Best Electric Cooler: Buying Guide

Best Electric Cooler: Buying Guide

Your job requires you to be on the road all the time, so you're looking for a cooler that will keep your supplies at the right temperature? Are you tired of always buying ice packs in your cooler when you go camping or picnicking? It is obvious that you need an optimal container like the electric cooler.

Using traditional coolers, whether soft or hard, is not always efficient. When the ice is finished, for example, you are no longer sure of keeping your food and drinks fresh as long as possible. You have no control over the temperature and insulation of the container. This situation is quite unfortunate, but can become obsolete if you decide to choose an electric cooler. Considered the ultimate in cooling and sometimes heating, this container offers you an unparalleled storage experience, no matter the climate.

And to choose the best electric cooler, you will only need to base your selection on the following criteria:

  •     The type and capacity of the electric cooler;
  •     Dimensions and weight;
  •     Durability and noise level;
  •     Energy efficiency and thermal performance;
  •     Functionality and price;
  •     User reviews.

And to lead you through a comprehensive selection, we offer this guide. It will detail each of the selection options and provide you with four must-have models that are sure to please. Want to explore the world of electric coolers? It's here and now!

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Electric cooler: how to choose the best one on the market?

There are thousands of electric coolers on the market. Therefore, finding the one that will meet your expectations can quickly become a headache if you do not orient your choice on the right criteria.

Choose according to the type of cooler

The electric cooler is above all a general term behind which are hidden quite specific devices. More precisely, there are three types of electric coolers. You need to know more about them in order to make the right choice.

The thermoelectric cooler

This style of cooler has a double function thanks to the Peltier effect principle. In addition to being a cooler that keeps food cool, the thermoelectric cooler can also keep it at a high temperature. It is also ideal for all types of trips because of its generally accessible size. On the other hand, most consumers sometimes blame it for its noisy motor.

The compressor cooler

This type of cooler is like a domestic refrigerator or freezer. Its operation is based on the principle of cooling by compression, which allows it to freeze food on approximately -40°C. It is also specified that the compressor technology is clearly superior to that embarked on the thermoelectric cooler. Better still, its capacities are quite large and the noise of its motor is bearable.

The absorption cooler

This is a cooler that offers you a durable guarantee with an absorption cooling system. This is the simplest technology found in the typology of electric coolers. It has the advantage of not depending on power, as it works without a motor. It is therefore understandable that it is silent. Nevertheless, the absorption cooler can be energy consuming by draining the battery and is only suitable for small coolers.
Choosing based on capacity

The capacity of your cooler is an important criterion, as it determines your usage intentions. For example, someone who wants to keep beer cans cool for pleasure and someone who is planning a picnic will not choose the same capacity. The same is true for the nomadic trucker who needs to cool down during long trips. Technically, the size of electric containers can vary between 10 and 40 liters.

Choose according to size

Do you want to install your electric cooler in the kitchen or in your car? Regardless of the location, it is necessary to choose a device with ergonomic dimensions. It would be a shame if the length or height of the container did not allow it to fit in the trunk or the seats of the car.

Choose according to weight

The weight of your cooler determines its portability. If you are a camper, for example, you may want to carry your mobile refrigerator with you. For this purpose, the device should be light enough for ideal transportation. However, you should know that the weights indicated on the product specifications are the weight of the coolers when empty. So keep in mind that it is likely to increase once the container is filled with drinks and food.

Choose based on durability


The other feature not to be overlooked is the durability of your cooler. In general, electric coolers are made from several different materials. These include polypropylene plastic and stainless steel, which offers isothermal walls for preservation in good temperatures. The latter is known for its robustness and will certainly please the adventurers of the roads. In other words, stainless steel will offer the cooler a nice resistance to bumps and bruises that we sometimes encounter on the road.

Choose according to the noise level

It's an open secret that electric coolers have the disadvantage of noise. Yet, all customers hate to be stuck with a noisy appliance whether at home or on the go. So it's important to find a cooler with a relatively low decibel scale. Fortunately, Healthy Lunch's signature products feature an excellent motor that reduces this noise nuisance.

Choosing by energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of an electric cooler takes into account its power source and its energy class. In practical terms, these two elements are linked and refer to the same objective: low power consumption.

  •     The power source: it is important to know that electric coolers are appliances that must be plugged in. This means that they involve the use of an adapter that must be connected to a power source. For this purpose, we register a mains socket for domestic use (220v-240v) and a cigarette lighter socket for use in the car (12v-24v). Here, we advise you to choose the cable that corresponds only to your needs, because a confusion could be disastrous. For example, choosing a 220v adapter for the car can kill your battery.
  •     The energy class: it can be expressed as D, B or A++. And to avoid choosing a power-hungry cooler, always choose models belonging to energy class A. This is the minimum class that better regulates and controls consumption even if the mini-fridge is connected to a mains.

