Best Summer Cooler: Buying Guide

Best Summer Cooler: Buying Guide

It's almost summer and you're looking for a cooler that can travel around the world with you? We can help you find the perfect one.

Summer is a great time to plan outings and enjoy the weather. However, with the summer heat, it's obvious that you'd really want to cool down, especially if you're having a picnic. The best way to do this is to take a cooler that can hold and keep your food cool. And if you're not a fan of going outdoors, finding the right cooler for summer can be a real chore. 

Indeed, the best cooler should be flexible, rigid or electric depending on your needs. In addition, it must offer excellent insulation capacity and have an ergonomic size as well as accessories to facilitate its transport.

This is what we will gradually explain to you throughout this buying guide. Want to have the best cooler for yourself? Don't waste another minute and discover the best models here.



What are the different types of coolers for summer?

You can't enjoy the summer using just any cooler. There are three main types of coolers on the market, which we'll explore together.

The soft-sided cooler for summer

This type of container is usually in the form of an insulated bag. The majority of users find it effective, as it has the best transport characteristics. Moreover, the soft-sided cooler is perfectly ideal for personal use. So you can carry it for refreshment at the beach or on a hike.

The hard-sided cooler for summer

Designed to be especially sturdy, this is the traditional cooler par excellence. Unlike soft coolers, this one is larger with a large storage capacity. It is therefore the best solution if you want to have a picnic with your whole family. The hard cooler will feed everyone and keep your food and drinks cool for as long as possible.

The electric cooler for summer

Considered a summer must-have, this type of cooler offers the best storage and cooling options. It works on 12V circuits and can be plugged into the vehicles cigarette lighter without discharging your battery. And even though the electric cooler is considered to be expensive, its thermal insulation capabilities defy all competition.


How to choose your cooler?



Choose based on insulation capacity

Everyone craves cold drinks in the summer. Therefore, if you decide to invest in a cooler, it should be able to keep your food cool for a long time. While most brands claim that their coolers can keep food cool for days, the reasonable storage time is between 4 hours and 3 days. Of course, it all depends on the type of cooler you choose.

Choose according to size

Whether it's a soft, hard or electric cooler, there are three sizes to choose from. These include small, medium and large. Here, the size will depend on the use you plan to make with your cooler. For example, a large group of campers of about 10 people will not have the same needs as a family with 3 members.

Choose based on mobility

Ice and drinks can get heavy. So you'll need a cooler that can be carried easily. To do this, check to see if the investment comes with accessories like wheels, a shoulder strap or handles.


How to choose an electric cooler?



If you've been seduced by the electric cooler category, it's important to know that choosing one isn't a breeze.

Choosing by technology

Electric coolers are available in three different technologies:

  • Compression technology: generally designed for large coolers, this is a mechanism that allows you to refrigerate or freeze your food quickly.
  • Thermoelectric technology: coolers with this technology work according to the Peltier Effect principle. Their operation necessarily implies a connection in order to absorb a maximum of heat. Once unplugged, the cooler will then produce coolness.
  • Absorption technology: this alternative does not require power to operate, as its refrigeration mode is based on gas production. If you plan to spend the summer in areas without electrical outlets, this is the ideal choice.

Choose based on power consumption

Your goal is clearly not to invest in energy-consuming equipment. That's why we recommend absorption coolers. They offer more savings thanks to their gas operation.

Thermoelectric coolers also work well with a supply voltage that varies between 12 and 230 volts. Finally, consider checking the energy class of your cooler. Generally speaking, class A models consume less energy.

Choose according to the noise level

If you want to spend the summer in a camper or a van, it is important to choose a cooler with a reasonable noise level. Obviously, no one wants to be stuck with a device that makes noise like a mill. Therefore, check the decibel level of your electric cooler before concluding its purchase. And as always, absorption coolers top the list, followed by compressor containers.


What is the best brand of cooler?

It would be unfair to single out one brand, as each manufacturer offers different specializations. However, we have selected for you 7 different brands that have been imposing their products on the market for years:

  • Mobicool ;
  • Coleman ;
  • Campingaz ;
  • IGLOO ;
  • Lifewit ;
  • Pelican ;
  • Yeti.


Of course, there are other brands, but these are the leaders we recommend.


What are the best coolers?

If you don't know where to start when it comes to finding the best cooler for summer, read on. We've rounded up our top Healthy Lunch models for you.

The Blue Hard Cooler 10 L

Construction : PU foam.

Capacity : 10 L

Insulation : 8h

Portability : Grip control handle.

Weight : 1kg

Dimensions : 23 cm x 22 cm x 27 cm

In summer, you need a cooler that is easy to carry and can store your favorite drinks. That's exactly what this product offers you with its 1kg weight and 10 liters capacity.

You'll also love its PU foam design, a material that makes the cooler waterproof. Even better, the isothermal performance of the blue rigid cooler is to be commended, as it can keep cool for 8 hours. Of course, you can boost that duration by adding ice packs inside. And to prevent spills during your trip, the container has a lockable lid. Finally, it can be moved anywhere thanks to its handle that can be easily handled by one or two people.

The 30L Grey Soft Cooler

Construction : Oxford 600D both strong and light.

Capacity: 30 L

Insulation : 6h

Portability : Shoulder strap.

Dimensions : 37 cm x 22 cm x 28 cm

If you are looking for something a little bigger, we suggest this soft-sided cooler. The large capacity of 30 liters can hold more than 24 cans as well as several ice creams. So you get the idea: it's the perfect piece of equipment for day trips to the beach, the park or hiking. However, it could still handle a short camping trip if necessary.

On the other side, the cooler bag uses an efficient construction with high-quality materials, including 600D Oxford. Inside, you will also notice the existence of a foam lining. This means that you can easily fit your wine or champagne bottles safely.

As for the insulating dimension, the soft cooler in gray color guarantees you a cool preservation for at least 6 hours. Moreover, you can carry it everywhere, because it has an adjustable shoulder strap.

The Electric Cooler 9 Liters - Vehicle

Capacity: 9 L

Insulation : 20 minutes cooling mode.

Technology : compression.

Portability : Handle.

Noise level : Low (less than 45db)

Weight : 7kg

External dimensions : 42.5 cm x 32 cm x 25 cm

Internal dimensions : 20.9 cm x 24.4 cm x 17.9 cm

Even though it looks like a small cooler, this cooler offers some very impressive specifications that make it a worthy competitor. First of all, it embeds a compartment with a robust construction reinforced with polyurethane foam. So it's a totally waterproof and leak-proof cooler that we put at your disposal.

Secondly, it is perfectly compact and can fit in your car without any hindrance. However, the greatest asset of the jar remains its cooling performance. Once plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car, this electric cooler goes from hot (+25°) to cold (0°) in only 20 min. That means you can go all summer without buying ice packs, because you already have the best mini-fridge.

And to further enhance your experience, the cooler is virtually silent and offers remote control with its remote control.

In the end, finding the best cooler that can support you during the summer is not as difficult. While soft coolers are lightweight and economical, they don't always match the isothermal capacity of hard coolers. And if you need a sharp model with fast performance, electric coolers will satisfy you. In any case, these different products can be found in our coolers catalog that you can consult at any time.


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