How do you keep a take-out pizza warm?

How do you keep a take-out pizza warm?

Don't know how to keep your pizzas warm when transporting them on a picnic? Better yet, are you a pizzeria looking for an airtight food box to ensure your orders are delivered? This article is definitely the guide you need.

According to a 2019 study by Gira Conseil, the French population is the second largest consumer of pizza in the world after Americans. Besides, a party loses its warmth if the one item that everyone likes is not on the menu: pizza. And to make everyone's heart happy, the food must be eaten warm. So you'll need a few tricks to keep the product warm, especially if it has to be transported to the place of celebration.

To find out how to keep a takeaway pizza warm, simply place it in an insulated bag or heat it up in an oven, microwave or pan.

In the next few sections, you'll find out in great detail how to keep your pizzas warm. But first, let's take a look at our top 3 insulated bags to keep your pizzas warm.



How do you keep a pizza warm?

The best way to keep your take-out pizza warm is to invest in an insulated bag. Specifically, these are bags designed with insulated materials to keep the food temperature. To give you a feel for the reality, this section presents a top 3 of the best pizza bags.

The Isothermal Pizza Delivery Bag

Pizza lovers, we start this selection with this resourceful pizza delivery bag. Even though it has a classic design, it is still a safe investment because of its large capacity of 16 liters. At Heatlthy Lunch, you have the option of increasing this capacity, as the pizza bag is also available in 28 liters, 50 liters and 70 liters for large orders. It is therefore clear that the target of this product is the delivery companies.

In addition, to ensure better preservation of the food, the inside of the pizza bag is designed to keep pizza warm. In fact, it is a fully insulated bag that can keep your pizzas at room temperature for a long time. For a delivery person, this is a serious advantage if the customer does not reside at a nearby relay point.

In addition, it should be noted that the insulated pizza bag is fully waterproof, which is an asset in case of rainy season. Its resistance is also an important feature, as well as its carrying handle. Finally, it's a great cheap pizza cooler bag with free and secure delivery.

Features of the pizza delivery cooler bag

  • Storage capacity: 16L I 28L I 50L I 70L
  • Material: Oxford 600D
  • Color: Black
  • Features: pizza warmer; sturdy; waterproof, easy to maintain; secure delivery.

Blue Large Capacity Cooler


If you're looking for more in terms of pizza coolers, the Healthy Lunch store is on all fronts to satisfy you. We offer a large pizza bag to keep your pizza warm. Depending on your needs, you can go up to 70 liters in capacity. If you are the manager of a pizzeria chain, this is certainly the pizza carrying case your delivery men need.

Both efficient and practical, this pizza lunch can be taken anywhere. In lieu of pizza deliveries, you can use it for a picnic or a large outdoor meal. Technically, it is an isothermal pizza box that can contain products for 2 to 12 people. During winter months, delivery drivers are sure to satisfy their customers with warm meals. The 600D Oxford that makes up the bag is waterproof and leak-proof enough to retain temperature and keep a pizza warm.

On the other side, you will certainly appreciate the two carrying straps that the pizza delivery backpack offers. They are strong and supportive of the user carrying multiple products inside. You can also add an extra strap if you want to carry the pizza cooler bag on your shoulders.

Features of the blue large capacity cooler

  • Storage capacity: 10L I 18L I 28L I 37L I 47L I 70L
  • Material: Oxford 600D
  • Color: Blue
  • Features: waterproof; easy to open; high quality insulated materials, optimized compartment; secure delivery.

The Isothermal Bag Cooler Meals

Looking for softness and practicality? We have the pearl for you with this pizza bag in red. To facilitate your movement, it has a shoulder strap that you can adjust to your convenience. Apart from that, its main compartment of 30 liters is reinforced by side pockets and a front pocket. You can slip in cutlery or a cloth to set the table for your picnic. To this end, the pizza cooler has a solid zipper for a secure closure.

Inside, the wall is perfectly insulated to keep a pizza warm. Food can also be kept fresh inside this pizza carrier bag if you are transporting for example salad, milk or frozen products.

Furthermore, we recommend this pizza carrier bag to keep pizzas warm for campers and hikers. It is extremely durable and completely waterproof.

Features of the insulated lunch cooler bag

  • Storage capacity: 30L
  • Dimensions: 24 cm x 17 cm x 27 cm
  • Material: Oxford 600D
  • Color: Red
  • Advantages: several pockets for storage; waterproof; easy to clean; shoulder strap; secure delivery.


How do you put a pizza in an insulated bag?


The first step in placing your pizza in an insulated bag is to make sure that the food is securely placed in its box. In the process of temperature retention, this accessory also plays an important role. Afterwards, simply put the food box in your pizza bag and close it carefully. Your pizza is finally ready to be taken hot everywhere.


What temperature to keep a pizza warm?

In order to make leftover pizza edible for longer, you need to pay special attention to proper storage. Like all other foods, pizza should not be left at room temperature for more than two hours. Basically, the optimal temperature for keeping food warm is about 70°C.

The use of an insulated bag is therefore necessary, as it can keep a pizza warm without risk of dehydration for 4 to 6 hours. Of course, everything depends on the quality of the isothermal materials used in the lunch bag.


How to reheat a delivered pizza?

To know how to reheat pizza after a delivery, here are some technical tips to guide you.

How do you heat a pizza to keep it crispy?

Using a pan keeps a pizza crispy. Plus, it's a quick, low-effort trick with great results. Here's how to reheat pizza pan:

  • Heat the pan on the stove without adding any fat. Once the pan is hot, you can add your pizza.
  • Cover the pan with aluminum foil. Then set a lower temperature and wait a few minutes for the cheese to melt. That's it! Now you can enjoy your leftover crispy pizza.

How do I keep a pizza warm in the oven?

If you want to keep a pizza warm in the oven, here's the procedure:

  • Spread your pizza slices out on a baking sheet. For pizzas with a lot of cheese, it's a good idea to place parchment paper underneath.
  • Spray the pizza with a little water to keep it warm in the oven. Be careful not to get the pizza too wet or it will become doughy.
  • Slowly heat the pizza to about 100°C in an air circulation oven. To keep a pizza warm in the oven, you must be careful not to overheat it to prevent it from drying out.

How to reheat a pizza without an oven?

To reheat pizza without an oven, all you need to do is use a microwave. Here is the best way to heat up pizza in the microwave:

  • Cut your leftover pizza into pieces and put them in the device to reheat a pizza in the microwave.
  • Now place a glass of clear water in the microwave. Cover the pizza with another plate. Make sure the lid is not tight so that the steam can work.
  • Heat the pizza slices over medium heat for a few minutes. However, avoid heating the pieces to high temperatures or they will dry out very quickly. Then you can serve and enjoy the pizza.

Here are 3 steps to reheating pizza in the microwave.


How to reheat a pizza in its box?



Whether in the oven or in the microwave, it is forbidden to heat up pizza in its box. Obviously, cardboard is not food safe. It can contain materials such as wax, glue or metal fasteners. When in contact with the heat of a household appliance, it can release these elements into the pizza. Moreover, this prohibition comes into play for reasons of domestic safety to avoid the risk of fire. The best way to keep your pizza warm in a box is to store it in one of Healthy Lunch's insulated bags.

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