then, make sure that it is foldable or in a roll form to integrate a carrying bag. Finally, you can always opt for a handle for your tablecloth. At Healthy Lunch, all of our tablecloths or picnic cloths have a strap for portability.


Choose your tablecloth according to the level of maintenance

It would be a shame to fall in love with a model that is difficult to maintain. The level of maintenance is therefore the last criterion of choice that we invite you to take into account before finalizing any purchase. Technically, your tablecloth should be easy to unfold and clean with a simple sponge. For an always new and durable maintenance, it can also propose a washing in machine.


Our best picnic tablecloths

You don't have to stop by Discount to buy yourself a disposable tablecloth on a lawn! At Healthy Lunch, we have the best tablecloths you need for a comfortable picnic.

The Fall Picnic Rug


Who says picnics are only for summer? With this stain-resistant mat, you can now defy the fall weather to enjoy a meal with guests outdoors. Made from waterproof Oxford fabric, it's perfect for use at the beach or in the mountains. What's also nice is the fact that the tablecloth is easy to clean. It is also available in several sizes to fit everyone's needs.

The Pineapple Picnic Mat


If you're looking for a stylish yet practical tablecloth for special occasions, you'll love this blanket. Ideal for outings by the sea or in a green park, its decorative patterns add happiness to your surroundings. It is available in a size of 140 cm x 80 cm and remains easily foldable for portability. Moreover, it is a totally waterproof product made with quality materials that we deliver free of charge.

So here we are at the end of our journey into the world of picnic tablecloths. Finally, the choice of an effective model is not so difficult if you respect the rules of selection mentioned above. We also remind you that our catalog is not limited to these two products and we invite you to take a look. Perhaps you will find the tablecloth you have been longing for.

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