Heated Lunch Box for Truck: Which one to choose?

Heated Lunch Box for Truck: Which one to choose?

Are you a truck driver who has been tired of eating cold food on the road for a while? Better yet, you now want to prepare your own hot food in your truck without having to resort to roadside restaurants? A food warmer is definitely the alternative you need and we'll help you choose the best one.

Generally, truck drivers do not always have a comfortable diet. During the many hours of driving they do, it is difficult for them to find not only healthy, but also hot meals. This lifestyle is literally annoying. However, by opting for a warming bowl, eating meals becomes more enjoyable in your truck.

In order to choose the right food warmer for your truck, you need to consider several things: a heated lunch box with a suitable outlet (12v, 24v or 220v), the size and capacity of the model, as well as the time needed to heat up your food.

We will see in this blog post the best models of truck lunch warmers and how to choose them properly. Let's not waste any more time and see it together!


The three best truck food warmers

The Healthy Lunch Store has the best food warmers that you can easily take on your truck. To that end, we offer our three must-haves

The grey electric lunch box (Car/Home)

truck heater

This electric lunch box allows you to enjoy hot lunches in peace in your truck. Apart from its sober aspect which will certainly please you, you can also count on its large capacity of 1 liter. So don't hesitate to keep all kinds of food balanced. Moreover, the electric heater remains airtight thanks to its lid. You can drive your truck without fear of spilling your food.

The other aspect that will charm you is the superb power of this truck dish warmer. It operates at 45W and comes with two adapters. The first one is suitable for 220 V wall areas and the second one will only require 12 V in the car. With such a capacity, you don't need to stop for a break in a roadside restaurant. In less than 20 minutes, you are guaranteed a hot meal inside your "office truck".

Finally, you can keep your concerns about food quality. The grey lunch box has an aluminum interior and is BPA free. In one sentence, it is food certified.

The orange heated lunch box (car/home)


Just like its predecessor, this meal box is a 12v heater that you can use only in your truck with a cigarette lighter. However, if you prefer a domestic use, you will have to connect it to a 220 volts wall socket. In any case, Healthy Lunch offers you the accessory in a pack containing the two adapters.

A small detail that you will only find in our selection: when using your electric lunch box, the exterior does not heat up. So there is no risk of burning.

On the other hand, its interior is completely made of aluminum and is available in three compartments. Thus, it will be easy for you to keep your food warm during long hours on the road. However, it would be a pity to keep your lunch for so long and to find it, later, arranged in the opposite direction in the car. To avoid such an incident, the electric heater is installed with a removable container with anti-splash cover. Your meals will be safely stored at the temperature of your choice.

The heated lunch box (truck/car)


Last model signed Healthy Lunch of our top 3, this heated lunch box for truck is very original and complete. First of all, it is made of food grade transparent plastic and stainless steel.

More precisely, it offers a small plastic compartment and a larger aluminum one. This set has a capacity of 1.5 L. This allows you to separate and contain more varied foods, including protein and vegetable products.

Then, its mode of use is also simple. Just put your meals inside, cover the jar well and plug it into your truck. Adopt this 24v heated lunch box and say goodbye to the eternal expenses in the roadside snack bars. In addition, the burning time is relatively short and allows you to eat quickly when you have a small hunger in your stomach.

Your electric meal jar will heat up slowly and your meal to preserve all the flavors . We don't forget to remind you, finally, that it is easily dishwasher safe and requires no maintenance effort.


Why use a truck food warmer?

Are you reluctant to invest in a truck food warmer? Let us convince you with some arguments.

Using a truck food warmer for a wider choice of food


In general, truckers don't have time to vary their food menus. Busy with long trips, they settle for the same dishes every day. As a result, they find themselves snacking on nearly cold food.

Instead of settling for the same sandwich, electric warming boxes offer you several food choices. For example, if you choose a model with multiple compartments, you can combine different recipes, especially if you are on a special diet.

Using a truck heater for healthy meals

It's obvious that you need strength to keep you going on the road. And eating fast food is certainly not the way to good health. So avoid obesity by adopting a meal warmer model. This will allow you to consume healthy food at any time of the day or night.

Technically, the device is composed of BPA. In other words, it is designed with premium quality materials, including aluminum, capable of storing hot food without any side effects. Better still, the food retains not only its nutrients, but also all its flavor and aroma.

Using a truck food warmer to save money

Truck drivers are not limited to fast food restaurants. There are some who go to truck restaurants in the hopes of getting a quality meal. They spend large amounts of money several times a week.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you should know that the food warmer promises better. Using it will save you money. All you have to do is cook your meals in advance from home. And if you have a refrigerator in your truck, you can have a large pack of lunch box meals .

After a long day of work, just pull into an outdoor parking space and turn on your electric jar. In less than 30 minutes, your meal becomes hot. It's a double saving of money and time.

Using a truck dish warmer for its other advantages

Apart from the above-mentioned arguments, the truck dish warmer remains a simple tool to use. You don't need to read a manual carefully before using it. You are already busy enough to keep a close eye on your driving on the road and this advantage benefits you.


How to choose the right food warmer for your truck?

It is important to remember that there is no such thing as the best 24v truck warming dish. In fact, everything depends on your needs. To this end, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing your food warmer.


Make sure you always check the capacity and size of the box.

Here, the choice should be based primarily on the amount of food you want to carry in the truck. In fact, some electric lunch boxes are small models with only one slot to hold few foods like snacks. So if you want to have a hearty lunch or dish, you will have to rely on a larger jar. This way, you will have several internal compartments for a varied menu consisting of raclette, pineapple and many others.

The adapter cable

There are several sizes of adapter cables depending on the use. However, for a truck driver, you need an accessory that warms up your truck's cigarette lighter. Specifically, the adapter cable for your electric dish must be able to connect easily with your cigarette lighter. Obviously, the ultimate accessory we recommend for heating your food in the truck is the 12v-24v cable. It's perfect for supporting you on long trips in your car.

Cooking time

As a trucker, it's obvious that you don't often have a lot of time for your lunch breaks. So it's only natural to have a lunchbox that can heat up your meals quickly and evenly. At Healthy Lunch, we remind you that the best cooking time for our products is estimated at 15 minutes. This means you won't have to wait in line behind an eating establishment to eat.

As you will have noticed, there are many choices of warming trays on the market. So, for your comfort in the truck, remember to follow the various criteria and tips we have shared throughout this guide. Better yet, you can click through our various offerings and find the perfect one.

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