Decathlon electric cooler : Reviews

Decathlon electric cooler : Reviews

You've been wanting to experiment with an electric cooler for a while, but you don't have any references? You have heard of some brands of electric coolers, but you would like to have concrete opinions on their efficiency? You are right and this article could be of great help to you.

Generally, the most popular way to carry food outdoors is with traditional coolers. However, there is a new wave of sophisticated lunch boxes that offer impressive preservation and cooling results. These include electric coolers, which you can find in large numbers on the market. However, if you need the best products, turn to established brands like Decathlon. 

Indeed, the Decathlon electric cooler is one of the containers that can satisfy the needs of almost everyone. Moreover, the reviews collected on the product are quite numerous and sum up to a lot of positivity.

So, if you need to choose a Decathlon electric cooler, this article offers you a complete review guide on the subject. You will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the decathlon electric cooler as well as a list of models to choose from.

decathlon electric cooler


Decathlon electric coolers: advantages and disadvantages

If you are a sports lover, it is likely that you have already heard of the Decathlon brand. Indeed, it is a company that has several stores specialized in the distribution of leisure and sports products. It was created by Michel Leclercq in 1976, but the brand's activities have grown enormously since then.

Today, it works in the marketing of electric coolers decathlon, including the electric cooler campingaz decathon which knows a great success. Apart from the decathlon electric cooler, you will find in the store some models like :

  • The mini electric cooler decathlon;
  • The flexible electric cooler decathlon.

Moreover, it is important to know that these different models share common advantages and disadvantages. For a transparency in your future choices, we suggest you discover these details.

Advantages of Decathlon electric coolers

  • Ideal for long journeys: once fully charged, the decathlon electric cooler is able to keep your food and drinks for a long time. You can therefore take them with you if you want to travel for miles while keeping your meals at a good temperature.
  • Affordable: a Decathlon electric cooler can cost much less than a traditional refrigerator and even some portable coolers. In addition, it has a longer and more reliable lifespan. Therefore, the decathlon electric cooler can continue to save you money over time.
  • High performance: the cooling system of the decathlon electric cooler is smart, as it does not keep your food under low temperature. Instead, it performs active cooling so that the food always maintains its freshness.

Disadvantages of Decathlon electric coolers

Generally speaking, the weak points of the brand's coolers are not legion. The only negative remarks that are recorded concern the weight of the device. The lack of diversity in terms of models is also a negative criticism that often comes up.


Best Decathlon electric coolers: comparison and reviews

You want to choose a Decathlon electric cooler model that will meet your expectations? This section offers you one of the best-sellers of the store.

The electric cooler for camping or hiking -Powerfreeze - 25 Liters

decathlon electric cooler


Selected as the best box of the campers of the brand, this electric cooler 12v 220v decathlon is a jewel. Our team spent a whole day testing it and the results were remarkable. First of all, we particularly liked the simplicity of the design as well as the shape of this large decathlon electric cooler.

For hiking or camping, it's not bulky and fits easily in any location. Better yet, the decathlon electric cooler makes life easier because it has molded feet that reduce contact with the ground.

Inside, the first surprise was the lining and capacity. Indeed, this electric cooler campingaz decathlon integrates a design in polypropylene, a food certified material. Moreover, this type of coating is anti-odour and antimicrobial.

For the simulation of a long trip, we also loaded the container compartment. The established finding was positive, because the volume of this cooler is 25 liters. So you can keep at least 5 drinks of 1.5 liters, including cans.

Finally, the second day of the test allowed us to conclude that the decathlon electric car cooler can be connected to a cigarette lighter. For this reason, the brand provides customers with a power adapter.

Strong points

  • The decathlon electric cooler is isothermal;
  • The decathlon electric car cooler is compact thanks to a carrying handle;
  • The decathlon electric cooler has a 2 years warranty;
  • The electric cooler campingaz decathlon has a perfectly hermetic lid.


