Best Lunch Box : Comparison

Best Lunch Box : Comparison

Are you looking for a practical and economical way to take your day's meals with you? A lunch box is the best choice in this type of situation.

Whether it is for school, at the office or during outings, you will necessarily need a container to feed yourself. Generally, meals from the canteen or fast food restaurants do not offer the best quality food. On the other hand, a good lunch box will allow you to transport your food safely and keep it healthy and at ideal temperature. However, with the multitude of models available on the market, it can be difficult to find the best option for your needs.

To help you out, you'll need to rely on the best lunch box: comparison; an information guide that tracks the best selection criteria and options.

Want to save time? Find in the next lines a comparison of the best lunch boxes currently available. And to conclude, you will benefit from a custom-made buying guide to make your life easier.



What is the easiest lunch box to use in everyday life?

There are many lunch boxes on the market, each with its own features and benefits. However, here are 10 premium options among the best lunch boxes currently available to make your life easier.

Lunch Box Chic Wood Beige: the pleasure of eating original and balanced


At the top of the list is this chic beige wood dining box that is an engineering marvel. Obviously, its design is an inimitable creation with light wood design and Japanese style.

Further, it has two spacious compartments as well as a space to store your cutlery. Made from healthy, high-quality materials, the meal box is completely BPA-free. Better yet, its design allows it to be microwave safe.

In fact, the food box is made of polypropylene, a healthy and 100% recyclable plastic that has been certified for its food safety.

In terms of dimensions, the box is 18.5 cm long, 10.5 cm wide and 9.2 cm high, and can hold up to 1200 ml. It is therefore ideal for eating balanced meals and perfectly separated because of the compartments.

On the other side, the storage box is easily cleaned and dishwasher safe, just like a plate.

In addition to the Beige Wooden Lunch Box Chic, Healthy Lunch has added a touch of color to its line. Thus, you can find a pink version of this lunch box, as well as other models of Japanese bento box.

Green Isothermal Lunch Box: high performance

This isothermal container is a precious ally for those who wish to transport their hot or cold dishes safely. How is this possible?

With its 6 layers of protection and thermal insulation, the box can keep :

  • hot food for more than 12 hours;
  • cold food for 24 hours.

Whether the insulated cooler is placed in an insulated bag or at room temperature, the ideal temperature is maintained. This makes it ideal for travel, picnics or lunches at work.

In addition, the container has a nice capacity of 750 ml, which is perfect for a single serving. At the same time, it is also large enough to hold a variety of different dishes.

On the other side, we remind you that this travel mug is made from durable stainless steel and food certified recyclable plastic. So you have a product here that is safe for your health, as it does not contain BPA or PVC. It's also waterproof, so it can be easily carried in a cooler backpack or purse without the risk of leaking.

In summary, the Healthy Lunch thermos is a high quality product. It combines convenience, durability and superior thermal performance for an enhanced meal carrying experience.

Blue Compartmented Stainless Steel Lunch Box: a large capacity for the most demanding gourmets

This compartmentalized 304 stainless steel lunch box is not only practical for carrying your meal, but also aesthetic and ecological.

Measuring 20 cm in length, 9.5 cm in width and 13 cm in height, the container is quite spacious and offers a large capacity of 1200 ml. Technically, this is perfect for a single serving or a meal for two. Moreover, you can be sure that your lunch will be kept safe thanks to its perfectly sealed closure. During transport, it guarantees that no food will be spilled.

In addition to being an airtight box, this tote is also BPA-free. This simply means that you can eat safely in it without any health risks.

To make it easy to carry, you can count on a convenient handle, which easily fits the user's hand. It is also possible to put the bento box in the microwave provided you remove the stainless steel shell.

And if you want to keep your meals warm, it is recommended to use this lunch box in combination with an insulated bag. Healthy Lunch can help you with this.

Lunch Box Inox Green and White : originality and efficiency in one box

Here is a practical and elegant accessory for all those who want to take their picnic lunch with them.

It is this isothermal packaging made of high quality stainless steel. Specifically, it is a durable and resistant material that guarantees a long term use. Let's also mention that the green and white color of the insulated lunch box is both elegant and discreet. The combo perfectly complements any style.

On the other side, the insulated lunch box comes with an airtight lid that keeps the products fresh for longer. Whether you prefer salads, sandwiches or fruit, this is the perfect insulated mug to carry your meal safely. With its 700 ml capacity, it can hold enough food for a full meal.