On the other hand, you can remain independent by investing in a solar-powered, battery-powered cooler. Obviously, this type of investment will be expensive, but will remain very economical in the long run.

Choose based on thermal performance

Your cooler must integrate an insulation system capable of increasing the cold conservation inside. In other words, the cooling system must be well insulated so that the ambient temperature of your food does not drop too quickly. And for this, some models incorporate thick foam insulation, which extends the cold storage time over remarkable time ranges. For example, one of the coolers in our Healthy Lunch catalog has a thermal performance of 20 hours, regardless of the weather.

Choose based on features


The best cooler is not only the one that is economical and offers a nice capacity or a low noise level. In fact, it should also include features that make it easier to use and more efficient. Here are some of the accessories that your cooler must have:

  •     A remote control: the right electric cooler should have a thermostatic remote control. This helps to adjust the temperature remotely when you don't want to check how hot or cool the food is all the time. The remote can also monitor battery protection modes and switch you to ECO mode at any time. Even better, there are some coolers that have controls that can be set from a mobile app. All you need is a smartphone, a Wifi connection or Bluetooth technology.
  •     A battery backup: electric coolers that have a battery backup in their delivery pack are rare. If you can find one, this is definitely the best one. A battery backup allows the unit to continue working in the event of a power outage or when your vehicle's battery runs out.
  •     A USB port: usually found in small coolers, this accessory will allow you to recharge your cooler if you have a power bank. It's especially handy if you go hiking or camping at night.

Further down the road, we recommend that you also look for electric coolers with handles and wheels for transport.

Choosing by Price

Now that you have gone through the basics of selection criteria, it is important to know how much a cooler can cost.

You should know that electric coolers are available in an incredible price range, from a few hundred euros to thousands. Naturally, the price very often varies due to the brands and features that the container embeds. For example, attributes such as durability and thermal performance will increase the price.

It is also worth remembering that some categories of coolers are more expensive than others. This is especially true of compression coolers, which are relatively expensive compared to absorption coolers. At Healthy Lunch, we are currently in the middle of a price promotion. The majority of our electric coolers are on sale with great value for money.

Choose based on reviews

The other way to get to know a product better is to look at customer reviews and comments. Far from any form of manipulation, users are the real testers of the product. They will be able to convince you or not of the efficiency of the model you are about to choose. Consulting their reviews will also give you an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the electric cooler you are looking for.

At Healthy Lunch, we take care to give our customers the freedom to leave a testimonial after they receive their item. All of our customer reviews are honest and free from external manipulation. Better yet, they are diverse and customers do not hesitate to send us photos to confirm proper receipt.


Our Best Electric Coolers

Now that you've mastered the world around which electric coolers revolve, it's time to get real. To that end, our editorial team would like to introduce you to the best products that characterize our catalog on Healthy Lunch.

32L-12V-220V Electric Car/Truck Cooler: the best-seller that conquers hearts


Whatever the climate, this electric cooler is considered the best on the market. This is not a subjective opinion, as the many positive reviews on our site easily attest. Moreover, this superiority is understandable because of the various features of the device.

A large capacity

The first advantage of our product is its capacity. In fact, it is a large cooler that offers a capacity of 32 liters. So we understand that it has the space to carry a slew of cans and food. You can use it for business or family use at a picnic where you need to feed a lot of people.

Great cooling performance

Our cooler is first and foremost a refrigerator, which means that its role is to keep food cool. To this end, its performance is such that it offers a shelf life of about 20 hours. Your contents will therefore keep their temperature during this time frame even if the appliance is not plugged in.

Low noise level

To avoid any noise disturbance, our beautiful cooler operates in an almost silent mode. Obviously, its decibel scale is less than 45dB.

Unparalleled efficiency

The cooler's efficiency is all about manual adjustment and adaptability. In fact, we deliver it with an LED remote control to have a better control on the temperature of the contents. Moreover, this will allow you to manage the energy consumption well. On the other hand, it is an all-terrain device. You can use it in:

  •     A car: here, it works under a direct current between 12v and 24v ;
  •     A truck or a motor home: here, the current is alternating and varies between 100v and 240v.

The 25 Liters Electric Cooler -Hot/Cold: the best combo between cooling and heating


Apart from its eye-catching design and sober color, this sturdy container can be used in cars with ease. Let's discover its other charms.

Dual thermal performance

While most coolers are limited to the cooling function, this model is not. In fact, it is able to keep not only cool but also warm. This is quite an interesting advantage, especially if you plan to carry meals that are particularly hot.