  • The adapter of the electric cooler campingaz decathlon is sold separately;
  • Risk of overheating of the cable connector if it is not properly plugged into the vehicle's 12V socket.
  • The campingaz decathlon electric cooler can be sometimes noisy.

Despite its many advantages, this fan noise imbalance of the decathlon electric cooler remains quite unpleasant for most customers. If, like them, you want an ultra efficient and silent food box, there are serious alternatives. For this purpose, the best reference we can recommend is Healthy Lunch.


Electric cooler: a Healthy Lunch alternative

In the world of healthy, on-the-go food, Healthy Lunch is the best brand that easily stands out from the crowd. If you need electric coolers that combine aesthetics, high performance and safety, this is the best place to go. To that end, our team offers a comparison of the best Healthy Lunch coolers, the decathlon electric cooler alternative.

The Electric Cooler Car/Truck 32L-12V-220V: the best-selling format

Electric Cooler Car/Truck 32L - 12V -220V


With a relatively affordable price, this 12v 220v decathlon electric cooler alternative is a high performance cooler with many advantages. First of all, it offers you a large capacity of 32 liters and can hold several kinds of food. Then, its temperature range is very impressive with several variations (-20°C for ice cream, -10°C for meat, -3°C for seafood and 5-8°C for fruit).

Moreover, it offers the lowest temperature we have seen, but also the one that is recommended for an electric cooler.

Moreover, the electric cooler has an LED remote control to increase the power and lower the temperature as quickly as possible. This manual setting also gives you full control over energy consumption.

Other features include the ability to connect the container to two forms of electrical power:

  • 100v and 240v alternating current for home use;
  • 12v and 24v direct current for use in a car, motor home or truck.

And unlike the decathlon campingaz electric cooler, this solution from Healthy Lunch comes directly with adapters.


  • Size: 37.7 cm x 34.5 cm x 65.4 cm
  • Storage capacity: 32L
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Material: PU foam


  • Affordable;
  • Has a LED remote control ;
  • Excellent minimum temperature and temperature control ;
  • Low noise and low energy consumption ;
  • Hermetically sealed cooler capable of holding temperature over a 20 hour shelf life.


  • Small handles;
  • Lack of wheels.

The Electric Refrigerator 9 Liters-Vehicle: the little gem of the family

9 Liters Electric Refrigerator - Vehicle


Don't want to carry a huge tote bag to your next outdoor picnic? We highly recommend this electric cooler that passed our tests with flying colors.

First of all, this decathlon small electric cooler solution embeds a durable construction. Indeed, we noticed that it does not incorporate many moving parts. So the team performed several tests of jostling and falls to see if the cooler is resistant. We must admit that the results were satisfactory, as this cooler can withstand anything that happens to it.

Regarding its performance, we remind that food and drinks can go from a temperature of +25°C to 0°C in only 20 minutes. The device is therefore practical for hikes or last-minute outings where fresh food is urgently needed. And just like its predecessor, this isothermal container that easily replaces a decathlon mini electric cooler has a remote control. Finally, we realized that it's always a good idea to have a remote control to ensure that food doesn't get too hot or too cold.


  • External size: 425 mm x 320 mm x 250 mm
  • Internal size: 209 mm x 244 mm x 179 mm
  • Storage capacity: 9L
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Material: PU foam

Pros :

  • Currently on sale at the Healthy Lunch store;
  • Has adapters for cigarette lighter and wall socket;
  • Excellent compression cooling system;
  • Low noise and low energy consumption;
  • Insulated cooler capable of keeping cool over several hours.


  • Small size ;
  • Potentially not big enough for large bottles;
  • Lack of wheels.



At the end of this different information, the reviews seem pretty clear. If you have a tighter budget, but still want good levels of performance, we recommend the campingaz decathlon electric cooler. However, the Healthy Lunch alternatives are also outstanding. They are worth their price and will go everywhere with you if you need something sturdy and powerful. We also invite you to visit the Healthy Lunch store to see the other alternatives to the decathlon electric cooler.


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