How to carry your lunch to work?

How to carry your lunch to work?

Don't know how to carry your lunch to work? There are many accessories that can solve your problem. That's what we're going to see in this blog post.

Without a doubt, the best way to feed yourself is to prepare your favorite foods yourself. However, this becomes difficult when you spend most of your time at work. Between the canteen meals and the "cheap" drinks from the vending machines, you may get bored. However, you can simply prepare your meals at home and bring them to the office. This alternative is of course feasible if you have the best tips.

In order to transport your meal to work, there are several solutions: the bento, the lunch box and the isothermal lunch box. In addition, to carry your meal, there are many resistant and efficient isothermal bags.

In this article, we will see in detail the transport of your food and drink at work. Let's not waste any more time, let's go!

How to carry food to work?

lunch box at work
If you're looking for a way to make your lunch breaks interesting, the cooler bag is the perfect accessory.

Bring your food to work easily with the insulated lunch bag

Unlike a brown paper handbag, the insulated lunch bag is particularly well-suited for carrying. Thanks to its ergonomic dimensions, you can carry it anywhere. Even better, it facilitates the installation of your food with the help of an optimized capacity.

Moreover, this lunch bag is completely BPA-free, which is a serious advantage when it comes to safety standards. You can find several models in the best online stores such as Healthy Lunch.

Black Insulated Backpack 20 L

With a modest design, this lunch bag from the Healthy Lunch brand offers you the opportunity to have lunch in total discretion. Because of its capacity of 20 liters, it can keep a meal for at least two people. You have enough to enjoy your best dishes and to get enough energy for the rest of the day. Once the meal is finished, simply put your food box back in the insulated bag and close it with the zipper.

Isothermal Bag Meals Butterflies

This model is tendentially feminine. It will suit perfectly to the lovers of the detail because of its multicolored design. To carry your food, it embeds a strap and a compartmentalized interior for a better distribution. Moreover, this lunch bag is entirely designed with specific materials to ensure the safety of your food.

Red Mini Soft Cooler

In the category of insulated bags, Healthy Lunch also offers mini coolers. The one that represents this line is waterproof with an interior made entirely of stainless steel. Despite its sturdy appearance and its 6.5 L capacity, you will be pleasantly surprised by the flexibility of this isothermal cooler that makes your life easier.

On the other hand, you can find other more classic and simple models that will do the trick. Just take a look at the store's collection.

Does an insulated bag keep warm?

One of the things that bothers many workers is keeping their lunches at the right temperature. Fortunately, Healthy Lunch's stainless steel bags offer an effective answer to this concern.

Indeed, these storage boxes are able to keep your lunch warm until break time. Such a performance is easy to understand when you know that they integrate an insulating configuration. Specifically, they are made from a 600D Oxford protective film that ensures a warming thickness to your lunches.

Finally, note that each product of the Healthy Lunch store has a shelf life of at least 4 hours.

How to keep your meal warm?

warm lunch box for hot meal at work

Apart from an insulated lunch bag, you can also keep your food warm. We think in particular of the bento and the isothermal lunch box.

How to use a bento to bring your lunch to work?

By definition, the bento is a lunch box inspired by Japanese traditions to preserve food. Contrary to a lunch box which has compartments for several recipes, the bento of Japanese origin can contain is made to carry only one meal.

If you want to use it to move your meal to the office, just follow these steps:

Open the bento by lifting the strip that serves as a strap;
Lift the protective cover and clean the inside of the lunch box in the dishwasher or by hand;
Place the cooked food in the bottom of the bowl and put it in the microwave after closing it carefully. The bentos in the store are fully compatible with this type of appliance.
Remove your meal box after 2 minutes maximum.
You can now carry your bento to work with peace of mind. To give you an overview of the best models available in France, discover the following top 2.

The Japanese Wooden Lunch Box

Particularly carved in wood for the pleasure of ecologists, this almost unbreakable bento wakes up your appetite just by looking at it. It offers three compartments to better organize your meal. Also, its zipper closure is well sealed to keep your food safe. On the other side, this wooden bento box is designed without BPA.

lunch box

The Lunch Box Grey Japan

Ideal for carrying food products at work because of its ergonomic dimensions, this equipment is safe for health. Not only is it food certified, but it can also keep warm for several hours. We must mention that its 600 ml capacity allows you to carry a balanced meal to enhance your lunch break.

How to use an isothermal lunch box?

The lunch box is an easy way to transport and store your food in the best conditions. Its use is quite simple. As a reminder, it is necessary to warm up the inside of the lunch box with warm water before any use.

It is also recommended to reinforce the heat conservation by integrating your lunch box in an isothermal bag. At Healthy Lunch, you have custom-made items that will work for you, no matter what your profession demands. Let's take a look at the two top products in the insulated lunch box collection.

The Black Insulated Lunch Box

You will love the elegance of this lunch box which promises a capacity of about 1400 ml. You can put any kind of food and cutlery in it thanks to its compartment divided into three spaces. Moreover, it integrates stainless steel walls of excellent quality and is easy to carry because of its weight.

Black Compartmented Lunch Box

This type of bag has at least 4 compartments lined with stainless steel. It is the perfect opportunity to arrange your menus in "savory" and "sweet" mode. Each compartment is quite waterproof and can be easily cleaned once the meal is over. Finally, it's shock resistant and fully reusable and BPA-free for your personal well-being.

How do I keep a drink warm?

The best way to keep drinks warm is to opt for a stainless steel soup can or flask. Then, you can maintain that warmth by adopting a few super practical tips:

Heat the inner walls of your insulated bottle beforehand;
Fill the bottle completely with your drink so that there is no space for ventilation;
Close the cap of the bottle quickly and tightly.
Even if it is easy to apply these recommendations, choosing the optimal mug is not always the case. Luckily, you can count on the top 4 from Healthy Lunch's signature collection.


Nocturne Stainless Steel Flask

In the dark design and oval shape that characterizes it, this recyclable accessory has everything to seduce you. It is made of high quality stainless steel and perfectly meets the food certification standards. You will be particularly surprised by its enormous capacity, as the cup can hold up to 500 ml. It can therefore easily hold any type of liquid food. Moreover, these last ones will be able to remain warm during 12 hours.

Stainless steel mug Japan

This insulated mug is one of the favorites of Healthy Lunch customers because of its specificities. First of all, it embeds several floral patterns that enhance the beauty of its design. Then, thanks to its ergonomic dimensions, it fits in any bag. And we can't forget to mention that it is suitable for employees who are looking for a BPA-free accessory for the safety of their warm drinks. Like its predecessor, this insulated water bottle offers you a 12-hour warm-up time.

Golden Soup Box

You love meals with soups? This polystyrene box is a must have. During your breaks, it will serve your cabbage broth in the best hygienic conditions. Indeed, the thermal insulation system of its interior is reinforced by a premium quality ferrous alloy. It is a 304 stainless steel that prevents the soup from being altered in flavor. Easy to maintain, you can get it with a small hermetic protection bag.

White Health Soup Can

With a large capacity of 300 ml, this snack box from the Healthy Lunch catalog comes in a height of 11.5 cm and a diameter of 8 cm. You can use it to carry to work a :

  • Beef Soup;
  • Chicken soup;
  • Vegetable soup;
  • Noodle soup;
  • Cereal broth.


On the other hand, it is impossible to spill your soup with this thermos mug. It actually has an airtight lid which is very convenient, but that's not all.

Unlike its predecessor, the "white healthy soup can" has a major advantage. If you have a microwave in your company, you can put the thermos in it. Its resistant and 100% ecological materials make this operation feasible. In this way, you will heat up your food drink in record time.

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