Besides these features, the insulated lunch box is also easy to clean and maintain. It is hand washable or dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. It is also a versatile accessory, suitable for all kinds of activities. Obviously, it's easy to carry to work, college, the gym or even for an outdoor picnic.

Lunch Box Blue Compartments: the new jewel with 3 compartments

We would like to introduce you to a new product that has just joined the collection of the best lunch boxes in the Healthy Lunch line.

It is a lunch box designed to allow you to prepare and store different types of food easily. And to achieve this, you are entitled to its three separate compartments on which the uniqueness of the food box is based.

Specifically, there is a top compartment for cutlery, which incorporates the delivery kit. Then, you have a bottom compartment made of stainless steel and a center compartment designed from polypropylene.

This way, you can carry a variety of foods such as:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables
  • sandwiches
  • snacks;
  • salads and much more while retaining their flavor and texture.

In addition to its practicality, Healthy Lunch's blue lunch box is also aesthetically pleasing. It has a sleek, modern design with bright colors that make it easily recognizable. The carrying handle and closing clips are also ergonomic for comfortable use.

In short, it is the operational, aesthetic and easy to use lunch box to take your healthy meals.

Lunch Box Inox Blue Layers: the other 3 in 1 for meals on the go

Here is a beautiful blue tiered lunch box for all those who want to eat healthy while on the go.

First of all, it embeds a modern and elegant design that seduces the buyer at first sight. Its blue color and its neat finish really bring a touch of style to nomadic meals. Better yet, it will be perfect for professionals, students and athletes who need a practical and aesthetic lunchbox.

Further, the utensil is designed with a triple compartment system that safely separates food and sauces. It is also worth mentioning that each tier is independent and has a unique capacity. Thus, the three compartments are 1600 ml, 2600 ml and 3650 ml respectively.

In a sentence, it is perfect for health-conscious people who like to prepare their food to avoid fast food.

In addition, the food storage box has a comfortable carrying handle in yellow color. Even though it is filled with food products, the whole thing remains compact and easy to carry. This makes it the perfect choice for work, travel and picnics.

Green Heated Lunch Box: hot and healthy meals every day

This Healthy Lunch box is an innovative and practical product that allows you to enjoy a hot and healthy meal anywhere. Made of high quality materials, it is designed to be durable and easy to clean.

In addition, the container is equipped with an electric heating system with a power of 300 W. This allows it to heat up quickly and bring the food to the ideal temperature. The electric lunch box also has a removable compartment for cutlery and additional storage space for sauces or condiments. In terms of capacity, the whole thing comes down to 1200 ml.

We also can't forget its elegant design and its bright green color. With these tones, it is certainly the stylish kitchen utensil that suits active and busy lifestyles. Specifically, the warming box is ideal for people who are looking to eat healthy and avoid the fast and unhealthy meals offered by fast food restaurants.

You can take it with you anywhere, whether it's the office, school or on a trip. It is also an excellent choice for outdoor excursions.

In conclusion, we recommend this product for its fast and even heating function as well as its additional storage space. It will help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Green Stainless Steel Lunch Box: the perfect companion for lunches on the go or at the office

We continue our top 10 best lunch boxes with a new beauty in green. Even though it's not heated, it's loaded with all the features you need to impress.

First of all, this lunch box is made of high quality BPA-free stainless steel. Technically, it is not only durable, but also environmentally friendly thanks to its recyclable material.

Secondly, its 1200 ml capacity is spacious enough to hold a full meal, fruit and a snack for your day. It also has a silicone seal for a perfect seal to ensure your food doesn't get mixed up.

On the other hand, the green stainless steel lunch box is easy to clean and won't retain the odors of your previous meals. Plus, it can be reheated in the microwave and stored in the freezer for later use.

For aesthetics, its sleek design is trendy with a green color that adds a fresh touch to your eating routine. In turn, its compact shape makes it easy to slip into your purse or lunchbox.

If you are a health and environment conscious person, order your stainless steel lunch box now for delicious and healthy meals.

Lunch Box Cactus: a convenient, fun and healthy meal experience

Here is a practical and trendy product for those who love to eat on the go. With its original design of green cactus in relief, this box adds a touch of cheerfulness to your daily life.

Its design from durable and eco-friendly materials allows it to resist shocks and scratches without difficulty. In addition, it is equipped with a hermetic seal that keeps food liquid or semi-liquid, without risk of leakage or emissions.

