Best electric car cooler Top 3

Best electric car cooler: Top 3

Are you a trucker who loves to cool off on long trips and need a cooler to do so? Planning a picnic at the beach and looking for a cooler that can fit in your car during transport? We think you definitely need an electric car cooler.

In fact, an electric cooler specifically designed for cars makes it easy to transport cans and food during your trip. And unlike a traditional cooler, it saves you from constantly pulling over to check if the ice cubes have melted or not. With such an advantage, the cooler comes in several models on the market, but we advise you to opt for only the best.

Obviously, the best electric car cooler is one that meets the criteria of size, capacity, noise and mobility. It should also:

  • incorporate the best battery;
  • be easily connected to your car;
  • be part of the electric coolers typology;
  • offer low electricity consumption.

Throughout this article, you will discover a complete guide on each of the above mentioned characteristics. And to help you choose, our editorial team has prepared a top 3 of the best models in France.


How to choose an electric car cooler?

Choosing an electric car cooler is usually simple if you have the right information.

Size and capacity

These two elements complement each other. This is easy to understand, as the size of an electric cooler determines its storage capacity. You should choose based on your storage needs and especially the type of your car. Generally, a large car can keep coolers with a capacity of 30 to 50 liters. It is therefore understandable that a small car, like a city car, will only be able to afford a smaller size for reasons of space.


Some electric coolers make a lot of noise and this can either bother you or worry you while driving. We therefore advise you to find out the decibel level of your future isothermal container. Otherwise, you can simply fall back on the products in our Healthy Lunch catalog.


The best electric car cooler should be easy to transport. To that end, it should come with certain accessories like carrying handles and wheels. And if the one you found has feet with wheels, don't forget to check if they are non-slip.


Which battery for an electric cooler?


Here are the main characteristics of the best batteries for electric coolers:

Excellent power

For a trip beyond the city, you'll need a battery that can run on a massive 100 Ah (Ampere-hours) or more. It will also be perfect for 4x4s or pickup trucks.

However, to run the electric cooler for 3 hours at its most efficient current, a 21 Ah battery is more than enough.


Your electric cooler battery should offer a few features and accessories to make it easier to use. These include the following:

  • A built-in LCD display or remote connection to monitor the battery's state of charge.
  • A built-in USB port;
  • Charging options designed for cars.

Lithium design

Lithium batteries, especially LiFEPO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells, are known to be compact and especially light. They are also of excellent quality and their life span is longer than lead batteries. Moreover, this type of battery has the capacity to deliver almost all its power to your electric cooler until it is discharged.


How do you plug an electric cooler into a car?

The first step to plugging your electric cooler into your car is to check if the cooler has a 12-volt connection. However, if you have a truck, you will have to opt for a cooler with a 24v connection. Only these models of coolers can be charged in a vehicle to keep your food cool during long trips.

Next, grab the cable or adapter of the electric cooler and plug it into the car's cigarette lighter socket. Many people wonder if they should leave the cooler plugged in for the entire trip. Of course, there is no risk of short-circuiting. However, we recommend that you always unplug the unit when you park the car or when the engine is turned off. Also, avoid connecting several appliances at once when the cooler is already connected.


What type of electric cooler?


On the French market, there are three types of electric coolers that you can carry in your car. Each of them is based on a specific cooling technology. These include :

  • the thermoelectric cooler ;
  • Compressor cooler;
  • the absorption cooler.

Let's find out the main specificities of each type of cooler.

The thermoelectric cooler

Working on the principle of the Peltier effect, this cooler integrates a semiconductor construction for a great reliability. Indeed, it is able to cool and heat your products for a precise temperature control. Best of all, the thermoelectric cooler's cooling system works perfectly below ambient temperature. So you can reach extremely cold temperatures, down to less than 100°C.

In addition, coolers belonging to this category are characterized by low purchase and maintenance costs. It is also worth mentioning that they are generally silent.

The compressor cooler

This type of electric cooler involves the use of steam compression to cool your food and drinks. It is the most widely used cooling system in the home and commercial refrigeration industry. In other words, the compressor cooler works like a freezer or refrigerator.

Unlike Peltier-based technology, the compressor system offers you greater energy efficiency. In addition, it can handle large temperature swings and provide low temperatures that can lead to freezing. Also, the cooling it offers to your food happens faster compared to the thermoelectric cooler.

The absorption cooler

It works with the absorption cooling technology. Conveniently, it is a system that transfers a heated liquid from the solar collector to run the cooler's generator. Then, this process will activate the refrigeration loop that will cool the walls of the cooler.

More concretely, the use of this type of cooler allows you to enjoy a device without vibration or noise. In addition, it is quite robust and does not cause dangerous leaks or problems with the disposal of chemicals. It is also important to mention that the electric cooler is easy to maintain and has a long service life.


Which cooler consumes the least energy?

Of the three types of electric coolers mentioned above, only the compressor and absorption coolers consume the least energy. However, the absorption cooler is the best reference in this respect.

Indeed, the principle of its operation does not rely on electricity. It is a machine that produces coolness by using waste heat from sources such as steam or hot gas. This gas cooling therefore offers low power consumption which is one tenth of the conventional system.


What are the best electric car coolers?

To make it easier for you to choose, we've tested three of our best electric coolers.

The 9 Liters Electric Cooler - Vehicle: the connected electric mini cooler


This car cooler is a portable and compact option that fits in a city car or SUV. It also makes travel easy with its adjustable handle and single compartment that can carry up to 9 liters of product.

You can also control the temperature of your food with its manual control and Bluetooth connection. In 20 minutes, the entire contents will switch to a cold 0°C. Further, this small cooler does not consume much energy, as it works through the compression system with a power of 45 watts. It will therefore make an excellent companion for long trips.

The Electric Cooler Car/Truck 32L -12 -220V: the portable fridge for truckers


When you're talking about a cooler for big cars, highlanders or trucks, this thermoelectric cooler is a reference. With its 32-liter volume, it can hold about 30 cans of soda and food. Its polyurethane foam interior is divided into three independently controlled zones. So you can put ice cream, drinks and meat separately.

Moreover, it is very easy to plug the cooler in, as it has proper adapters for 12v and 24v DC power. The other advantage of this wonderful product is its ability to keep the temperature of your food for 20 hours. We remind you that this is an insulating performance that the cooler offers in off-grid/on mode.

The 25 Liters Electric Cooler -Hot/Cold: the balance between hot and cold


You can carry this rigid cooler anywhere in your car, because it has the best weapons to satisfy you. First of all, its large capacity of 25 liters is more than enough to keep your food. Second, you don't have to constantly plug it in to enjoy its insulation.

Even in the off mode, the temperature of the products is maintained for at least 8 hours. To this end, it is a cooler with thermoelectric technology. In other words, it keeps both hot and cold.

You will also appreciate its noise level which is particularly low. The Healthy Lunch cooler also includes an LED remote control in its delivery package and a PU foam in its composition. This is an extremely waterproof and leak-proof material that prevents you from leaks and other spills when the road is impassable.



Getting the best electric car cooler is ultimately a breeze. Apart from the general criteria like size, noise and mobility, you just need to check if it comes with the right cables according to your car. Finally, simply turn to the category that suits you between thermoelectric, compressor and absorption coolers. And if you're still spoilt for choice, click on one of our products. They are sure to give you great satisfaction.

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