How to carry your meal to the beach?

How to carry your meal to the beach?

Feel like spending your weekend at the beach with consumables? Not sure how to move your homemade food for your beach picnic? Get ready, because this article will answer all your questions. 

Summer is finally here! That means you can get out and enjoy outdoor places like the beach. However, going to the beach may involve moving some food and drinks. For this, you will need efficient equipment for safe transportation.

And if you want to know how to carry your meal to the beach, all you need is an insulated box for hot meals. And if you're going to take fresh food with you, consider containers like soft coolers, lunch bags and stainless steel water bottles.

Admittedly, these items can be hard to find. Therefore, this guide will show you in detail all the containers you need to carry food to the beach.

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How to carry hot food?

Feel like eating hot food under a straw hut set up outdoors on the beach? The best way to transport that hot meal is with insulated containers. And to make it easier for you, we offer our best insulated boxes.

Use the Lunch Box Bento

Considered one of our best sellers, this Healthy Lunch box offers you a safe way to transport your meals.

First of all, it has a stainless steel design reinforced by a 100% reusable plastic exterior. Moreover, you can keep your hot meals in its two separate compartments. We also don't forget to mention that the lunch box has a perfectly hermetic lid. This will prevent you from spilling your food on your picnic tablecloth or on the sand of the beach.

Adopt the Tropical Flamingo Lunch Bag

With a design that will have you watching the sunset over shifting sand, this container is perfect for carrying hot food.

In fact, this cooler bag uses premium quality materials, including 600D Oxford. So you can travel with your food for up to 4 hours and still keep it warm inside.

Consider the Pink 10L Hard Cooler

This rigid cooler is made with PU foam, which is completely waterproof and leakproof.

That simply means it can carry your food without you noticing any leaks. And to complete its watertightness, we thought to equip it with a molded lid with a lock. On the other hand, if you want to move with the cooler all over the beach, it offers you the use of its Grip control handle.


How to carry soup?

Soup lovers, we assure you that it is possible to pack a picnic lunch with your favorite meal. Simply transport it with soup boxes that Healthy Lunch has the secret.

The Grey Soup Box

Behind its small capacity of 350 ml, this thermos allows you to keep your soups hot for at least 12 hours: See the product.

This is quite a remarkable performance, but that's not all. Thanks to its design with high quality materials, you can hold the grey box in your hands without being burned. Also, its dimensions make it an easily manageable container. Inside, there is a small double-compartmented jar to hold small snacks for your soup.

The Red Isothermal Lunch Box

A little more imposing than the previous one, this soup can offers a capacity of 500 ml to carry your soup: See the product.

Its structure is composed of 6 layers of insulation and protection that allow it to keep its contents warm for 12 hours. The food can is also food certified, as it is BPA and PVC free. Finally, we deliver it with a shoulder pouch for easy transportation and a removable spoon.


How to transport fresh products in the car for the beach?

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It is impossible to go to the beach without taking fresh products. The best ways to do this are with soft coolers, lunch bags and stainless steel water bottles.

Use soft coolers

At Healthy Lunch, you'll find the best soft-sided coolers to carry your fresh food and drinks.

The Grey Mosaic Soft Cooler

There's no better insulated transportation option than this soft cooler bag we offer.

First of all, it is made of polyester fabric, cotton and aluminum that reinforces the coating of its compartment. This way, it can carry any lunch and keep it cool for 6 hours. In addition, the interior of the cooler bag can hold 6.5 liters of products and ensures them a total balance without collapsing.

The Black Jungle 10L Soft Cooler

If you're a bit more of a foodie, this cooler with a large 10-liter capacity could satisfy you.

First of all, it differs from its predecessor thanks to its design that follows the style of the beach. Secondly, it transports food in ideal conditions with its walls composed of three layers:

  • Waterproof outer layer;
  • Insulating foam;
  • Waterproof inner layer.

Finally, it is possible to carry it on your shoulders, because it has a strong and adjustable handle.

Use lunch bags

If you don't like coolers, the lunch bag can be particularly useful and we suggest two models.

The Tropical Multicolor Lunch Bag

This lunch bag with exotic patterns will be a perfect equipment on beaches like the Virgin Island in Finistère.

To seduce you, it embeds a summery design and a totally thermal interior. It is therefore efficient to carry yoghurts, fresh salads without the ambient temperature altering their quality. Moreover, the container is easy to carry thanks to its soft shoulder strap and its ergonomic dimensions. These include a length of 18 cm, a width of 18 cm and a height of 23 cm.

The Lunch Bag Black Sunday

A little less bulky than the previous bag, this product nevertheless offers useful performance.

If the beach is a few hours away from your home, you can load your food and take it with you. Your drinks and food will keep their freshness for at least 6 hours. In addition, the lunch bag offers an excellent user experience with its scratch closure and wrinkle resistance.

Use stainless steel water bottles

If you are a lover of homemade cocktails or smoothies, you can indulge yourself by carrying them in a stainless steel water bottle. Here are two models from our store for you.

The Colorful Flowers Stainless Steel Flask

The design of this gourd perfectly matches the atmosphere you will find on French beaches. It is elegant and can keep drinks cold for a whole day in its 500 ml capacity.

This is a thermal performance that it owes to its stainless steel inner wall. On the other hand, the insulated bottle is BPA-free, which means that its contents will always taste great. We do not forget to mention that it has a tightly sealed cap that prevents any kind of leakage.

The Adorable Rabbit Stainless Steel Bottle

If the kids come with you to the beach, it would be interesting to offer them a container to carry their juice. As its name suggests, this 300 ml mug is adorable and that is understandable when you refer to its rabbit design.

Its opening is wide enough to allow the child to enjoy his fresh fruit juice without spilling it on his clothes. A silicone lid with bunny ears closes the jar to prevent spills when the child is playing.


How to transport products without a cooler?

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In addition to the coolers or other insulated boxes mentioned above, there are other simple ways to transport your meals to the beach.

The picnic basket for a light transport

A picnic basket is a timeless piece of equipment that can carry any type of food. This is the case with our Black Picnic Basket: See the product.

Made from 600D Oxford, it is a tote bag that has a large 32-liter compartment. It's also lightweight with a weight of 660g and you can move it around using its two attached handles. The other feature of the basket is that it is waterproof, which means that water from the beach cannot damage it.

Aluminum foil for classic transportation

While some people like to carry their food in newspaper or cardboard, others largely prefer aluminum foil. However, if you are tempted by this alternative, we advise you to reinforce it with napkins. Indeed, wrapping your food in aluminum foil is not enough to ensure a comfortable transport.

Also, paper is not a great way to stop heat loss if you want to eat hot at the beach. So a towel is necessary to add an extra touch of comfort and insulation to your food.

Here we are at the end of our guide. We sincerely hope it has turned you into a true expert on successfully moving your food to the beach. Between lunch boxes, coolers, stainless steel water bottles and baskets, the choices are quite rich. Just select the food box that best suits your needs for the beach.

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