The cactus lunch box is also easy to move around, thanks to its ergonomic handle that facilitates transportation. With a capacity of around 1000 ml, its two compartments can hold a wide variety of foods. From salads and sandwiches to desserts and snacks; the list goes on.

In addition, the stainless steel and PP plastic mug is very easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe for quick and efficient cleaning. The box is also microwave safe; provided you remove the stainless steel compartment first.

Finally, this box is an ideal gift for nature lovers or for those who love trendy kitchen accessories.

Bento Japanese Inox White: a practical and ecological solution to take your lunch with you

The white stainless steel Japanese bento is a premium product for Asian food lovers.

With its elegant and minimalist design, it presents itself as a perfect choice for those who are looking to take their meal away in style. Indeed, the bento box is designed with a smooth and elegant white stainless steel finish. Visually, you will love the result offering a modern and chic look.

In addition to its practicality, this Japanese stainless steel and recyclable plastic bento box is also environmentally friendly. These food certified design materials are Bisphenol A free and thus eliminate health hazards. So there is no fear of keeping hot meals in it. The flavor and quality of the food will remain unchanged.

Further, the brushed stainless steel container is easy to clean, unbreakable and corrosion resistant. So you can use it every day to eat without the risk of replacing it. Moreover, the Japanese bento is divided into two separate compartments, offering enough space to store your favorite soups.

Finally, we remind that its light and compact design is easy to carry. Meanwhile, its airtight lid ensures optimal food preservation throughout the day.


What types of lunch boxes are there?


They are legion, but here is a premium list of the different types of lunxh boxes available on the market.

The bento box

A bento box is a traditional Japanese lunch box. It is often made of plastic or wood and is divided into several compartments to separate the food. It is also used for cold meals, such as sushi or salads. Bento boxes are generally aesthetic and recognizable thanks to their decoration: traditional Japanese patterns.

The isothermal lunch box

The insulated lunch box is designed to keep food hot or cold for several hours. It is equipped with vacuum insulation that helps maintain the temperature of the food. Generally speaking, it is very popular for keeping food and drinks warm when traveling or going out.

The ecological lunch box

This type of container is a box made from sustainable and ecological materials. We think in particular of bamboo or stainless steel. It is often used by environmentally conscious people who are looking to reduce their consumption of disposable plastic. Eco-friendly lunch boxes are reusable, easy to clean and can also be used to carry hot or cold meals.

The electric lunch box

This lunch box can heat food using an electrical power source. It can be a power outlet or a USB port. It has a built-in heating compartment that heats up the food within minutes. They are ideal for people who want to heat up prepared meals or leftovers.


How to choose the best lunch box?


There are several factors to consider when choosing the best lunch box. Here are some tips to help you:

Size and capacity

Choosing the size and capacity of your lunch box depends on how much food you want to take with you. If you are a foodie who needs more space for your food, choose a larger lunch box. On the market, sizes can range from 1 liter to 2 liters. Of course, teenagers or younger people can be satisfied with a medium-sized box.

The materials of manufacture

Lunch boxes are available in a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal, glass, wood and bamboo. Choose a material that suits your preferences and needs. If you're looking for a lunch box that is durable and easy to clean, choose a plastic or metal lunch box. If you are concerned about the environment, choose an eco-friendly lunch box made from sustainable and recyclable materials.


The presence of these dividers in a lunch box allows you to separate different foods and prevent them from getting mixed up. For example, Japanese bento boxes are known for their separate compartments that allow you to carry food in an organized and aesthetic way.

Thermal insulation

If you want to travel with hot or cold food, choose a lunch box with thermal insulation. They come with multiple layers of insulation and protection to keep your food at the right temperature for several hours. This is especially helpful if you don't have access to a microwave or refrigerator.

Ease of use

Choose a storage box that is easy to use and carry. For example, bowls with zippers or clips are easy to open and close. Also, opt for a lunchbox with a comfortable shoulder strap or handle for long-distance travel.

Finally, choosing the best lunch box depends on your personal needs and preferences. Keeping these criteria in mind, you have a thousand and one chances to find your gem.



Buying a lunch box can make a big difference in the quality of your meal. It can also contribute to a healthier life. Do not hesitate to browse our catalog to find your happiness, because the best lunch box is the one that fits your needs. Finally, you can also share this article with your friends to help them discover the best options available on the market.


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