Decathlon Cooler Bag : Reviews

Decathlon Cooler Bag : Reviews

Looking for a new bag to carry your lunches in? Are you tired of traditional coolers and want to experience a new feeling of eating on the go? Maybe it's time to look into a cooler bag.

Carrying food to camp, work or school is a difficult task when you don't have the right container. Generally, coolers are not always ideal for this type of transportation, especially if you are looking for simplicity. In this kind of situation, the best solution is to opt for an insulated bag.

On the market, there are various models including the decathlon cooler bag which has good features according to reviews. Depending on the model, you can get soft cooler bags and isothermal backpacks.

To better orient you in the world of these cooler bags, this guide provides you with more details on the varieties of the bags signed Decathlon. You'll also get a description of two of the brand's products as well as serious alternatives if you don't like them.



What are the types of Decathlon insulated bags?

Basically, the isothermal bags are food bags intended to keep and transport your provisions. Moreover, it should be remembered that it is a first for Decathlon to market this type of bag.

Indeed, we have always found the group directed by Barbara Martin-Coppola in sports equipment. It is necessary to believe that the craze around the accessories of camping aroused the interest of the brand. Today, Decathlon collaborates with partners such as Quechua to provide its new customers with cooler bags.

To this end, we have identified two categories of cooler bags that can be found at the seller.

Flexible cooler bags

These compact cooler bags are designed to hold a single person's lunch to take to the campsite or to work. They are ideal for anyone who does not have access to a refrigerator at their travel location to keep their meals cool. To this end, this model of insulated bag has a moderate insulation. Specifically, food only needs to stay cool for 4 hours (usually between morning packing and lunch time).

Insulated backpacks

They are designed for home use, picnics or carrying food with their adjustable straps. Although their thermal levels vary, they tend to be fairly well insulated and some have enough insulation to hold ice for more than 6 hours. From another angle, this type of container also substitutes for commercial bags. In other words, it can meet the needs of caterers, delivery drivers and other food service professionals.


Best Decathlon cooler bags: comparison and opinion

For the comparative test, our editorial team went to the discovery of two flagship products of the house Decathlon.

The Flexible Camping Cooler - 10L



Although it is presented as a soft cooler, this container is actually an insulated bag. With its compact look and single compartment, the site highly recommends it for campers who like to travel alone. This is understandable, as the shoulder bag has the features needed for a half-day camping trip.

First, its compartment suggests a meal composition for up to 2 people. Inside, there is a nice construction with excellent quality materials. To go into detail, you have a polyethylene foam that is reinforced with a polyester fabric. This is a combination that will allow your meals to keep their temperature for at least 4 hours.

In addition, campers will love this cooler bag because it is easy to use. Since camping is an energy-consuming activity, it is important not to burden yourself with cumbersome equipment. And that's where the merits of this bag come in. It is foldable, light at 217g and has a strap for easy carrying.

The 20L Isothermal Backpack -NH100 ICE COMPACT



This model of cooler backpack signed Decathlon comes from the partner brand Quechua. Just like the previous bag, it is presented as an environmentally friendly container. However, it quickly takes its marks and distinguishes itself from its predecessor with a good capacity.

Indeed, the backpack provides you with a 20 liter compartment to store your food and drinks. Technically, this is the perfect capacity for a picnic of 2 to 4 people.

In addition to this structure, there are two exterior pockets that are fully zipped for the security of your belongings. And even though the bag is packed with food, you can count on its compactness and adjustable straps for easy carrying. Best of all, you won't feel any shoulder pain when carrying this type of bag. The designers thought about your well-being by integrating foam in the straps.

There is also foam inside the bag. This time, it is more of an insulating foam that helps the bag keep food fresh for 7 hours. This performance is achieved without the use of ice packs. On the other hand, the preservation time is estimated at 10 hours according to our different tests.