Technically, the thermal limit for the high temperature of the food is 55°C and the one for the low temperature is -22°C. Finally, we remind you that the cooler will keep the temperature for at least 8 hours in "closed or off" mode.

Low energy consumption

One of the serious concerns of customers is to invest in an appliance that is energy consuming afterwards. With this Heathy Lunch cooler, you can put that fear to rest. In fact, it belongs to the category of compression coolers and operates on only 45W. The consumption is therefore low.

An efficient internal structure

The internal space of the container embeds a nice capacity of 25 liters. Better still, it should be pointed out that the latter benefits from all the precautions to remain always efficient. Obviously, its design material integrates polyurethane foam, also called expanding foam. It is a material known for its waterproofness and its food quality.

The 20 Liters Electric Cooler - Car/Home: the new jewel that should not be neglected


What catches the eye about this electric cooler is its neat design and white color. Other factors come into play as well.

Dual thermal function

If you need to keep your food hot or drinks cold while on the road, this model is your best bet. It has the ability to cool liquid foods below room temperature to 30°C. Conversely, it can heat your other food products up to 65°C.

A great storage capacity

Our product has a large capacity of 20 liters. This means that it can store and manage all your family's needs, such as lunches and dinners. Plus, you can store everything you need and head to the beach or any other outdoor space. Finally, you'll barely feel its weight, as it has a handle for easy transport.

Dual compatibility

For best operation, the large container comes with a 12v cigarette lighter plug and a 220v AC outlet for home use. And if you're worried about your electricity bills getting expensive, we reassure you that the device is economical. With its 75 watts of power, it consumes little energy.

The 9 Litre Electric Refrigerator -Vehicle: modest, but great


Even though it is the little sister of other electric coolers, this bowl has everything to please you.

A compact model

Unlike its predecessors, which can seem bulky with their size, this model offers only 9 liters. No matter where you go or what the occasion, it will always hold your food and drinks of choice. For example, it can hold at least 12 cans and 8 bottles of water.

This compatibility is also reinforced by its modest weight of 7 kg and particularly ergonomic dimensions. In a nutshell, it fits easily into any vehicle.

A high performance isotherm

The refrigerator pays a fine tribute to its name by offering users excellent cooling performance even with minimal energy consumption. With it, you no longer need ice packs to keep drinks cold. By activating it, you can go from a room temperature of +25°C to 0°C in 20 minutes. And to deliver such performance, the device doesn't make noise like an ordinary fridge.

Enticing features

The main feature that this cooler carries is its remote control for temperature adjustment. Further, it uses Bluetooth technology so you can regulate and monitor the temperature from your phone.

Unparalleled food quality

Like all our products, this small cooler is made from PU foam. This is a waterproof material that prevents your liquid food from leaking. With this foam, you no longer need towels to cover your drinks and keep the cooler cold.


Summary table of the best electric coolers

Having trouble remembering all the previously detailed features? We have summarized all this information and more for you in the following table.

Our ranking Electric Cooler Car/Truck 32L-12V-220V Electric Cooler 25 Liters -Hot/Cold Electric Cooler 20 Liters - Car/Home Electric Refrigerator 9 Liters
Power  45W 45W 75W 45W
Storage capacity

32 L

25 L

20 L

9 L

Thermal limits Lowers the temperature between -20°C and -3°C depending on the product Lowers the temperature to -22°C


Increases the temperature up to 55°C
Lowers the temperature to -30°C


Increases the temperature up to 65°C
Lowers the temperature between -0°C and -15°C


Increases the temperature up to 20°C
Shelf life 20 hours 8 hours - -
Noise level Low Low Very low Low
Weight 16 kg 11 kg - 7 kg
Material PU foam PU foam PU foam PU foam
Dimensions Height: 37.7 cm; Width: 34.5 cm; Length: 65.4 cm External dimensions: 576x320x329 mm


Interior dimensions: 350x249x248 mm
Outside dimensions : 272x350x410 mm


Inside dimensions : 220x220x336 mm
Outside dimensions : 425x320x250 mm


Inside dimensions : 209x244x179 mm
Price 590 € instead of 889.90 €. 585 € instead of 779.90 585 € instead of 779.90 390.90 €


Best electric cooler: conclusion and recommendation

With so many electric cooler options available, it can seem difficult to make an informed decision. If you're confused by all the products swarming the market, keep in mind the various selection criteria in this guide. Between resistance, compartments, decibel scale, energy consumption and features, you now have all the tools to face the market. Better yet, feel free to review our summary table that highlights our best coolers. To that end, we must admit that our choice comes down to the 25 Liters Electric Cooler -Hot/Cold. It's sturdy and complete enough to fulfill all of your cooling and heating needs.

And if you still have concerns, our customer service department will be happy to respond to you in a timely manner.

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