How to choose an isothermal water bottle

How to choose an insulated water bottle?

You are a sportsman and therefore you need a container to constantly hydrate yourself during your workouts? You want to carry hot and cold drinks to work while keeping their temperature? It is obvious that you need to invest in an insulated water bottle.

We all know that staying hydrated is essential for a human being's overall health, especially if he or she is in the middle of physical activity. It's even more convenient when you have the perfect water bottle or water bottle by your side. However, not all water bottles are equal on the French market. They come in many shapes and sizes, but only one type can keep your coffee or juice at the right temperature. It is the isothermal gourd that we invite you to adopt.

To choose the right insulated water bottle, you must check its material, its size and capacity, its portability and its waterproofness. Obviously, other criteria are also taken into account such as the thermal capacity of the thermos.

Without further ado, we invite you to discover these different elements in the next lines of this article. And to help you touch the reality, our editorial team will provide you with our best isothermal water bottles.

Choose according to the design material

Basically, the best way to choose an insulated water bottle is to go for a mug made of stainless steel. However, it is also possible to diversify the selection by opting for other materials. We think in particular of plastic and glass which are frequently used by the manufacturers to obtain reusable water bottles. Find out more about these main design materials here.

The plastic bottle

Very present in the world of sports, silicone water bottles have the quality of being light and easy to carry. They are also characterized by other advantages:

  • Versatility: plastic is a material that can be worked in various forms to meet the expectations of everyone. To this end, there are soft and hard plastic bottles in an infinite number of colors.
  • Weight: plastic bottles are known for not weighing down their owners. They are lightweight and can even be folded into a backpack.
  • Accessible: unlike other models, plastic thermoses are not expensive and are therefore accessible to everyone.
On the other hand, they have some disadvantages that you should be aware of in order to make a conscious choice. First of all, they are criticized for a lack of food protection. This is particularly true of the seventh family of plastics, which contains chemical elements such as bisphenol A. It is therefore important to check if your future water bottle is BPA-free before buying it.


On the other hand, plastic is not resistant to time and cleaning it can be tedious. Indeed, for safety reasons, you must wash it by hand after each use.

The glass flask

Here are some advantages of choosing a glass bottle:

  • Transparency: it's an open secret that glass is a transparent material. If you are a consumer of liquid dietary supplements, it allows you to know the volume of the content you are drinking. We remind you that glass bottles are the only ones that offer this option apart from siliconized bottles.
  • Food quality: glass bottles do not affect the taste or flavor of your liquid food. Therefore, they maintain their food quality, which is beneficial to your health.
  • Easy maintenance: unlike its predecessor, this type of water bottle is easy to clean and does not retain the smell of food. Better yet, you can put it in the dishwasher.

And just like its precursor, it also has its drawbacks. Glass is naturally heavy and becomes even heavier when it contains water or hot drinks. Also, it is not shock resistant, which means that it can be easily broken.

The stainless steel water bottle

This is the ultimate you need in terms of an insulated water bottle. Indeed, this material has several advantages such as :

  • Insulation: stainless steel water bottles are known to be perfectly insulating. Technically, the material has a layer specially designed to keep the temperature of your drinks intact. This way, you can keep hot and cold for several hours.
  • Durability: stainless steel bottles are very resistant to falls. They owe this advantage to their double-walled design that protects them.
  • Food certified: stainless steel bottles are environmentally friendly products. Obviously, they are BPA, BPS and GMP free. So you can safely hydrate without any health concerns.

The only disadvantage that can be noted for this kind of water bottle is their rather expensive price compared to its competitors.


Choose according to the size

Many people confuse the size and capacity of an insulated water bottle. However, these two elements are different. Here, the size refers to the dimensions of your canteen and we must admit that the choice is quite personal. On the market, there is a wide range of sizes between large, medium and small.

Do you have small hands or large fingers? Do you plan to hydrate daily or occasionally for your workouts? Here are some questions that will help you choose the right size for your water bottle.


Choose according to capacity

Capacity refers to the volume of water or beverages your thermos can hold. It also defines your hydration limits. On the market, you will easily find models that offer a capacity between 250 ml and 500 ml. This is a small size that you can give to your child to cool down during recess at school. For longer trips, such as a field trip or camping, you have bottles that hold up to 2 liters.


Choose according to the waterproofness

A water bottle that is not airtight is useless! Therefore, we advise you to check the watertightness of your container before you buy it. This is the only criterion that will allow you to avoid liquid leaks when you are on the move. And to succeed in this challenge, the best solution is to analyze the type of stopper that the water bottle embarks. For this purpose, there are three main types of stoppers:

  • The screw cap: this is the most common cap for isothermal water bottles with a wide opening. It has a silicone seal in its construction to prevent leaks.
  • The straw cap: it facilitates use on the move and is a removable cap. You can pull it up to drink from the neck without splashing water and close it again right after.
  • The cap with nozzle: it helps you drink at a limited rate to avoid any unexpected spillage of the contents. It is generally used to drink hot coffee in small sips.

This list is not exhaustive, as there are other types of stoppers such as the one-click and the spout.


Choose according to the thermal capacity

The thermal capacity of an insulated water bottle is its ability to maintain heat and cold. Specifically, it refers to how long a hot liquid will stay hot and a cold drink will stay cold in your bottle.

Most insulated mugs offer heat retention performance between 6 and 12 hours. The same bottles can keep cold between 6 and 24 hours. These results are primarily capable due to the double-wall insulated construction of the jars.


What are the best insulated bottles?

Once you have mastered the different criteria for choosing your insulated water bottle, let's review our best products. You will find below, two of our original models. And, for more choice of isothermal bottle, do not hesitate to discover our stainless steel gourd collection.

The Dark Blue Wooden Stainless Steel Gourd

Presented in a sleek design, this thermos bottle delights our customers with its many specifications. First of all, its structure incorporates a double-walled stainless steel vacuum insulation for long-term temperature preservation. In fact, you can carry your tea in it and keep it hot for at least 12 hours in tea thermos.

And if you go on a picnic with the flask filled with fresh juice, the contents will stay fresh for 24 hours. Moreover, it embeds an average capacity of 500 ml and its stopper allows a hermetic closing.

The Ephemeral Blue Stainless Steel Gourd

Ideal for hiking, camping or for workouts at the gym, this insulated water bottle follows you everywhere. Both leak-proof and unbreakable, it has a BPA-free composition and is totally food safe. Your drinks, whether hot or cold, will keep their precious flavor for the pleasure of your taste buds.

Contrary to its predecessor, this water bottle is less voluminous, as it offers only 450 ml of capacity. On the other hand, its thermal capacity remains remarkable. It can maintain heat for 12 hours and coolness for 24 hours. And as a bonus, it is reusable and we deliver it to you for free.

So the next time you need an insulated water bottle for your hydration needs, don't hesitate to think about our products. Of course, you can also review our different criteria when you are really in a bind.


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