Best Warming Bento : Top 3

Best Warming Bento : Top 3

Do you always want to keep your meals warm, no matter where you go? Has it been a while since your lunches have kept warm in your lunchbox and you feel bad about it? We think we have the best container options for you to solve these conundrums.

Today, eating hot and healthy has become a necessity if you want to recapture all the smells and sweetness of your food. This statement becomes even more serious if you are a worker or a nomad. For this purpose, you will need to carry your various cooked meals in an economical and environmentally friendly bowl. And in the list of the best containers, heated bentos are the ultimate you need. These are traditional containers, inspired by the Japanese style, but updated with an internal heating system.

The best bento lunch warmer incorporates special features such as an internal heating system to warm up the food. In addition, criteria such as capacity, heating time and materials are to be considered.

For your enjoyment, we've tested our top 3 warming bentos to help you find the best options for all kinds of lunches. You'll also get the details that determine a luxury choice. So keep reading the rest of our article so you don't miss out.




1- Lunch Box Electric Black: the 3 in 1 nomadic container

We start this selection with the most compact container of our Healthy Lunch store. It has an elegant design enhanced by the black color and some yellow patterns. Here are its main features:


Food grade material

This electric heated lunch box has a large internal jar made of healthy, BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel. It is a high quality material that can withstand high temperatures. It is also non-toxic because we care about your food safety. As for the black silicone gasket that covers the food can, it is made of polypropylene, another premium quality and reusable material.


Excellent capacity

Healthy Lunch's signature jar offers you three compartments for receiving a balanced meal. Technically, that's a large capacity of 1 liter that you can use as you wish. You can therefore enjoy soup, sandwiches, salads, meats, cereals, etc. In addition, the tray with the compartments is removable and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Finally, the 1-liter storage box secures your food completely thanks to its lid which is reinforced with handles.


A triple use (3 in 1)

The advantage of our meal box is that it is functional in three places: car, home and office. Apart from its 45W power, we deliver it with two adapters which are 220V and 12V respectively. The first one is recommended for home or office use and plugs into a wall socket to operate the device. As for the second 12V adapter, it is used in the car and plugs into a cigarette lighter.

A practical heater

You can take the bento warmer with you every day and heat up your meals during your travels. It saves you from fast food. Better yet, you don't even need a microwave because the food box keeps meals warm without this kitchen accessory.


2- Blue Heated Lunch Box : the original lunch box to eat hot anywhere


This is the other jewel in our collection that you absolutely must experience. It has a rectangular shape with oval curves: a design that remains impressive.


Large capacity and ergonomic

This bento warmer comes with a large bottom bowl that has multiple compartments (3) with a double wall of stainless steel. Of course, this is a premium quality material and BPA free. As for the capacity, you are entitled to a thickness of 1 liter to compose varied menus according to your daily moods.

We don't forget to mention that the three compartments can be detached for easy maintenance. Regarding the ergonomic dimension of the bento box, we think of its measures that facilitate its portability. These include a length of 24 cm, a width of 17 cm and a height of 10 cm.

Heating system

The heating system of this jar is quite impressive. Indeed, the utensil benefits from two adapters to heat the food. The first one benefits from a 220V voltage and is connected to a mains. On the other hand, the second one is 12V and can be connected to the cigarette lighter of a car. You can thus take your lunch or your hot dessert from the seat of your car.

Technically, the integrated heating system heats up the dishes in only 15 minutes. No more waiting in line at a fast food restaurant and wasting precious time!


A wide application

Apart from its portability, this brushed stainless steel meal container can be used by anyone. It is not necessarily the prerogative of workers who are involved in an office or a construction site. In fact, you can also use it if you are a student or don't feel like using your microwave at home. The most important thing is to have an outlet to activate your electric heating system.


3- Green Heated Lunch Box: the model of food freedom


It was impossible to finish this top 3 without presenting the green colored heated lunch box from our store. Available in the form of a Japanese bento, this must-have offers you the freedom to always eat hot meals. It is easy to carry and exists in two models.

A nice size for a balanced meal

Our green hermetic box comes in two models with different components. The first one has a capacity of 400 ml and is suitable for people who follow a strict diet. On the other hand, more gourmets can choose the model that comes with two tiers. It offers a nice capacity of 800 ml.

Food safety

Disposable bowls are often criticized because of their composition which is capable of poisoning food especially when it is very hot.  With our product, you can make this fear go away. Indeed, it is elaborated with a healthy silicone and a stainless steel thermal coating. Better yet, the pack is food certified and Bisphenol A free. So your food products retain all their nutrients, no matter the temperature.

The performance of the heater

Unlike its predecessors, your green bento box comes with a single heating cable. This is the one that produces 220V voltage for use in a wall socket. However, you can buy the 12V adapter from a retailer if you want to use the box in your car.

Also, the instructions for use are quite simple. You just need to fill the basic container with a little water. Then, pour your food into the compartments, if it was not already done. Finally, plug in and press the heat button to turn on the bento box. Your meal will be warmed up in a few minutes.

Anti-leakage lids

This Japanese style lunch box is equipped with airtight and shockproof lids. Despite your various movements during the journey, the lids will not cause any food to leak. They will always keep your meals warm and mess free inside.


How to choose the best heated bento?


As you would have understood, heated bento models can vary and there is no single option on the market. So in one sentence, this section will summarize the major factors you should consider for your personal warming bento.

Naturally, Healthy Lunch products embody these broad guidelines, but it is still important to emphasize their utility.

The design material

To ensure the food safety of "hot food consumers", hot boxes must incorporate specific materials in their design. They must be truly heat resistant and have stainless steel linings. This way, the food will not only retain its warm scent, but also its quality.

The power system

This criterion involves the adapters you need for safe use of the utensil. Think about adopting 12V to 220V power supplies so as not to experience a problem of overheating when using the heated bento. Moreover, your jar should be able to heat up the food in record time, as this is the criterion that marks its superiority over other meal jars.


There is no point in investing in a jar that is unable to prevent leaks, especially if you are carrying soup or other liquid food. So consider checking to see if the lids on the container are airtight. It would also be a bonus if you can get a bento box with straps or a removable handle.

At the end of the day, it's clear that consuming a variety of hot preparations is not an impossible mission if you have the right arsenal. In this case, the bento warmer is the ideal instrument and the choice is quite clear especially with our top 3. So if you have a preference for one of our models, don't hesitate to check it out and treat yourself.

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