Healthy Lunch: the best alternative for more ambitious insulated bags

If you are a little more demanding in the choice of your insulated bag, Healthy Lunch is the store we recommend. Its different bag models have specificities that fit everyone's needs. Let's discover together some of the most popular products:

The Grey Isothermal Backpack 35L

Cooler Backpack Grey 35L



  • Color: Grey
  • Storage capacity: 35 liters
  • Design Material: 900D Oxford fabric
  • Accessories: Bottle opener
  • Delivery : Free

What We Like: Compact design and thermal performance that works well for day trips
What we don't like : No strap

This is one of Heathy Lunch's best-sellers.

First of all, we greatly appreciate its main compartment which remains quite spacious. Technically, it offers a nice capacity of 35 liters to keep all your food products. For hiking lovers, it is certainly the best equipment to choose. Further, you will love the presence of external pockets that optimize and reinforce the capacity of the lunch bag.

Faced with so much space, we are tempted to believe that the backpack will remain less efficient in terms of insulation. After the test, we noticed that it was quite the opposite. In fact, the large bag incorporates high-quality Oxford materials into its design. In fact, it can keep your products fresh for up to 8 hours. And if you are traveling with ice packs inside, this time frame can greatly increase.

On the other hand, Healthy Lunch's signature backpack also has the ability to keep meals warm for up to 6 hours.

The Red Mini Soft Cooler

Small Cooler Bag Red


  • Color: Red
  • Storage capacity: 6.5 liters
  • Design Material: Durable and high quality
  • Accessories : Handle
  • Temperature performance : 6h for cold and 4h for hot
  • Delivery : Free

What we like: Excellent temperature retention for a cooler bag of this small size
What we don't like : The small size

If you're looking for a mini bag that can help you carry your lunches every day, this is the perfect model.

Behind its simple look, this lunch bag has several compartments for a better storage of your meals. For example, you can put your rice dish in the main compartment. On the other side, the other spaces will accommodate your snacks as well as your small bottles of drinks.

When properly stored, your food stays intact and safe. Indeed, the soft cooler has a zipper closure that prevents a possible spill. In addition, the design materials are so durable that the food box remains waterproof.

In terms of thermal performance, the soft cooler's exceptional lining gives it long-term temperature retention. More precisely, the heat is kept for 4 hours and the coolness is maintained for about 6 hours.

The other advantage that should also be highlighted is the portability of this foldable bag. With a capacity of 6.5 liters, it is lightweight with a handle that makes it easy to carry food contents. So you can take it anywhere without feeling cluttered.

The Acacia Leaves Insulated Lunch Bag

Isothermal Meal Bag Acacia Leaves


Characteristics :

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Storage capacity: 11.5 liters
  • Design Material: Oxford fabric
  • Temperature performance: 8 hours for cold and 4 hours for hot
  • Delivery : Free

What We Like: Stylish look, great durability and outstanding insulation
What we don't like : No shoulder straps

With its sleek design and multi-colored look, this beautiful Healthy Lunch bag is sure to delight women.

It's a true tote for anyone who wants to keep lunch and a few drinks cool for the afternoon. The lunch bag has a solid insulation that helps it save the cold for at least 8 hours. And if you like to eat your meals hot, it is possible to have them at the right temperature for 4 hours. It is worth noting that this is a performance that is not even found in some large insulated bags.

Indeed, this tote bag integrates in its design a triple insulating layer. This includes the waterproof layer, the insulating layer and the aluminum layer. This combination makes it a real temperature accumulator.

In addition, the almost oval structure gives it a compact appearance. And to make it even better, its dimensions allow you to move it without any trouble: 29 cm in length, 17 cm in width and 23 cm in height. Finally, you can count on the quality of the fabric that does not wrinkle. This is an excellent advantage that facilitates the maintenance.



All in all, the reviews for the Decathlon cooler bags are positive. Every product highlighted in this guide can contribute to the happiness of people who are looking for a simple piece of equipment. However, they remain limited in performance. To address this shortcoming, the cream of the crop remains the products from the house of Healthy Lunch. With excellent value for money, they are suitable for campers, mobile workers and individuals who always want to eat hot and cold.

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