Cooler 12v / 220v : Which one to choose ?

Cooler 12v / 220v : Which one to choose ?

Are you going on a trip and want to keep your food and drinks cool? Do you need a mini fridge for your motorhome or are you looking for something for your car or truck? We suggest you choose a 12v 220v electric cooler.

As the holiday season approaches, everyone starts planning their relaxing trips alone or with their family. Whether it looks like camping or a picnic lunch, a cooler is essential for these types of outings. Coolers are also useful for accompanying nomadic workers on long car trips. For this purpose, the best way to enjoy fresh food and drinks is to invest in a 12v 220v compression cooler. In fact, it is a cooler that works on an electrical connection. All you need is a cigarette lighter charger or a power outlet and the unit will keep you cold or hot for a long time.

However, the choice of a 12v 220v cooler depends on its quality-price ratio. You should also consider its capacity, energy efficiency, cooling capacity and additional features.

In this buying guide, we'll make it easy for you with a comparison of the best 12v 220v electric cooler models. At the end, you'll get the nitty-gritty details on each of the above selection criteria.



Top 3 best electric coolers 12v 220v

The Electric Cooler Car/Truck 32L - 12V -220V


Topping the list in this comparison is this beautiful, nearly indestructible 12v 220v electric cooler. We highly recommend it to road workers like truckers who want to stay hydrated at all times of the day. It will also please campers or vacationers who usually carry several food products. Indeed, the 220v electric cooler has the necessary capacity for long trips: 32 liters.

Moreover, it has a refrigeration technology that allows it to keep your food cool for about 20 hours. We remind you that this performance remains effective when the device is in "OFF" mode. It is therefore the ideal 12v 220v car fridge to reduce energy consumption in the car or at home.

The other special feature of this 220v cooler is that it incorporates heavy duty carrying handles. Because of the size of the portable cooler, this accessory is still very practical.

Characteristics of the electric cooler 12v 220v

  • Dimensions: 37.7 cm x 34.5 cm x 65.4 cm
  • Weight : 16 kg
  • Storage capacity: 32 liters
  • Design material: food grade polyurethane foam
  • Power source: cigarette lighter socket and mains socket
  • Decibel level: -45db
  • Motor power: 45 watts
  • Thermal performance: keeps cool for 20 hours

Strong points of the electric cooler 12v 220v

  • LED remote control and touch screen for easy temperature and power consumption adjustment
  • Protection of your car battery through H/M/L usage modes
  • Food-grade aluminum alloy on the inner walls for fast cooling
  • 12v 220v electric cooler on sale
  • Delivery in a reasonable time

Weaknesses of the electric cooler 12v 220v

  • The 12v 220v car cooler is quite heavy and can take up a lot of space if you have a small car


The 25 Liters Electric Cooler - Hot/Cold


This Healthy Lunch model is certainly the best 12v 220v electric cooler and it's easy to see why. Obviously, it doesn't just keep your food cool. You can also use it to keep your meals warm. It is therefore a high performance device and the brand offers it with its various power sources. You have a charger to connect the 12v 220v electric car cooler to the cigarette lighter and an adapter for the wall socket.

In addition, the 12v 220v electric cooler is equipped with a lid that is both rigid and airtight. You no longer need to constantly check if the cooler is closed properly, because the closure is magnetic, even automatic. The 12v 220v car cooler is also perfectly suited to vehicles, as it does not make any noise. Better still, its energy consumption is low and you won't risk destroying your car's battery.

Characteristics of the 12v 220v compression cooler

  • Dimensions: 576 mm x 320 mm x 329 mm
  • Weight : 11 kg
  • Storage capacity: 25 liters
  • Design material: food grade PU foam
  • Power source: Cigarette lighter socket and mains socket
  • Decibel level: -45db
  • Motor power: 45 watts
  • Thermal performance: keeps hot up to 55°C and cold down to -22°C for 8 hours in "OFF" mode

Strong points of the compression cooler 12v 220v

  • An electric cooler 25l 12v 220v noiseless at the same time heating and cooling
  • A manual adjustment of the temperature and energy consumption thanks to a LED remote control
  • An environmentally friendly mini fridge
  • A low noise during operation
  • A large 12v 220v electric cooler sold at a promotional price
  • Delivery in a reasonable time

Weaknesses of the 12v 220v compression cooler

  • The cheap 12v 220v electric cooler does not have a carrying handle


The Electric Cooler 9 Liters - Vehicle


If you don't have enough space in your vehicle, this small 12v 220v electric cooler will convince you. With its modest capacity of 9 liters, you can store up to 8 bottles of water of 550 ml or 12 cans of 330 ml. Perfectly adapted for people who like to travel light, the 12 volt 220 volt cooler of 7kg is easy to carry with its resistant handle.

It also benefits from advanced technologies such as Bluetooth, thanks to which you can make adjustments remotely. No need to constantly move to turn off, turn on or set the temperature of the 12v 220v camping cooler.

As far as thermal performance is concerned, 20min is more than enough for the 12v 220v fridge box to cool your drinks. And despite this efficiency, the device remains low noise when you install it in your car, as its decibel level is less than 45, so it's an excellent deal especially when you know that the 12v 220v electric cooler price knows a 17% discount.

Characteristics of the electric refrigerator

  • Dimensions: 425 mm x 320 mm x 250 mm
  • Weight : 7 kg
  • Storage capacity: 9 liters
  • Design material: waterproof PU foam
  • Power source: AC (100v - 240v) and DC (12v-24v)
  • Decibel level: -45db
  • Motor power: 45 watts
  • Thermal performance : from +25°C to 0°C in 20 minutes

Strong points of the electric refrigerator

  • A high performance of cooling by compressor which defies any competition
  • A control of the cooler 12 220 volts from your smartphone through the Bluetooth app
  • A size that fits in cars, trucks and motorhomes
  • A silent device with a usb port
  • Built-in technology to protect your car battery
  • Delivery in a reasonable time

Weaknesses of the electric refrigerator

  • The small capacity of the cheap 12v 220v cooler is its only limitation


How to choose a 12v 220v cooler?


Here is an overview of what you should look for when choosing your 12v 220v cooler.


The price-quality ratio

Generally speaking, 12v 220v electronics are quite expensive on the market. However, there are still some models that offer you affordable prices with excellent performance. This is notably the case of the Healthy Lunch products. If your budget doesn't allow for a high-end portable compressor, we recommend that you carefully analyze the store's options.

Remember, the refrigerator is an essential part of your motorhome and your long trips. Therefore, it is better to save a little more and bet on the right quality.


The right 12v 220v thermoelectric cooler capacity

How much space do you need for your cooler? Buying a 12v 220v camping cooler that is too big means you will have to spend more than you need. Plus, appliances can be bulky if you have a small car.

On the other hand, having a refrigerator that is too small means shopping more often. The needs vary from one person to another. The most important thing is to choose an appliance that matches your food and beverage needs to your intended use. For example, a 12v 220v 50 liter box cooler will have enough space for a week's worth of fresh food for two people.


Energy efficiency of the 12v 220v electric cooler

This selection criterion refers to how well your cooler consumes electric or AC power from your battery. In order not to plug into the mains too often, you need to have energy efficient appliances. To do this, you can check the energy class of the appliance to keep your electricity bills to a minimum. Checking the energy efficiency also helps you extend the life of your truck's battery.


Which way the lid opens

It may seem like a minor consideration, but the way your 12v 220v cooler lid works can make a big difference. For example, some coolers have rear-hinged lids, while others have side-hinged lids.

Side-hinged lids require less clearance on the top to open fully. Plus, it can be easier to see and reach the contents. At Healthy Lunch, these details are taken care of with hinged and magnetic lids.


The cooling capacity

The main role of an electric cooler is to cool your food consistently. For this purpose, it must have a high performance cooling system to keep the food at the right temperature. On the market, there are models capable of keeping the cold for 8 hours without being connected to a power outlet or cigarette lighter.

At the same time, you can go beyond that by opting for a dual performance mini fridge depending on your needs. If you want to reheat dishes, this type of appliance can keep your food warm without overheating. You can find it in our collection.


Standard features and additional features

The best 12v 220v electric coolers have the following standard features:

  • LED lighting inside the refrigerator;
  • Cigarette lighter adapter;
  • Power outlet;
  • Carrying handle;
  • Removable dividers and organizational baskets;
  • Separate dairy compartment.
  • Others include more advanced features such as a USB charger, digital controls, remote readings and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth apps.



As you can see, there are 3 different types of portable 12v 220v coolers to take on the go. Signed Healthy Lunch, they fit any budget and are embeddable in any vehicle. Far from forcing you to choose, the editorial team suggests you leave with the one that best suits your travel style. Moreover, all the characteristics are gathered to help you choose more easily. However, if you need a helping hand, we think the 25 Liters Electric Cooler - Hot/Cold is perfect. You'll be able to use it in all seasons of the year, which is a plus for those long, unexpected trips. In the summer, it keeps drinks cold while meals are warm in the winter. And if you have any questions about the buying guide, feel free to leave us a comment at the end of the article.

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